Best Background Removal Apps for Android

Best Background Removal Apps for Android
Remove Background From Images For Free

Do you want to remove the background for free on an Android device? Well, you have landed at the right place. Can we all agree that taking the perfect picture is a challenging task? However, there are many reasons you should remove the background from an image, the most common one being enhancing your image.

There also might be instances where some unwanted objects in the background hamper the image or remove the focus from the subject. At the same time, the reasons for removing the background from an image can be countless.

We wish for the comfort of removing the background directly from our Android devices quickly and easily. And in case you are on the hunt for the best photo background removal app for Android, here is our rundown to help you in the best manner possible. 

Best Background Removal Apps

13 Best Background Removal Apps for Android:


Home Page of is an AI-powered background removal and editing tool designed by a team of experts to enhance the productivity and efficiency of the masses. It is available for both Android and iOS. The best part about using’s Android application to remove backgrounds is that your work gets done in a couple of easy steps.

You wish to remove the background from Erase as you upload the image. Bg and the AI automatically erase the background and gives you an image with a transparent background. And if you wish to add some solid colours, textures or patterns, you can use the Edit option and enhance your image.

The whole process merely takes a few seconds and gives you epic images without having to apply any technical skills. is an excellent option if you hope for quick, easy, and accurate background removal.

2. PhotoRoom

home Screen of PhtotRoom

Photo room is your best bet if you want to cut the background out from even the most complex images. This application uses Artificial Intelligence to precisely remove the background from your images without any hassle. Besides that, PhotoRoom also offers some other features like pre-designed templates, filters, effects, animations, and much more.

While all of this was very appealing, there is a drawback of PhotoRoom if you use the free plan; you get a tiny watermark on the bottom-right corner of your image. You can subscribe to their Pro Plan, get watermark-free images, and access 1000-plus templates.

3. Remove Background

Home Page of Remove Background

Remove Background by Luna Media is an excellent application for removing the background from an image. It helps you get rid of the background from an image with utmost accuracy and edits the backgrounds.

The only drawback of Remove Background is that you get bugged by plenty of ads now and then unless you get their subscription plan.


Home Page of

Remove. Bg is one of the most famous names when discussing background removal tools. It is much like Erase. Bg. When removing the background from an image, use Remove. Bg, all you need to do is upload the image, and in under five seconds, you will get an image with a transparent background.

The best part about using Remove. Their precise AI technology can take up even the most challenging edges and complex backgrounds. If you are looking for an application to help remove or edit the background from your image, you cannot go wrong with Remove. Bg.

5. Background Eraser by HandyCloset:

Home page of BG eraser by handycloset

With over 100 million downloads, Background Eraser by HandyCloset is yet another famous free background removal app on PlayStore. With this app, you get an image with a transparent background in merely a few seconds.

Moreover, they also are available on iOS. Background Eraser offers only the essential background removal service and no additional features like templates.

6. Slick: Auto Background Changer and Eraser

home page of Slick

Slick has been around for a while and is a highly easy-to-use Android application to remove the background from your image. You get a transparent background in three or four seconds as you upload the image.

The best part about this application is that with its editing tools, you can change the backgrounds and stickers, add text, etc. You can even save your images in a PNG or JPG format. Still, again, there are times when you have to erase the background manually, as the automatic removal might not give a satisfactory result.

7. PhotoLayers

Home page of PhtotLayer

PhotoLayers is a very popular Android background remover with over 10 million downloads. The User Interface of this app makes it very easy to use and comes with multiple useful features like adding filters, changing the brightness, contrast, saturation and so on.

And when we talk about erasing the background of an image, PhotoLayers works amazingly on removing the background. Like other photo removal apps, it also works as an automatic background remover.

8. Background Eraser and Cut Out:

Home Page of Cut out

Background Eraser and Cut Out is a great pick that has a user-friendly UI and supports dark themes. If you wish to remove the background from an image using the Background Eraser and Cut Out, all you need to do is upload the image, and the rest gets taken care of.

And if you are not too satisfied with the results, you can erase the missed areas by zooming-in in on the image and do so. If not, you can make the most out of their lasso eraser to make the necessary changes.

9. Background Eraser: Superimpose

Home page of Superimpose

Like other apps on this list, Background Eraser: Superimpose also comes with auto removal of the background and some other basic image editing features like adjusting the brightness, contrast, exposure, resizing the image and so on. And again, if you wish to make further changes in the image’s background, you can do so manually by using their Edit option.

10. Apowersoft Background Eraser:

Home page of Apowersoft

Apowersoft Background Eraser is another background removal app for Android that has gained a lot of notoriety in 2022, and the credit for that goes to its User Interface. The app removes the background from your image so precisely that you might not even need to use the manual selection.

Apowersoft Background Eraser works flawlessly when removing and editing any image's backgrounds and is also available for iOS devices. With this application, you can create stunning images in no time.

11. Ultimate Background Eraser

Home Page Ultimate BG eraser

Ultimate Background Eraser does justice to its name. It helps you remove the background from an image with just a single click. Not just that, but they also have multiple modes to help you get any background that you might want.

You can also save your images in different formats like JPG or PNG and make the most out of their Lasso Eraser to select the areas of your choice.

12. Pixelcut

Home page of Pixelcut

Pixelcut is an AI-powered photo editing app specifically designed to remove and edit backgrounds from an image. Pixelcut is available for Android and iOS and detects the subject of any image quickly.

You can even cut the subject out and easily change the image in the background. Pixelcut offers you multiple background options, drop-shadows, borders, texts and sticker options. It takes only a few seconds to get yourself an eye-catching image with Pixelcut.

13. InShot Background Eraser

Home Page of Inshot

InShot might not be our favourite pick when we talk about background removal applications for Android, but it does a decent enough job. InShot has both auto and manual modes for removing the backgrounds from images.

You can also add outlines, stickers, colours to the background, and so on. It is a great option to try out if you are hoping for one.

We have ended with our recommendations for the best background removal apps for Android. We hope it helps you make an educated choice and ease the hassle of editing the backgrounds from an image from the comfort of your phone.


Can Android remove background from image?

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Yes, Android can remove background from images using various apps available in the Play Store. One of the best apps for removing background accurately is, which uses AI technology to remove background instantly and automatically.

Which is the best app for changing background?

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There are several apps available for changing background on Android, but one of the best and most accurate ones is It provides instant background removal and allows you to add a new background to your image.

What is a background removal app?

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A background removal app is a tool that allows users to remove the background from an image or photo and replace it with a new background.

Do I need any special skills to use a background removal app?

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No, using a background removal app like does not require any special skills. The app is designed to be user-friendly and can be used by anyone, regardless of their level of expertise in photo editing. With just a few simple steps, anyone can remove the background from their images with ease.

What is the best background removal app for Android?

down arrow is considered one of the best background removal apps for Android because it uses AI technology to accurately and quickly remove backgrounds from images.

Are there any limitations to using a background removal app?

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Yes, there can be limitations to using a background removal app, such as inaccurate results, especially with complex images or intricate details. However, is considered one of the most accurate background removal apps available, making it a reliable choice for achieving high-quality results.

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