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Exciting features for developers on - AI powered background remover App

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One of the most challenging works is making the image's background professional, transparent, and effective as a developer. Here comes an AI-powered background removal app to help you. This application allows you to quickly and easily remove backgrounds from images, making it perfect for creating stunning professional-looking graphics or for simply improving the look of your business website or blog. helps you develop high-quality image content that is ideal for SEO and easier to integrate with any design. The background removal API lets you erase unnecessary backgrounds and helps in easy product customization. It empowers endless design possibilities, handles multiple images and works well with different programming languages.

Exciting features of - Custom made for developers

1. Creative Options

Background removal is an essential part of image editing and can be crucial for eCommerce product images and other marketing materials.'s API makes it easy to automatically remove backgrounds from images so that you can focus on creating great content. The API also enables easy customization of product images, which can be a valuable application for marketing and SEO efforts.

High-quality images are essential for developers because they can help improve a website's search engine optimization. Using high-quality images, developers can ensure that their website will be more likely to appear in Google Image searches. In addition, high-quality images can also help to improve a website's click-through rate (CTR) as users are more likely to click on a website with attractive visuals. 

2. Supports both Windows, Linux, Ubuntu & Mac OS

With, you can use the app on Windows, linux, ubuntu as well as Mac OS. The app can be used by developers to handle multiple images and remove the background without installing any software. The non-complicated APIs can easily integrate with any software and offer the perfect touch to your desired image.

3. Language Support offers extensive language support that helps developers localize their applications more efficiently. With this app, developers can create user interfaces and supporting documentation. Additionally, it also provides a set of APIs that helps developers to manage integration and handles multiple images. 

Language support also ensures endless design possibilities, the ability to handle multiple images, and good performance with different languages. Additionally, it helps ensure that the popular app can be used in various situations and by a broader range of professional developers.

Features of App that appeal to developers and how to use them

Presentation creation: Are you struggling to find the right images for creating the presentation? does the job simpler for you. It lets you convert the image to your desired usable forms and download it in different file formats like png, jpeg, webp, jpg

Offers unmatched consistency: The image can be perfectly aligned with the help of a few simple tools. With the help of these tools, the image can be resized, cropped, and straightened for a perfect frame result.

Look professional & save time: Edit the images with utmost ease and focus on boosting your user engagement by instantly removing complex backgrounds from the photos. Cut the workflow and reduce the time than half that it takes. Swap the backgrounds with the ones of your choice and taste.

How to use

Step 1: Go to website or get the App on the Android or iOS store.

Step 2: Use the upload button to upload the image to remove the background

Step 3: You will get a "Background removed" image

Step 4: Click the Edit option button 

Step 5: You will get customized colour and image options

Step 6: Play with these options and find a suitable background for the image


Developers can easily employ - AI background remover in any design projects. The software integration with API helps to easily remove backgrounds from images and set critical parameters. Then you can export the resulting images onto your computer. This popular app works both with Mac and Windows operating systems (OS) which is more user-friendly for developers managing numerous projects.


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