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How to remove background from signature using Android apps?

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Whether you’re a professional or an individual, there are times when you need to sign various documents to confirm that you agree to business terms. For physical documents, it’s pretty easy. But, difficulty arises in the case of electronic documents, like PDF or scanned documents.

The use of electronic documents and digital signatures has increased tremendously in today’s world. Hence, it’s crucial to ensure your e-signature is clear, legible, and looks realistic to confirm your identity. However, when scanning a signature, it often comes with a weird, unclear background that gives an unprofessional look & feel to the documents. This is where removing background from your signature can help give you an organised, professional-looking feel to your online contracts, PDF documents, etc.

Numerous options are available to remove the background from the signatures — such as using Photoshop or hiring someone with advanced image enhancement skills. These can be complicated or expensive — especially for beginners or individuals. But the good news is that our AI-powered background remover App — — is available that can erase the background from signature in a jiffy. The best part? It’s completely free.

This article will look into the different yet simple steps to remove background from your signatures easily and quickly.

How can help you? 

With software like Photoshop, you need advanced editing skills to remove background from your signatures. And not to mention the tons of hours it can take to complete the entire process. This is where our AI-powered application comes into the picture. is India’s fastest and most accurate background remover App that erases the background from your signatures within seconds. Awarded as the #2 Product of the Week by Product Hunt, this AI-driven solution is a free, time-saving, and lightweight application compatible with Android/iOS smartphones and Windows. 

Some of its remarkable powerful features are: 

  • It offers a quick and simple-to-use interface (UI).
  • Anyone can use it irrespective of their profession — be it a photographer, e-commerce store owner, media person, developer, marketer, etc.
  • It comes with a super-intelligent AI algorithm that removes the background from signatures with precision. 
  • It allows uploading the signature's image in compatible image formats, like PNG, JPG, JPEG, and WEBP.
  • It produces high-quality signature images with transparent backgrounds that you can be place onto various documents, contracts, business cards, etc. 

Steps to remove background from a signature using Android App

Follow these simple steps to remove background from a signature using android app: 

  1. Go to the Google Play Store and download the Android App to your Android smartphone.
  2. Next, use the camera of your smartphone to capture the photo of your handwritten signature. 
  3. Once done, launch the App and click the Upload Image option to choose the image of the signature you want to remove the background from. Or you can also paste the URL of the image using the Paste URL option. 
  4. Wait for the tool to process the signature’s photo — it’ll only take a few seconds. 
  5. You’ll see that the resulting signature image has its background removed and will have a transparent background. Now, click the Download Original Size option to save the high-resolution signature photo on your smartphone’s gallery, and you’re done. 


Nowadays, it's crucial to create an online signature to sign documents digitally. However, to avoid your signature from clashing with the file's background and maintaining an unprofessional look across documents, removing its background can go a long way. 

Doing so manually can be time-consuming, complex, and tiresome. But, with our AI-driven Android App, you can achieve precise, professional-looking, and sophisticated signatures just within a few taps — without losing its crucial details. There is no need to wait for hours to install heavy software to erase the image's background. Just download our App in seconds, upload the image, and the job is done.


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