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Top 10 APIs To Automate Image Optimization In 2022

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The modern internet is not complete without images. Because it is a universal language that speaks louder than words, it helps in engaging people. Images are absorbed by the brain more quickly than words and are more remembered. Delivering high-quality photographs in the appropriate format, dimension, size, and resolution without sacrificing the image's quality is known as image optimization.

Although optimizing your product images may seem challenging, you must know that it will help your SEO and search engine rankings. Your load time will increase with optimized photos, satisfying your visitors. Additionally, it improves the overall functionality and usability of your website. Even though it is well-known that image optimization is crucial for e-commerce, many people do not treat it properly. 

The major reason is that it can be a little challenging, especially for those who are unfamiliar with how it is carried out. It's a good thing that there exist APIs and a wide range of SaaS services designed specifically for image optimization.

What Is An API?

An Application Programming Interface (API) is a gateway that establishes the means of communication between one App and another App. In order to enhance the user experience, they promote technological connections. API is a group of computer programs and operations. APIs provide for increased resource access while preserving security and control.

This makes it possible for services to interact and make use of information and capabilities via a defined interface. APIs make it possible to describe how web applications talk to one another.

They coordinate between the application and the web server and handle data transit between systems. Software (or online data) can be accessed by a program in a regulated and secure manner thanks to APIs. The software receiving the requests then responds by returning the data.

Importance Of APIs

1. Huge Time saver

APIs save you time and allow you to use the application instantly. You can skip the registration part of Facebook and Instagram and log in directly through the application.

2. Application Quality

For example- Uber's application is based on APIs, plain and simple. You can retrieve the message and utilize the map to book a ride thanks to connections made using Twilio and Google Maps. Uber provides you with a high-quality service by utilizing the features of third-party applications via APIs. In order to better serve you, other businesses, like food delivery services, also use API.

3. Help Businesses

Whether your company is a startup or an enterprise, APIs let you concentrate on your core capabilities. Through an API, teams may quickly access and work on their responsibilities. They are able to switch between tools more quickly and with fewer effort thanks to it. Instead, they may access more apps and use just one to speed up operations and expand their firm quickly.


Basis of Difference SaaS API
Introduction Software as a Service (SaaS) is a software distribution paradigm in which consumers can access Application via a network, usually the Internet, that are hosted by a vendor or service provider  Application Programming Interface, or API, is merely a means of obtaining and transmitting information to reliable partners.
Purpose   A full application that hosts/support several users from a single code base is known as software as a service. Anything you use online that is also used by many others as a service, such as Gmail, Hotmail, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Stackoverflow, is considered to be in this category.

A simple approach for others to develop on top of your current application is using an API. SaaS is not necessary for an API, as APIs predate the Internet itself by many years.

 Use of Business The web-based nature of the SaaS interface makes it perfect small businesses. The technology will be accessible to small businesses from anywhere in the world.  All of the many software applications are implemented for use within a corporation must integrate seamlessly with the current software. 

Software as a Service, also known as SaaS, is a cutting-edge solution created to assist organizations in integrating apps that might improve various business operations. On the other hand, a lot of individuals are uncertain about what an API, or application programming interface.

Despite the fact that these phrases appear to be interchangeable, SaaS is more of a distribution strategy where apps may be hosted and made accessible online, whereas API is a technique to enable new applications to be developed on top of an already functional application.

For instance, if you have a photo editing program, you might add a background remover API such as so that you can add background removal to your list of services. You can make the application function without requiring the user to download and install any software by incorporating SaaS. SaaS will make the improved photo editing program accessible in the cloud so that anyone with an internet connection can use it.

Need For Using Image Optimization API

An image processing and optimization API provides a set of tools and functions to programmatically alter or transform a picture for usage in your website or application to improve SEO performance. You may use it to modify any image, doing operations like cropping, resizing, and formatting.

You can easily alter the image's dimension to suit your demands without affecting the image's quality. User experience, economics, and technological advantages of an image optimization API are numerous. 

Smaller graphics load more quickly, giving consumers a wonderful experience. You can save more space by using a smaller-sized image file, which requires less storage. This lowers the price of purchasing additional storage for you.

Additionally, an image optimization API guarantees that the photographs display flawlessly on all types of devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. As a result, both the SEO and the performance of the website will improve.

APIs To Automate Image Optimization In 2022

1. is an AI-Powered SaaS tool that allows you to upload the image and do the editing in the background. You can edit, remove or even change the background of images by using You can upload an image of any format such as JPG, JPEG, PNG, or a WebP. This application is very effective to use and you can remove the background of any image in just a few seconds. application is available on Google PlayStore and AppStore. If you have a sophisticated background for your image then you can attract more customers to your products as it gives a clear view of the products to the customers and they can easily make their buying decision. is very easy to use. You can upload the image by clicking on the Upload Image option or by the drag and drop feature. It allows you to make changes in the background of an image without compromising the quality of the image. 

2. Abstract API

With Abstract's image optimization API, you can manage all of your images programmatically. It's a powerful and user-friendly platform for quickly changing your images, including converting, compressing, resizing, cropping, and more. To make it simple for developers to connect it with applications, it is developed with comprehensive documentation, numerous libraries, and tutorials.

To stay on top of everything, you can use its API at scale and at lightning speeds while taking advantage of its first-rate technical assistance and higher uptime. Regardless of what you are building and where from, Abstract's core features let you make changes quickly and speed up workflow.

You may control and modify the photos programmatically thanks to its image processing and optimization API. It gives you an easy platform to maintain everything with ease while never letting you compromise on image quality or other things. Furthermore, you can minimize the image size without compromising the quality thanks to Abstract's powerful compression API.

Its infrastructure is designed for increased speed as well as the ability to process and optimize high-quality images. Furthermore, you can reduce the image size without compromising the quality thanks to Abstract's powerful compression API. Its infrastructure is designed for increased speed as well as the ability to process and optimize high-quality images.

3. Imgix

Imgix provides a simplified yet effective image processing and optimization API. Using strong URL parameters, it automatically converts, optimizes, and caches the whole picture collection for quick apps and websites.

With imgix, you can use the creative service to create an image world of your own without any restrictions. Along with client libraries and more than 100 real-time picture operations, the package also comes with CMS plugins for easy product integration.

Imgix uses a global CDN to rapidly and easily provide optimized images to each device. It gives you a complete image optimization solution and gives you alternatives to view, sort, organize, and search your cloud storage images.

If you want to explore what your optimized photographs can achieve for your business, you can turn your cloud into a practical and advanced platform. You may organize your photographs using imgix's customizable fields, ML-powered auto-tagging, and visual browsing and search.

4. Cloudinary

Use the widgets, SDKs, and APIs from Cloudinary to produce amazing and quick media experiences. Cloudinary API is the greatest option if you want rich media on your apps and websites to draw in more visitors and provide a better user experience. With a compelling media experience, Cloudinary eliminates the manual work of producing numerous asset versions.

Developers and creative workers can avoid human errors and save time and effort this way. With its user-friendly interface for image transformation, optimization, and delivery, Cloudinary makes storing images simple. To improve your website and apps and attract more users, you can do image processing and optimization effectively and error-free.

With effects, overlays, resizing, colors, shapes, and other features, you may edit and customize your photographs. Additionally, you will receive strong image management and editing tools, including AI-based cropping.


Give permission to optimize, handle image processing and speed up your web pages. It is a quick, effective image compressor and optimizer with industry-leading algorithms that can help you reduce storage requirements and bandwidth consumption to speed up the loading of your website and mobile application. Use this picture optimization for your content whether you're a designer, WordPress user, developer, or Adobe Commerce user. 

After optimizing and compressing the original image using, you can even remove it. While giving you a lower image size to conserve space, it never compromises the image's original quality. You may resize and optimize your photos inside of your website or applications with the help of's user-friendly, feature-rich, and robust API.

With the help of official plugins, you can process images more quickly. You can also use the site's API to handle numerous requests each day without sacrificing performance or other aspects. API offers the newest features, such as SSL for safe connections, so you never have to worry about security. PNG, GIF, SVG, and JPEG pictures are all supported by You can optimize your photos in one of two ways:

  • Just supply the URL of your image,
  • submit the file directly using the API

6. ImageOptim API

With ImageOptim API, you can quickly resize, crop, and optimize images on the server to compress them to a smaller size so that they can take up less space and increase the speed at which your website or app page loads. You may reduce your bandwidth usage and improve user experience by using the ImageOptim API.

Thus, employing stunning photos without making your program sluggish is no longer a pipe dream. With its amazing capabilities, the ImageOptim API makes this a reality for you. With high-quality compression and resampling adjusted for mobile and desktop resolutions, it is simple to create responsive thumbnails and images.

With the help of this innovative technology, you can easily integrate ImageOptim with your app without having to download any additional software. Make sure that even for mobile users, your website performs well and has high-quality photos. With the help of the ImageOptim API, you can quickly obtain clear, user-uploaded photos that will increase user engagement, boost conversion rates, and improve SEO.

The API changes photos to web-friendly sizes and formats after removing the private metadata. For the picture> and srcset markup, it is simple to create image variants. With the help of the API, you can quickly automate the creation of multiple picture versions that will fit any device to perfection.

7. Bannerbear

Using the Bannerbear API or no-code tools, create high-quality images for eCommerce, social media, and other platforms instantly. Create a reusable template using the template editor to get ready for marketing visuals. Use the Bannerbear API endpoint to submit a request and modify each picture and piece of text in the template using the API. It provides processed and optimized photographs quickly and without extra work.

You can use Bannerbear's demo interface to see how it can reduce the size of your image file without sacrificing the quality of the original. To send the test request, you can also use the API console. Welcome Bannerbear API to your website or application and bid adieu to your laborious activities to witness the magic.

8. FreeConvert

FreeConvert is an online picture file converter that makes it simple to change from one format to another and reduce the size of large files. Select the image files you want to convert from your device, Dropbox, Google Drive, or a URL, and FreeConvert will do it instantaneously using its API. Simple API calls allow for quick conversion, merging, and optimization of photos. An API key that demonstrates your authentication for utilizing the service will be sent to you. From the user dashboard, you can also view and manage your API key.

To ensure that your request is always successful, all API queries are sent over HTTPS. No further software will need to be installed. Drag and drop the image files into place. Additionally, FreeConvert's advanced options let you specify image dimensions, format, and compression level, giving you complete control over the output file.

You can construct a job and manage the outcome using the Free Convert API. You may convert any file with Free Convert's simple-to-use API, which supports over 1500 image file conversions, operates anywhere in the world, and ensures your privacy. It supports all of the main browsers and functions on Mac, Linux, Windows, and any mobile device.

9. Imagga’s API

Imagga is an all-in-one image processing and optimization solution that delivers configurable and cutting-edge technology to empower your apps in a single spot with its intelligent API. Create the next-generation image recognition application for your business using Imagga's API.

Use its machine learning technology to automatically tag your images. You can maintain your position at the top with high-quality photographs that are smaller thanks to features like visual search, facial recognition, bespoke training, classification, cropping, color, and NSFW options.

Over 30k developers, students, and startups use Imagga's API. In the field of image processing and optimization as a service, it is a world leader and innovator. The most frequent advantage of using this API is the quicker download times for images.

10. Removal.AI API

An HTTP-based interface called Removal.AI may be smoothly incorporated into any design. It offers a straightforward but efficient background eraser tool to speed up the time-consuming process of erasing backgrounds from photos.

When it comes to improving photographs, background removal is a necessary step that cannot be skipped. A backdrop remover can have a ton of other advantages for images that go beyond spotlighting products. In a manner, eliminating the background from a photo offers you a virtual blank canvas where you can add any number of enhancements.

So, these are the best APIs to automate the image optimization process. An image processing and optimization API provides a set of tools and functions to programmatically alter or transform a picture for usage in your website or application to improve SEO performance. It enables you to edit any image, including cropping, resizing, formatting, and more. 


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