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Erase.bg Plugin for Photoshop

Enhance the quality of your images upto 4x within your Figma projects

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Upscale.media plugin for Figma effortlessly upscales and enhances the quality of images directly within your Figma projects. It allows you to improve image resolution without compromising its quality.

Getting Started

To begin transforming your images, download the Erase.bg plugin from the Adobe Creative Cloud platform or our official GitHub page. Compatible with Adobe Photoshop (2022) 23.3.0 or newer versions, this plugin ensures a smooth and reliable integration.

Here are the steps that you can follow to install Erase.bg for Photoshop.

Open the Erase.bg plugin within Photoshop and navigate to the 'Remove Background (Erase.bg)' entry point to access the main panel.

Log in using your organization's API token. Obtain your API token here.

Enter your API token and click 'Submit' to unlock the main form.

Select a Photoshop layer, adjust the necessary parameters, and hit 'Apply'. This action generates a new Pixel Layer with the edited output, automatically hiding the original layer. The transformed layer retains the original name, appended with '- transformed' for easy identification.

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A Few tips

Save hours of your image background editing time with this plugin.

Select from available categories that best suit your image to get precise results.

In case you have car images, choose `Add Shadow` option to enhance how your image appears.

Select `Refine Output` option to get finer and precise edge detailing of your object.

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