Best Background Removal Apps for iOS

Best Background Removal Apps for iOS
Remove Background From Images For Free

Removing background from an image is often considered to be a very tedious task. However, with the advancement in technology, removing and editing backgrounds from an image has become very easy. In fact, you can also remove the background of an image from your iOS device without having to apply any specialised skills or investing a lot of time in it.

If you are on the outlook for some of the finest apps to remove background from an image on your iOS device, we have got you a rundown for the best background removal apps for iOS.

Best Background Removal Apps for iOS:

Best Background Removal Apps for iOS:

There are hundreds of reasons why one might remove or edit the background from an image. However, when we talk about removing the background from an image, we often think of it as a very tedious task that requires a lot of time and skills.

Moreover, one can never not talk about PhotoShop when we talk about background removal apps. But, there might be times when you would wish to remove the background from an image at the ease of your phone. 

Hence, here are our top picks for background removal apps for iOS to help you remove the background from an image easily:


Home Page of is an AI-powered background removal and editing tool that is available for Android and iOS devices. has been designed in a manner that it adds to the overall efficiency and can be used by anyone and everyone regardless of their technical skills. 

In fact, changing or removing the background from an image takes five seconds or less with This background removal and editing tool is available free of cost. However, you could also contact their customer care in order to get your hands on their bulk image processing tool.

This tool can be used for creating professional looking images for your social media accounts, websites, blogs, presentations or any such project. The mission behind creating was to revolutionise the world of photo editing by increasing the productivity along with providing a user-friendly interface. In our opinion, one can not go wrong with this background removal and editing tool as it performs the job with at most accuracy.

2. Cut Paste Photos Pro Edit Chop:

Home Page of Cut Paste Photos Pro Edit Chop

The Cut Paste Photos Pro Edit Chop is an excellent background removal app for iOS. It can transport you from one destination to another in just one click. The application is mainly loved for its easy photo-cut tool and has more than 40 different backgrounds.

You can even cut objects, people or anything else from the picture and merge them all and create a collage. Even though the app is free to download, the premium features are not available on the free version but only on the monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscription.

3. Object Removal Lite:

Home Screen of Object Removal Lite

Aren’t there enough times when you might need to remove the background of an image to make it look more professional or the background, in general, does not look too good?  Well, it can be taken care of in a quick and easy manner with Object Removal Lite’s iOS application.

Object Removal Lite uses artificial intelligence and image processing technology to remove the background from an image. Not just that, you can also add some filters, remove blemishes and so on with this app.

4. LightX Photo Editor and Retouch:

Home Page of LightX Photo Editor and Retouch

In case you are on the hunt for the best background removal apps for iOS, LightX Photo Editor and Retouch are your best bet. This all-in-one photo and background editing app offers multiple features like cutouts, blurs, etc.

Once you cut out the subject and get it superimposed on a new background, you can add some professional photo editing features like colour splash effects, frames, filters, doodles, stickers, etc. The LightX Photo Editor and Retouch app is available for free, and you can make some additional purchases, too, to get your hands on a couple of advanced features.

5. SuperImpose:

Home Page of SuperImpose

SuperImpose is yet another prevalent background removal and editing application available for iOS. The Target Auto Area Remove Tool helps in cautiously erasing the its-and-bits of an image that has a similar colour and makes the entire process a lot faster and easier. SuperImpose helps you add a new background to an image, and you can also change the size of the image. 

6. Magic Eraser Background Editor:

Home Screen of Magic Eraser Background Editor

Magic Eraser Background Editor is an easy-to-use background removal and editing application that requires no technical skills to remove the background from an image.

The tool lets you zoom in on the image to help you remove the image's background with utmost precision. And with the Magic Wand Tool, you can automatically remove the same colour areas of the photo.

7. YouCam Perfect:

Home Page of YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect is one of the finest apps when we talk about background removal and editing. YouCam Perfect makes editing an image an entertaining job. With their multiple background editing features like AI Background Remover, Create Transparent Backgrounds and Add Backgrounds With New Options, you can improve your productivity and add an extra flair to your images.

These were a few of our picks concerning the best background removal apps for iOS with being our top pick. We hope it helps you in picking the best one for you.


How do I remove background from iOS iPhone?

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Here are the steps to remove background from an image on an iOS:‍ Step 1: Open the Safari browser on your iPhone and go to or you can download it from Appstore. Step 2:Tap on the "Upload Image" button and select the image you want to remove the background from. Step 3:Wait for the tool to process the image and remove the background automatically. Step 4:Tap on the "Download" button to save the image with a transparent background to your iPhone.

What is the best background remover app?

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When it comes to background remover apps, is considered the best by many. It uses advanced AI technology to automatically remove the background from any image with just a few clicks. Whether you are using the online tool or the mobile app, provides high-quality and accurate results, making it a popular choice among users.

Can I use background removal apps for professional photo editing?

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Yes, there are many high-quality background removal apps available for iOS devices that are suitable for professional photo editing.

Can I remove backgrounds from complex images using background removal apps?

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Certainly, with the advanced algorithms and machine learning technology used in background removal apps like, you can easily remove backgrounds from complex images. is specifically designed to handle complex images with ease and accuracy, delivering high-quality results in seconds.

What is the best background removal app for iOS?

down arrow is one of the best background removal apps for iOS as it provides high-quality results and easy-to-use interface. It uses advanced AI algorithms to remove backgrounds from images, even from complex images with intricate details, making it a top choice for users.

Are background removal apps easy to use?

down arrow is a background removal app that is generally considered easy to use. The app uses AI technology to automatically detect the background and remove it from the image, which can save time and effort compared to manual editing. Additionally, the app offers a user-friendly interface and simple editing tools, making it accessible to users of all skill levels.

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