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Create Professional Passport Photos in an Instant

Gone are the days when you especially had to visit a photo studio. With, you can perfectly edit your passport pictures in seconds!

Remove the Background & Replace It With Any Colour

Instantly remove the background of your image with It is AI-backed to remove the background automatically. Once done, choose from various background colours to enrich your passport photo.

Edit Background of A PNG, JPG, JPEG Or WebP Image supports PNG, JPG, JPEG, and WEBP formats to transform your passport image with a great background easily.

Pick A Background Colour of Your Choice enables you to pick any background colour or theme that fits well with your passport image.

How To Change The Background Colour In A Passport Photo?

Using, you can change the background colour of your passport photo in seconds. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1

Upload Your Image

Go to and upload the photo from which you want to change the background.’s AI will automatically start working on removing the background from an image once it is uploaded.

Step 2

Edit The Transformed Image

You will get your photo with a transparent background in a few seconds. Now, click on the Edit option in the top-right corner. Click on the Background Color option and choose a colour.

Step 3

Download The Image

You can now download your transformed image. The final step is to save your image to your device by clicking on the download original size button.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here, we have listed some of the commonly asked questions from the community. If you do not find the information you need, feel free to reach out to us at

How to remove the background from a photo?

Removing the background from a photo using is the easiest job ever. Here are the steps you need to adhere to:
Step 1:
Pick the photo you want to use as a passport photo and upload it on using the Upload Image option or the Drag and Drop feature.
Step 2:
Wait for a few seconds as the AI works on removing the background from your image.
Step 3:
Now that you have an image with a transparent background, click the Edit button in the top-right corner.
Step 4:
Pick a colour of your choice and save the image by clicking the Download Image option.

Can I digitally remove the background for the passport photo?

Yes, you can remove the background digitally for a passport photo in less than five seconds using AI-savvy tools like

How can I make my passport photo background white for free?

You can make the background of your passport photo white for free using The steps to do so include the following:
Step 1:
Click on the Upload Image option and upload the image or use the Drag/Drop feature to upload the image you plan on removing the white background.
Step 2:
You will need to hang tight for a few seconds as the AI does its wonders in removing the background of your image.
Step 3:
Once you get the background removed and the image you have as of now is with a transparent background. Now, click on the Edit option, then on colour.
Step 4:
Pick the White colour for your background and save your image using the Download Image option.

What is the best photo background remover?

In our opinion, has to be the best photo background remover since it does not need any technical knowledge and helps you remove the background from an image with utmost precision.

Which website can remove a photo background?

Using, you can remove the background from a photo with ease and free of cost.

How do I create a passport-size photo using AI?

Creating a passport-size photo with Passport Photo Maker is a breeze. Just upload your photos, specify your passport photo requirements, and let's AI do the work. It will automatically remove the unwanted background, allow you to customize it as needed, crop the portrait to the desired passport photo size, and enhance your facial details.

Can I utilize AI for my passport photo?

Absolutely!'s AI Passport Photo Maker transforms your casual selfies into professional-quality photos suitable for any official document effortlessly.

What's the process for converting my photo to passport size?

With's passport photo maker, converting a regular photo into a passport or ID photo online is quick and easy. Here's how:
Step 1:
Select the country, photo type, and print size.
Step 2:
Upload your photo.
Step 3:
The Crop page will open.
Step 4:
Use the crop frame to cut the image.
Step 5:
Once you've set the cropping, click the "Make Photo" button.

How can I make a passport size photo online for free?

arrow's Passport Size Photo Maker service allows you to create your own passport photos and print them at your convenience. It's a time-saver; just take a photo with a digital camera, upload it, and follow three simple steps. In less than three minutes, your passport photo will be ready for download.

Which app is recommended for creating passport size photos?

arrow Passport Photo Maker is a well-known name in the photo editing and design industry. It simplifies the process of taking a passport photo at home and editing it to meet official requirements within seconds.

What is the ratio for a passport size photo?

A passport-size photo should be in color and measure 2 inches by 2 inches (51 mm x 51 mm). The digital file size should not exceed 100 KB and must not be less than 20 KB. The minimum resolution of the file should be 350 pixels (Width) by 350 pixels (Height) and a maximum of 1000 pixels (Width) by 1000 pixels (Height).