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How to get white background images for desktops or smartphones?

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White colour is often associated with purity, simplicity, and neutrality. It has such a positive psychological influence in marketing.

Images with white backgrounds look more clean and professional than images with busy or brightly-coloured backgrounds. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find high-quality images with white backgrounds, especially if you're looking for specific images (e.g., food photos, product photos, etc.) for professional use.

In this article, we'll share some tips on how to get beautiful white background images for your desktop or smartphone. 

What is a white background image and why it has a massive demand?

A white background image is an image that has a subject with a plain white background. There are many reasons why someone might want to use a white background image on a desktop or smartphone. 

Makes text easy to read: When text is placed on top of a colourful background, it can be difficult to read. A white background can help make the text stand out and be easier to read online.

Create a first impression: Another reason to use a white background image is for a first impression look as it is clean & highly professional. It also makes your product image look professional and uncluttered among crowd of other products in the market. 

Convey business message easily: A plain white background looks more polished and put-together than an image with a distracting background. This can be important when trying to convey a certain message or looks, such as in advertising or marketing materials.

Create a sense of space: White backgrounds can also help create a sense of space. When an image has a crowd or busy space in the background, it can feel cluttered and cramped. It can help create calming or relaxing images for businesses and attract more target customers.

Earn customer trust: Having a pure white background for every image creates a clean, cohesive, professional look. It helps earn customer trust in the quality and reliability of your company products. If the images have inconsistent, poorly edited backgrounds, are poorly lit, their trust will be negatively impacted.

What are the benefits of using white background images?

There are many benefits of using white background images. 

1. Important for business

A white background helps images to stand out and look simple and elegant. It is often used for product photography. In addition, a white background can help to reflect light onto the subject of the photograph, making it appear brighter and more vibrant.

2. Enhanced focus

White background images create a focus on the subject matter by eliminating all distractions from images. This is especially important for e-commerce product pages, as customers need to be able to see all the details of the product they are buying.

3. Multiple uses

White background images can be used for a variety of purposes, such as web designing, product packaging, and logo designing. White background images can make your designs stand out and get noticed when used correctly.

4. Readable Content

White background makes your content stand out by making it highly visible and readable and boosts business communication and engagement. A white background makes your content pop and allows for easier reading. Additionally, it can help with business by providing a clean and professional look to blogs, images and websites.

How to get white background images for desktops or smartphones?

You can always find white background images for your phone and desktop online or from a free stock website. But what to do when you want to edit your pics for the white background? Although there are too many expensive apps for removing background from the images, those need knowledge of the app and take up too much time to use and master. is a popular app available on Google Play Store and iOS store that uses AI to automatically remove the background from images. Just upload your image and get the background removed image in a few seconds.

How to use App for getting clean white background from an image? 

You can use the for adding a white background to the image in these simple steps. 

Step 1 Just upload the image to the app, and it will automatically remove the background from the photo. 

Step 2 To add the white background, you can click on the edit button. You can add different effects, textures, and colours to the image's background on the edit page. 

Step 3 Select white colour for the background setting and click ok. 

Step 4 Download the edited image, and now you have a clean and professional-looking white background image for your phones and desktops.


There are many benefits of using white background images. White backgrounds can make the text more readable, create a first impression, look more professional, get more customers for listed products, earn customer trust and create a sense of space.

If you need to remove the background from an image and add a white background, is a trusted app to use. The app has touched immense popularity on Product Hunt and has been declared the #2 Product of the week on the immensely popular tech loving platform.


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