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How To Make Star Background Transparent

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Are you wondering how to remove backgrounds from an image? 

Removing the background from an image can be a time-consuming, tedious & daunting task especially if you are not familiar with Photoshop or don’t have skills in graphic designing or coding. Plus, you don’t have the time & budget to hire a professional designer to get the job done. So, what to do? 

Fortunately, there are a variety of online image background tools that erase or change the background like a pro and deliver professional-looking images with a transparent background. 

So, let's check out how you can remove background from an image and compare the below-listed background remover software.

Best Tools To Remove Star Background From Images 

Whether you are a marketer or running an online eCommerce store, you always want to spice up your product photos to create a captive appearance for visitors. Having a transparent background for images is a way to do that. 

It not only allows you to customize your image by blending different designs & colors but also puts focus on the main product you are trying to sell and captures customers’ attention quickly.

And why not? A white or transparent background gives a classy, professional, sleek & sophisticated look and makes the texts on images visible. But the real question is, how to make an image background transparent? Here are some of the tools to help you:

With, any person can efficiently remove, change or edit the background of an image within seconds like a pro. It is an easier, faster & AI-powered image background removal app, capable of making any background transparent with no technical skills required.

You can download it from the Play store/App store or access the official website The tool is lightweight & free to download with minimum steps to remove the background. Download it and get the background image transparent. Here is the step-by-step guide to removing or changing the image backgrounds using 

Step 1 - The very first step is to download the app on your android/iOS smartphone. Or visit the official website by typing in your Google chrome.

Step 2 - As a next step, click on the “+ Upload image” button to import the image that you want to remove the background from. As an alternative, the image address can also be pasted by clicking on the “URL” button.

Step 3 - As you have uploaded the image or pasted the address, the AI algorithms of the tool will start removing the background. It will take only two to three seconds to make the background transparent. During the process, a message will appear that reads “Processing image, please wait”. 

Step 4 - The best part is that the AI-based tool automatically selects the background without requiring manual selection by the users. Now as the processing completes, you can see the background-removed version of the image on the right bottom.

Step 5 - Click on the “Download image” button to save the image in your system. It makes the image background transparent with no quality loss.

Note - If you want to add a white or any other background to your transparent image, you can go to the Edit button. Here, you can select a preferred background option and apply it. Finally, download the image to list it on any marketplace.

Benefits of Using For Background removal

With, there is no requirement of having editing skills, Photoshop knowledge, or spending on graphic designers. It performs the task within seconds even for non-technical savvies. The steps are simple & easy to understand. Below are some of the notable features of 

Let’s have a look:

  • It is an AI-powered tool that removes the background from an image with a single click.
  • It supports images in various formats like PNG, JPG, JPEG, and WEBP.
  • It is faster & easy to use. Just upload the image and remove the background within seconds.
  • Any person can use the app irrespective of their profession - be it a photographer, eCommerce store, marketer, and so on.
  • It has a simple interface. You can import the images from your image gallery and get the background removed instantly.
  • You can remove the background from images as well as social media graphics, company logos, presentations, and many more. 
  • The app delivers high-quality images with precise & transparent backgrounds so that you can list them on any marketplace. 
  • Apart from android & iOS, the app is also available on Windows & Mac OS.
  • You can save your quality time, money, and efforts using 

So, whenever you want to quickly remove an image background for your online campaign or eCommerce stores, is the way to go for you. The best part about the app is that it is free to use. You can automatically remove the background, add impressive effects and new colors as well as speed up your workflow. Download the app now and try it once.

Other Tools To Make Star Background Transparent

There are a variety of different tools that can be used to make the image background transparent. When you cut out the background from an image, you get enormous opportunities to experiment with the visual elements. Keep reading to explore a few online tools that can help you remove the star or any other background of an image. 

Here they are as follows:

1. Slazzer

Slazzer is an ideal solution to make stars or any background transparent. It automatically detects the main subject in your product photo and provides you with clear & precise cuts, especially from the edges.

This online tool uses AI power to remove the background from your images. It supports all major operating systems including Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. So you can process millions of images to remove the backgrounds at once.

Step 1 - Open Slazzer’s website and upload the image from your gallery. You can also drag-and-drop images.

Step 2 - Wait for the processing to get over. In a few seconds, you will get an image with a transparent background.

Step 3 - It supports JPG, PNG, and JPEG formats.

Step 4 - You can use it online or download their app to process images in bulk. 

2. Fotor

Fotor is a free, one-click automatic image background removal tool that uses AI to figure out the main subject in your photos and makes the background transparent with smooth results.

You just need to upload the image and let the tool do its work. The app efficiently handles tricky backgrounds also such as hair or animal fur etc. It relies on an algorithm that precisely detects and removes distractions from complex images. 

Step 1 - Open the official website of Fotor and upload the picture that you want to edit. It supports all image dimensions and aspect ratios.

Step 2 - It detects the background without any need of selecting it and removes the background.

Step 3 - Now, you can download the image once the background has been removed.

Step 4 - It has manual image fine-tune options

Step 5 - Additional drop shadow effect

Step 6 - Available on Android & iOS

Step 7 - Multiple built-in background designs 

3. PhotoScissors

It is another great image background remover tool that is easy to use and removes the background from your product images to list them on the eCommerce marketplace or websites. It comes with a variety of in-built tools within the solutions such as Magic Wand and Transparent Marker for several types of images. 

Step 1 - All you need to upload the image on its official website 

Step 2 - Wait for a few seconds and then you can see the images with a removed background 

Step 3 - After removing the backgrounds from your images, it also allows you to fill them with solid colors, different images, or even collages

Step 4 - Finally, you can download the images. Click the Save button

Step 5 - The tool can be downloaded on Windows, Mac, and iOS. 

4. InPixio

InPixio is an ideal solution to remove the backgrounds from images for personal use, and business and eCommerce platforms. Here you can manually select the area that you want to remove and erase it accordingly. With InPixio, you can get a transparent background in seconds and can export high-resolution images for free. 

Step 1 - Go to and upload the image you want to remove the background from.

Step 2 - You can also drop in multiple images at once to make the background transparent.

Step 3 - After uploading, the software removes the background with a single click.

Step 4 - Hit the Save button and download the image.

Step 5 - Once the background has been removed, you can either save the image or further work on it to make it look appealing.

5. Leawo Photo

Leawo Photo BG Remover is simple & easy to use where you can remove the background within seconds. It supports both automatic and manual photo background removal so that you can easily remove distracting areas.

It also provides a variety of in-built tools to change or edit the background to a solid, white, or any other background option. You can import any image and save results in JPEG, BMP, TIFF, PNG, WEBP, etc.

Step 1 - Leawo Photo BG Remover provides two main sections to remove or change the background easily - Top Menu Bar & Parameter Editor Panel

Step 2 - To remove the background from an image, add a photo to the tool

Step 3 - Click on the Add Photo Folder button or Add Photo button to import the photos from your system. You can also drag & drop images. 

Step 4 - Double-click on the photo. You can remove the background in batches as well as individually.

Step 5 - The tool comes with a powerful Parameter Editor to edit the images after removing backgrounds.

Step 6 - Finally, save the image


It is an AI-based image background removal tool that can be used by individual users, businesses, and developers. The app comes with various tools such as background remover, Photo Retouch, Photo Colorizer, Photo Enhancer, Cheerful Video, etc. It is completely reliable and has the best algorithms. You can download it for free and can get two credits in your account.

Step 1 - All you need to open its website and click on the upload button to import the image 

Step 2 - After a few seconds of processing, the image background will be removed 

Step 3 - You can download the image or go to the Editor to change the background.

Step 4 - This tool has many other features also such as transparent background, different background pictures, and colors. 

Wrapping Up

These are some of the best tools that you can use to remove the background from an image. With them, removing backgrounds is not a tedious task anymore. It has now become a single-click task. But these aren’t the only ones. You can search online and find one that best suits you.


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