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Are you fed up with using photo editing software? Do you need to remove the background from the bunch of images?, is here for the solution. Using saves more time and also boosts productivity by removing background from numerous images.

This background removal tool has the best AI technology which enables you to remove the background from your favourite image in flashes. It is an incredible tool that offers you the best results and speeds up your workflow. is an amazing and powerful tool that removes the background from the images in bulk with its AI technology. 

What is and what are the uses of

With you can remove the background from images of humans, animals, nature, and any other objects. It is free to use and download images. Yes! That's true, you don't have to pay anything to remove the background from your favourite image and download the image. The possibilities are endless, you can remove the background for your profile picture, social media, company logos, presentations etc. You can create creative profile pictures for your WhatsApp profile  by adding gradients or patterns to the background of your image. You can easily flaunt your creativity by using tool. 

You can use to remove background from the images for:

1. Personal use: If you want to create some cool profile pictures or want to make a greeting card for your friend then is the best tool that will assist you to remove the background from the image.You can also use for editing images for your social media and for the presentation of your school or college, the procedure to remove background from the images is stress-free as tool requires just a few simple clicks for the removal of the background. 

2. E-commerce: Do you know that e-commerce is all about product photography? With the best product photo you can attract the customer's attention. Before buying any product, the first thing that customers will do is view the image of the product. So see to it that the product image should be well detailed. 

In an online market the product image plays an important role. But when you have, then what is to be concerned? With you can remove the background from the image in bulk for your online store. Most e-commerce companies prefer a white background for the product image as it helps to reduce the distraction of the customers and aims at the main subject of the image. With you can remove the background for the product image and also change the background from white to other colours easily with the simple clicks. 

3. News and Media: Images are the best way to convey stories. As we all know the news and media have a busy schedule and they already have a lot in hand to do. Mostly they have to create designs to cover messages through images. So for them it is important to create an image that indicates the subject very well, and with they can do a lot of editing in no time. With the help of they need zero effort to remove the background from the image or change the background. allows you to turn the critical task into a manageable task. 

4. Photographers: Photographers face a lot of competition in their field. Editing images has always been a challenging task for them. They struggle a lot when changing multiple image backgrounds. 

Now with the photographers can take multiple tasks and earn the impression. Using can benefit in many ways, for example, consuming less time, no effort to put, no drop in the quality of the image, and many more. Changing the background or editing the background with some cool effects, is an expert tool and provides the best results. 

Why is it important to remove the background from the image? 

Good quality images create a great impact on the viewers. Sometimes an image can be pathetic if there's too much stuff in the background. So removing the background is vital to enhance the quality and the impression of the image.  

When the image is about the marketing product then removing the background of that particular image becomes necessary. A neutral look of the image becomes more pleasing to the viewers. If you want to upload an image for marketing purposes then make sure to hold the focus to the object by removing the background from that image. See to it that the image does not lose its main subject. 

You can eliminate the disfavored elements from the image background and make your image look prevalent with the help of too, that requires only a few clicks which will remove the background from the image with simple steps and will also transform the background from white to some other solid colours. To know how you can remove the background from the image with the simple steps of, carry on with this blog: 

How to remove the background from the image ? (step by step simple guide)  

Go to the and follow the steps to peel off the background from the image: 

Step 1 - Visit the website, or you can also download the application by clicking on  Android and iOS to download.

Step 2 - Go to the ‘Upload Image’  option and click on it. Assign the image that you want to eliminate the background. Choose the ‘Upload’ button. Hold on to this for moments and the background will come out white. 

Step 3 - Go to the ‘download original size’ button, to download the image. 

Step 4 - If you wish to change the background from white to any other colour, go to the ‘Edit’ button from the top right of the image and choose the colour of your choice.


How do I get white background on

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If you want the image background in white colour, then you need to follow the steps on

Step 1 -  Go to the website and click on the ‘Upload Image’ button.

Step 2 - Click on the ‘Upload’ button after selecting the image file.

Step 3 - To Edit the colour or pattern of the background click on the ‘Edit’ button which you will find in the right corner of an image.

How do you change the background on

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The steps to change the background of the image is super easy with

Step 1 - Swap to the website from your desktop, and prefer the ‘Upload Image’ button.

Step 2 - Select the image for transforming the background colour. Now click on the ‘Upload’ button. 

Step 3 - To splash the colour to the background go to the ‘Edit’ option from the right top of the image.

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