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Autumn Photoshoot ideas

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When the conversion of summer to winter takes place here is when the Autumn season comes. It is the season when daylight decreases and night light increases, which means days become shorter and night becomes longer. The season of Autumn is a season where the color of the leaves changes, climate changes to colder, and because of less sunlight many plants stop making food, and animals begin to migrate in a warmer climate. The Autumn season takes place from September to November.

As we all know that when the Earth rotates we face different climates in different regions. So, In Northern Hemisphere, as the Autumn season comes after summer in September, by that time the Northern hemisphere is having the Spring season and vice versa. So, In Northern Hemisphere the Autumn season lies from September to November and in the southern hemisphere the Autumn season lies from March to May.

Why is Autumn known as the best season of the year?

As the climate changes it also changes the Environment. In this day to day hectic people find some or the other way to relax and for this nothing can match the cooler climate of the season. When the temperature decreases people go on holidays for road trips, family vacation, etc. which can’t be possible in warmer climates. One can also capture migrating birds and animals in search of a warmer climate. Many birds and animals which we could not see during the year we can see in autumn. When we travel we can see color changes of leaves with a pleasant view which cannot be seen in any of the seasons but in Autumn for this reason Autumn is known as the best season of the year.

Different Traditions in Different Counties in Autumn

Autumn is well known for different traditions in different countries. People celebrate different festivals in different countries during Autumn. Below we will catch up with a short glimpse of festival celebrations in Autumn.

Diwali in India

In India Diwali is celebrated as a festival of light. It is celebrated for 5 days. It is known as win over darkness from light. It is one of the major Religious festivals. People light lamps, clean and decorate their houses, make rangoli, play with firecrackers, make delicious food and sweets, feed the poor, exchange gifts, play cards, etc. So. One can make amazing memories and photoshoot to remember this amazing festival.

Chuseok in Korea

Chuseok is a festival of Korea which is celebrated in Autumn every year. It is the biggest holiday festival in Korea with a three-day holiday. It is celebrated for thanksgiving to ancestors for Plentiful harvest. It is celebrated by family gathering, good food, etc.

Dia De Muertos

Dia De Muertos is a festival celebrated by Mexicans to remember their ancestors and to remember their loved ones who have parted away. People paint their faces with different colors and wear special clothes on this day


Thanksgiving in US

Thanksgiving day is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November every year. National holiday is declared in the US on this day every year. They celebrated this day to thank for the blessing and harvest of the past year. Above we have seen why autumn is known as the best season of the year and by that we came to know that people love to go on outings and watch the pleasant views of nature. So, if we go on outings and don't capture any memory, that is next to impossible. When we see a group of birds chirping, leaves color changes from green to golden, red, yellow, etc. we tend to click pictures of this amazing environment.

But sometimes it often happens that we go to our destination but we lack ideas for clicking some amazing pictures. We want to click pictures but we don’t have any idea about any pose, so now we will discuss about some amazing Autumn Photoshoot ideas below. If one loves to do photoshoots, the Autumn season is the perfect time to come with an innovative idea. With the magnificent view, you can amaze anyone with your impressive talent. Take a look at our Innovative idea to build up in your photoshoot

Pumpkin with a natural background

Autumn season is well known for pumpkin harvesting. It is also used for Halloween decoration; you can click pictures in a landscape mode with a Halloween theme. With a natural surroundings of sunlight where pumpkin is placed in such a way that light directly falls on pumpkin. 

In a park or with the natural surroundings with leaves spread all around, in a cozy winter where yellowish or orange leaves falling from a tree which is identical to the color of pumpkin will Clearly give a beautiful photo for your photoshoot. Also it will give an amazing look with your photoshoot with Halloween decoration. So, it will also be well fitted with Halloween decorations.

Take photos in the magic hours of Autumn

Photographers and filmmakers always use magic hours for their photography. They wait for magic hours for their shoot. Magic Hours start from the first hour after surmise and last hour before sunset. Magic hours which are also known as golden hours of Autumn are known as the best hours for photography because it provides the perfect light for any photography.

Golden hour is best for photographers for taking pictures with front lighting, back lighting, Rim lighting, sun flash, etc. You can take portrait pictures in golden hour when the back lighting of the sun makes your pictures perfect for photoshoot.

You can shoot a photo near a river side with bonfire

Autumn season comes with a cooler climate vibe, while outdoor photoshoot if you are sitting across a bonfire and it is surrounded with a river flow it will give the best view for your photoshoot. With High-resolution image properties, the photo shoot with a bonfire will give a pleasant look to your cover. And if you have some background issues so you don’t have to worry, that problem could be easily solved by You can easily remove or edit background with the help of

Visit to Apple plantation / Corn maze

When a photoshoot has to be done with an outing destination, the fall theme is the perfect way to capture any photo. You should visit Apple plantation or Corn maze destinations to click the perfect picture if you want to click in fall. 

While holding apples in one hand and the surrounding is full of apple trees or messing up in a corn maze plantation will give an authentic view of nature in your photoshoot. While shooting for fall in an apple plantation destination of corn maze destinations the best part is after the photoshoot you can also collect some apples and take it with you.

Make a leaves tiara

Try to collect different colors of leaves and make a tiara for you, it will look wonderful when you wear it for your photoshoot. There are two ways to photoshoot your photo using a tiara one Is to wear it and click pictures, and the second is which you will need your friend's help so that he/she can hold that tiara in front of your camera as if you are wearing it and click some pictures. 

Ghost Outfits

Autumn comes with great festivals where people dress up like ghosts with different outfits which look similar to ghosts. Photoshoot done in these outfits seems very unique and interesting. People watch this type of photoshoot to just look at the unique ideas people come up with. It is not so difficult to make a ghost like outfit just use a long cloth and make 2 holes like human eyes and wear it, it just becomes a simple prop for a photoshoot.

Pumpkin head

We all like to watch pumpkin as a prop for unique ideas for photoshoot. You can make use of pumpkin as a ghost head by making your creative skills work on it. You can also decorate a pumpkin by different ways to make it a head. 

Some use a pumpkin for a photo by fitting one’s head in that pumpkin and then clicking some pictures. And you can also use a  pumpkin   by just holding a pumpkin in front of your face and clicking pictures. After clicking pictures if you are not satisfied with the background, there is an easy tool available on the web or in the app store known as By using this you can easily remove background from an image.

Indoor photoshoot

As the temperature changes from hotter to cooler sometimes the weather does not adjust up with your photoshoot. So, if outdoor shooting is at risk, so no need to worry one can easily shoot indoors with a portrait view. You can easily click pictures inside your house or your garden.

Indoor shooting also helps in family participation. Families gather to arrange props for photoshoots or we can click pictures with our family which is sometimes not possible in outdoor photoshoots. When all our Family members click pictures together, it frames a beautiful memory which can be remembered for years

Throwing leaves

A most common photoshoot idea is throwing leaves, and it is also used by many folks. Though it is the most common idea, when it is shot properly, the picture looks as perfect as others. It is very difficult to click such types of pictures. You can use a timer in your mobile phone or someone else can take a picture, this picture will not be accurate in a single click.


You have to click a multiple range of pictures so that you can select the best one. And you have to definitely keep a smile on your face in every click, so that while the one picture is perfect it should not be ruined by your not so smiling face.

Forest Path

Photoshoot can also be done in the forest in autumn as there are plenty of trees with different colors of leaves on it, which make our photo look attractive. You can stand in the middle of the dense forest and click a picture in a higher resolution image so that every detailed thing is visible in a picture. Because the higher resolution picture zooms in the photos the image will look better when clicked in a portrait mode so that your self will be clear and the background will be a little blurry which will be a very good photoshoot. 

Color Matching outfit with the background

As we discussed above, the magic hours of Autumn in those hours, because of the picture perfect sunlight rays which makes every picture perfect, we can click a photo with a matching color outfit that goes with the color accurately. It will bring more energy to the pictures and viewers on Instagram, Facebook, etc. and on different platforms people love to watch such types of photography. If supposed after the photo shoot is done and you are not satisfied with the background, You can always remove the background by

Food Photoshoot

Usually in Autumn when the weather is bad, you can shoot indoors. Winters come with a hot serving craving for food. You can shoot the food with a well decorated serving table. You can decorate such a table with leaves spread on it or famous Autumn food served on the table. Today in Instagram, Facebook and the important one for clicking pictures is snapchat where you have to send one picture daily there when you have to upload and because of weather you are unable to go outside, people post pictures of food in different way and also by using filters

Near to the ground shoot

Try to click some pictures from a low angle, as it gives a detailed view of the surrounding, when a particular picture is clicked from a little downward it shows up the beautiful view. It is recommended to take pictures in landscape mode, as when we click a picture for our mother nature some or the other thing doesn’t fit in a frame. So, if the picture is taken in landscape mode the view will be more visible and more and more things can fit into that frame. So, if you are willing to take nature pictures, shoot that photo in a low angle mode.

Shoot photos from leaves cut out

Some creative ideas of photoshoot are also followed by leaves cut out. You can cut a leaf from the middle in the shape of a heart or star or whichever shape you want to and place that cut out in front of the camera. And from that space you can click amazing pictures. Try it out from different shapes of cutout which will be a very creative idea for a photoshoot.


Autumn comes with winters which can be seen with lots of fog. While you travel to different places you will come to see fog which will not be seen in any season. So, taking pictures of Fog will generate uniqueness which people will love to watch Usually you will see fog near the mountains and nature side in the morning breeze. During sunrise the photos of fog in a chilled environment gets everyone crazy. You can click a picture of the environment or else with you yourself in the picture both will be too good to watch.

Use leaves as prop

Autumn is known for mainly by color changing leaves, so why should we not use leaves as a prop to make our photo unique to others. You can use leaves as a prop for clicking pictures.Which means you can hold a leaf in your hand and click a portrait picture

which will directly zoom in on your face and leaf, you can also make an autumn leaves skirt which make your photo distinctive from others. Also the other idea to use leaves as a prop is you can make wings, which means in this shoot you will need your friend's help, which will hold 2 leaves like wings near the camera and you will stand little far away which will look like you are wearing leaves wings.

Holding Flowers bouquet in your hand

When you go for a photoshoot you need different types of pose, or else if you are just clicking the same pictures in one direction no one will show interest in your photoshoot, if you want to draw attention of viewers in your shoot you have to use some ideas about how to make this shoot interesting. One of the ideas we have come across is that you can hold a flower bouquet full of flowers in your hand and stand in a right angled direction by holding that bouquet. You can click this photo on a plantation site. And if you want to add some more magic in that photo, wear a leaves tiara with a big smile on your face.

Sunset View

Photographers wait for that one moment which comes once in a day to click a picture while sunset. During sunset the sky began to change its colors which made the picture more realistic. Sunset view gives the most relaxing pictures. You can just click pictures of the sunset view when there is accurate time near the mountains, beaches, park, river side from where the view can be clearly visible.

Put Autumn leaves in an Umbrella

You can Put leaves on an umbrella and hold on that umbrella by giving several poses. First of all, while clicking any picture you have to first see the background, like is that background matching with your views and outfit You cannot click this picture indoors. So, watch carefully whether the theme and pose goes with the shoot or not. Another idea with an umbrella is that you can fill an umbrella with lots of flowers and close it, as soon as you open it click the picture by using a timer or with the help of your friend when all the flowers wind up.

For a changed look take pictures in Rain

You can also click pictures in rain, it is not necessary to only take pictures of bright light, leaves, etc. pictures come perfect when taken in rain, although your camera should be waterproof. You can shoot photos of bad weather, puddles, water droplets on leaves, forest rains, etc. rain comes up with many different ideas of photoshoot. You can give a back pose while holding an umbrella in the rain or playing in the rain with the sparkle of water. You can also pose by sitting on a park bench while holding an umbrella by giving a candid pose.

Go on a trek

While Enjoying your Holiday go on a trek with your partner or friends. Trekking gives you numerous picture ideas. You can shoot photo while holding a stick with the nature background, you can use a hat to pose with a stick which gives proper feel of going on a trek. While doing a photoshoot you can use enormous ideas but after clicking some beautiful pictures and you are not so happy with the background you can always remove or edit the background by using It helps to edit the background within seconds.

Uses of dropped leaves fully

Autumn is the season where you can see the falling of the leaves, that is why it is also known as the season of fall. While falling, many trees change their leaves' color from green to yellow, orange. That is why people love to photoshoot in this season as it captures many changes.

You can shoot a photo while lying on the leaves, where leaves have been spread all around, or you can arrange properly all the leaves one by one, though it consumes lots of time but it looks different after the shoot. You can always edit and change the look of the photo by using tool, which is easily available on App store and web.

Show your watch and shoes

You will always see some pictures on profile pictures where they only want to show some gadget device, etc. Mainly by sending snaps folks usually send some pictures which display some things. You can shoot photos while there are leaves spread all around and you are taking a picture of your shoes. Or else there is one more idea that you can take a picture from one hand and shoe your watch like you are watching time from your watch.

Hide your face

You can use different props and shoot your photo by hiding your face. Go to a destination and take leaves which show authentic color and hide your face with the help of that particular leaf and click a picture. If you are using prop as a leaf so make sure it is in proper contrast with the destination or else, you can always manage the sharpness and boldness of the picture by editing tools. Because of editing you can always manage proper colors and effects in a frame.

Couple photoshoot

You can get a lot and lots of ideas for a couple photoshoots. You can use pumpkins, leaves, flowers, trees, etc. as a prop for a photoshoot. You can place a pumpkin in between couples while kissing that pumpkin. It will properly look like an Autumn photo shoot or by giving flowers to each other, or by using a tree as a prop and standing beside a tree in the opposite direction. After the shoot if you want to edit background you can always use tool as it changes the photo effects within seconds.

Floral shoot

The shoot which I always prefer as it looks very elegant. By using flowers in your shoot it gives a very touch effect in the shoot. Like one can make a crown of flowers, or make a skirt of flowers or wear some jewelry made of flowers. While using flowers in your shoot you should make sure your flowers are of different colors, so that it will look more colorful.

Candid pictures

In an epoch where everybody is posting candid pictures, in a funny way though it is not candid every time, sometimes it is clicked in such a way that it looks like a candid picture. We should also apply in our photoshoot that the picture should look candid for ex.  You can click a photo while smiling or like you are taking with another person, it should be more like a candid picture.

Pre wedding shoots

In today’s era, couples want to shoot pre wedding before marriage, for that first you have to set the best location for the shoot. Some ideas you can apply on your photoshoot is that you can couple can hold each other hand, you can also put wedding pavilion in your shoot, Mehndi on the bride hand will indicate she is ready for marriage by showing her mehndi in the photo, Single entry of both the couples in the location. Some locations for Photoshoot you can choose are: hill station, forts, snow capped mountains, palaces, heritage buildings, parks etc. But before selecting any location one has to decide whether you have to do your photoshoot at sunrise or sunset.


River Reflection photo shoot

Some of the best Autumn photo shoot ideas are that you can take pictures of the River reflection. We can give you some great ideas for this photoshoot which are as followed:  Bright sunset reflecting the river, foggy lake view reflecting the river, Beautiful forest reflecting the lake, forest waterfall, a beautiful rainbow during sunrise reflecting the river, shots of river bank from your boat, etc.

Long Highway Roads

A fall season comes with windy weather, leaves falling everywhere which is beautiful to watch but a little difficult to shoot. Here are some ideas for how you can shoot for long highway roads in Autumn. Photoshoot of a twisted road hooked up by autumn trees, during sunrise / sunset an empty road photoshoot, you can shoot with the help of drone the aerial view of dense forest across highway with colorful trees, low angle photoshoot of a car driving in speed through highway and by that all fallen leaves are flying away. You can always edit or change background from your image by using tool, which can help you to edit your background without any trouble within seconds.

Above we have discussed 30 ideas of how you can do a photoshoot in Autumn. Every picture has its own story, you could click your photo in such a way that by just viewing the picture, viewers can also see the details behind the picture. For such detailing photographers need lots of time to edit a single picture, but all these things used to happen before. Today within seconds helps us to edit any image in bulk within seconds. You just need to upload any picture you want to any and within seconds this tool helps us out.

How can I edit a background by using tool?

Ans. You can easily edit a background from any image using tool within seconds, all these steps are hassle free, which anyone can use. Following are the steps to edit a background

Step 1 - Visit website. You will see an upload image button.

Step 2 - After selecting the photo Click on the ‘Upload Image’ button.

Step 3 - Once the photo has been uploaded successfully, you will see an edit button on top of the image. 

Step 4 - Here you can transform your image background by applying different colors and radiant to the background.

How to change the background from a photo by

Ans. It takes a lot of time to edit the photo after removing it. After giving effects to a photo some don't find an appropriate background for it. Follow these simple steps to change the background from an image.

Step 1 - Browse to website. An Upload Image button will appear. Click on the Upload Image button. 

Step 2 - Organize the image you want to edit. Click on the Upload Button.

So by these simple steps you will see that the background of your image has been successfully changed to white in color.

Why should you choose

The very first advantage to using the tool is that it is easily available on the Web, Play store and App store. Without any difficulty or hesitation, you can easily use You don’t have to follow many steps to edit an image or remove background from an image. It is a very easy tool developed for everyone. You can upload a maximum size of 25mb to remove background and to edit the background by using different patterns and colors. After doing a day-long photoshoot you can easily edit backgrounds. That is why you should definitely choose tool


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