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Erase.bg Plugin for Figma

Enhance the quality of your images upto 4x within your Figma projects

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Upscale.media plugin for Figma effortlessly upscales and enhances the quality of images directly within your Figma projects. It allows you to improve image resolution without compromising its quality.

Getting Started

Here are the steps that you can follow to install Erase.bg for Figma.

Go to the Erase.bg Figma and open the plugin with your Figma

You will be asked for the API key. To generate the API key/ token:

    Step 2.1: Sign up on Erase.bg and create an account on PixelBin.

    Step 2.2: Go to your PixelBin dashboard > settings > tokens.

    Step 2.3: Create a token key for your project and copy the same. This key will let you connect Figma with Erase.bg.

Paste the generated API key into your Erase.bg Figma.

Upon accepting, you’ll get the access of Erase.bg and you can start removing backgrounds from your images.

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A Few tips

Once installed and logged in, you will find the Erase.bg plugin into the resources tab in all your Figma files.

Start exploring the plugin for different industries and remove backgrounds from images in seconds.

Use the `Add Shadow` option to add shadows to all your automobile images.

Use the `Refine Output` option to get clean and quality results.

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