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How to remove background from images for Free?

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Have you ever felt the need to remove the background from an image but didn't have the budget for expensive software? Or maybe you are just starting and don't want to spend any money on paid tools you might not end up using frequently. There are a few ways to remove the background from an image without spending any money in either case. 

The first way is to use one of the many available online tools. Several tools are free to use and can be very effective in removing the background from an image. Another way to remove the background is to use paid software on subscription. The software is often more expensive than online tools, but it can be more time consuming as everything has to be done manually.

We would go for the widely used popular option to remove background images for free.

Types of images from which background can be removed for free

1. Product images

Selling items on the web? When scrolling through different eCommerce websites, you see High-Definition (HD) quality images of every product that let the customers see the fine details of the product from every angle and corner. 

Customers are sometimes curious about how great-looking images are created for every product. Well! Background remover tool is a great solution that makes great-looking product images with transparent or white backgrounds. 

2. Profile pictures

In today's online world, it's crucial to have a solid social media presence. It means having high-quality profile pictures that show off your best personality. However, many people don't have the time or resources to take professional photos. That's where background removal comes in. With the help of this tool, you can easily remove the background from your profile picture and make it look like you are standing in front of a beautiful backdrop.

3. Signatures and logos

Removing the background from a signature or logo can be daunting, and it is often necessary to remove the background to make them stand out more or make it easier to read. The goal is to create a transparent signature & logo that has no background distractions and can be placed easily onto other images or backgrounds. A good background remover can help you remove background images for free.

Why use to remove background images?

Here are some strong reasons why you should use the free app to eliminate background images:

  • It is a smart AI-powered background removal tool that lets you edit single or bulk images precisely. 
  • Highlights the subject of your photo, giving you a transparent background
  • Empowers users to create and share well-designed eye-popping images
  • Save time & money and increase your online sales with optimized images 
  • Create a simple & fun experience for your customers with engaging & effective campaigns
  • Removing the background from an image using this free tool is easy and fast – no advanced editing skills or a course is required to use this simple application. 
  • Enjoy endless possibilities with the app - Remove backgrounds from profile photos, social media visuals, eSignatures, company logos, and presentations using intelligent editing, resizing, and exporting capabilities.
  • It is an entirely free service, which means no cost associated with its daily use.
  • The app meets the demanding requirements of the below mentioned


  • Automatically removes the background from image
  • Adds impressive effects and new backgrounds
  • Get smart editing and export options


  • Get the right images for creating presentations
  • Speeds up the workflow for instant background edits
  • Get the image aligned in the right frame and with the right proportion of white balance


  • Develop high-quality image content ideal for SEO requirements
  • Easier to integrate with designs & helps in easy product customization
  • Background removal tool supports both Windows & Mac OS for developers

How to use to remove background from images automatically?

You need to follow these simple steps with to get the task done:

1. Upload

Select and upload an image where the subject has clear edges with nothing overlapping for best results.

2. Remove

Upload your image to automatically remove the background from the image using AI in just one click

3. Download

Download your new image with a transparent background to save, share or do future editing

Benefits of removing background from images

 When it comes to removing the background from images, there are many benefits that businesses can capitalize on. Here are some of the main benefits:


1) Increased productivity 

The background remover tool is mandatory for everyone who wants to increase productivity. It is a beneficial tool that helps you focus on the main object or person in the image. As we all know, when we are working on an image, the background distracts us, and it becomes difficult to focus on the main object. It is where the background remover tool comes into play. It helps you get rid of distractions and makes it easy to focus on the main object.


2) Improved quality of images 

Background remover tools are commonly used in photo editing software to improve the quality of digital images. Removing the background from an image makes it possible to isolate the subject matter and create a more polished and professional-looking photograph. It is a great way to improve the quality of your photos for businesses that rely on visuals for marketing, branding & selling purposes. 


3) Making images look cleaner and more professional

Have you ever noticed website images & product images on online websites? They are strikingly different from regular photos, and you would not find anything other than crisp details of the product in the photos.

How to get a professional image that shows your products in full glory? It is where a background remover can come in handy. With this tool, you can remove the old background from an image and replace it with a solid color (white, cream or transparent colour). It improves the image visibility on search engines and helps it to stand out more on websites and other online platforms. This tool is excellent for people looking to create professional-quality photos without hiring a professional photographer.

4) Make images aesthetically pleasing

How to make images aesthetically pleasing is a question repeatedly asked over the years? The background of a photograph is essential in determining the image's aesthetic appeal, and unwanted background components might divert the audience's attention away from the subject. Such aspects can be removed to create clean photographs that focus the viewer's attention on the topic of the picture.

Changing the background also changes the appearance of the image. By substituting an appealing background for the existing one, you can enhance the image appeal and improve clicks & conversions on your website.



We hope you enjoyed this quick blog about how to remove background images for free. Whether you are editing images for personal use or a business you may be running, knowing how to remove background images can be very useful for everybody. We know that you can make the best of your background images and make them stand out with this knowledge. 

So, what are you waiting for? Remove your background images by visiting on desktop, Android / iOS , which is one of the most accurate AI-powered image background removal tools built for developers' custom requirements, solopreneurs, homepreneurs, startups & other professionals. We are the top Product of the Week on Product Hunt – a community for product-loving enthusiasts.


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