How to Make Flower Background Transparent?

How to Make Flower Background Transparent?
Remove Background From Images For Free

Are you trying to get rid of a distracting background from any of your product images? In this article, we will be showing several simple ways to make your image background transparent. There is no doubt that photos are the first line of interaction between sellers & customers while shopping online.

Whenever a customer visits an eCommerce website to find out about any product or service information, images are the first thing that draws their attention & influences their buying decisions. No wonder many eCommerce stores or businesses selling online strive to post high-quality, professional & captive images of their product to woo their customers in the first place.

Here, the excellent product photography is one of many essential factors. The image background plays an important role also. Many online sellers use various backgrounds to make their product photos appealing & pleasing.

But sometimes, background enhancement goes so far that it makes the product conceal itself. This is why marketers are adopting transparent backgrounds for their product photos. Whether you are creating a web page, selling online, or wanting to increase social traffic on your eCommerce website, busy backgrounds with overused distracting colours & objects make your product images look less professional & unpleasing.

Using images with transparent backgrounds allows you to customize your images and provides you with high-quality results at affordable rates—for example, Flower backgrounds. Keeping the significance of backgrounds in your product images, we are providing a few ways to remove the flower background from your images. Let’s have a look:


Whenever it comes to editing, changing, or removing the background of an image, we turn our heads to the most popular & advanced solutions, such as Photoshop and end up consuming lots of time & effort. But fortunately, this is not the case with 

It is an AI-based image background removal app that removes or changes the backgrounds of an image within seconds, like a pro. Just upload the image you want to remove the background from, and it will get instant background edits anytime from anywhere. It is a free, lightweight & time-efficient app for both android & iOS devices. Download this easy-to-use app now; you don't have to manually select the background to make edits or changes.

Here is the step-by-step guide on using to remove, edit or change the flower background of an image. Take a look:

Step 1 - First, you need to download the app from the Google Play store for your android devices. The software is also available for iOS devices. Or you can directly access your system's official website of

Home Page of

Step 2 - As a next step, click the "Upload Image" button to upload the image you want to make the background transparent. Or you can also paste the image address if you have one by clicking on the "URL" button. 

2nd Step to Upload Image

Step 3 - Now that you have uploaded the image or pasted the image address, wait for only two to three seconds. The AI algorithm will start the processing of background removal. During the processing, you can see a message that reads, "Processing image, please wait". 

3rd Step to Processing image

Step 4 - As the processing gets over, you can see that the image's background has become transparent. The best thing about the app is that there is no need to select the flower background manually. The software automatically recognizes it and removes it within seconds.

4th Step to download image in original Size

Step 5 - Click the "Download image" button to store the image in your system. Don't worry about the quality of the image. The app processes the image without hurting its opacity, brightness, or original quality.

Last and Final Step to download Image without BG

However, if you want to add a different background to your image to customize it according to your brand theme, click on the Edit button. The tool provides you with a variety of background options. Please choose the suitable one, apply it and download the image with a personalized look.

Why Prefer

The first and foremost benefit of using is that it is easier, faster & a game of a few clicks. There is no requirement to know coding skills or Photoshop or hire a graphic designer to get the job done.

Just download the app and do the task for yourself. Here are a few benefits of using for background removal:

  • Easy to use interface where you don’t have to possess advanced editing skills. Just upload the image and get the results in seconds.
  • It is an intelligent AI-based image background removal app that allows you to edit images without hurting their quality.
  • The AI algorithms give faster & precise results as well as remove the challenging elements from the background, such as hair, walls, furniture, etc.
  • You can upload the images in various formats, such as PNG, JPG, JPEG, and WEBP.
  • The app can be used for images and editing social media graphics, logos, presentations, and many more.
  • It delivers high-quality images with transparent backgrounds that you can customize and list on any eCommerce marketplace.
  • In addition to iOS and Android, the tool supports Windows and Mac OS. 
  • You can save valuable time, money & effort using 

So, now you know that adding or removing a background from your product photos can be fun with It efficiently highlights the subject of your image and delivers eye-popping images. Download the app now and see the difference for yourself.

tools to make flower Background Transparent

Other Tools to make Flower Background Transparent

Several other tools can be used for making the flower or any other background transparent. With a transparent background, you can take the image’s most important object and use it in different places. It is a great marketing tool. Here are the best tools that can help you with it. Take a look:

1. Adobe Photoshop

Home Page of AdobePhotoshop

Photoshop is the most common & popular image editing software that allows you to create beautiful images, company logos, and many more things. There are a variety of tools available in Photoshop that can help you make the background transparent like a pro. Removing the background is relatively easy to understand, even if you aren’t familiar with this tool. 

Step 1 - Import the image into Photoshop and press Ctrl + J to duplicate the layer.

Step 2 - Go to Window and then select Properties.

Step 3 - Select the Remove Background option.

Step 4 - To view your transparent background, click on the Eye icon on the left of the Background layer.


Home Page of GIMP

It is equivalent to Photoshop and offers many editing features, just like Photoshop. It is an open-source tool that is free to use. You can download & install the app on your computer.

Step 1 - Select the Foreground Selection Tool under Tools > Selection Tools.

Step 2 - Bring the tool onto the image and draw the areas you want to keep. No accuracy is required. Just try to be as close to the object as possible.

Step 3 - Press Enter, and the background will become blue.

Step 4 - Brush over the area of the picture that you want to keep. You can also increase or decrease the brush size with the [ ] keys.

Step 5 - Go to Preview Mask to see the applied results.

Step 6 - Click Select > Invert.

Step 7 - On the right side of the screen, right-click on the image and go to Add Alpha Channel.

Step 8 - Hit the Delete button and save the image as a PNG.

3. Canva

Home Page of Canva

If you aren't so much into designing or editing, Canva is the best place for non-technical savvy. It is easy to use and comes with various drag-and-drop templates that you can import onto your images and create appealing images. To make the background transparent in Canva, you must sign up for premium services.

Step 1 - Login into your Canva account.

Step 2 - Choose the image you want to make transparent.

Step 3 - To remove your image's background layer or colour, hit the Effect at the top corner of the toolbar. Go to Background Remover.

Step 4 - After removing the background layer, you can make the design transparent.

Step 5 - Go to the Download icon.

Step 6 - Choose the file type. Make sure it is PNG.

Step 7 - Go to Transparent Background under the Pro Options.

Step 8 - Tap Download.

4. Adobe Express

Home Screen of Adobe Express

The software offers many similar features, just like in Canva. You can create presentations, Facebook posts, business cards, etc., through various templates with drag-and-drop options.

You can make the image background transparent by clicking on the Remove Background button under the Image menu. Also, by using the Erase Brush in the Edit Cutout menu, you can make additional modifications to the image and make it look appealing. You can save the image as a transparent PNG by tapping Download > PNG > Transparent PNG.

5. LunaPic

Home Page of LunaPic

LunaPic is a free online image background removal tool that can instantly deliver a transparent background with no quality compromise. 

Step 1 - Open the official website of LunaPic and go to the Edit menu.

Step 2 - Choose the Transparent Background button and then click the Choose File to upload the image or paste the URL of the image.

Step 3 - Click on the background of the image that you want to remove. 

Step 4 - You can also use the Magic Wand, Eraser, Alpha, and Shape tools to remove the background.

Step 5 - Click on the Save button.

6. PowerPoint

Home Page of PowerPoint

Many people don’t know that an image background can be removed using software already installed in your system. PowerPoint. 

Step 1 - Open the PowerPoint presentation and select the slide with the image you want to make the flower background transparent.

Step 2 - Select Picture Tool Format > Remove Background.

Step 3 - PowerPoint colours the image pink to highlight the Background.

Step 4 - To customize the areas which you want to keep & remove, choose either Mark Areas to Keep or Mark Areas to Remove.

Step 5 - Draw a line around the area on the picture.

Step 6 - Select Keep Changes.

Wrapping Up

Now you know the various ways to make the image background transparent. Use any of them to produce excellent images for your eCommerce stores. There are immense benefits of having transparent or white background images for marketers.

It improves the quality & productivity of the image as well as the sales & number of visits to an eCommerce website. Images are a vital factor in attracting customers to the service page. Choose an appropriate software and make images brand-oriented & result-savvy.


How do I make an image background transparent?

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To make an image background transparent using, follow these steps:‍ Step 1: Go to the website. Step 2: Click the "Upload Image" button and select the image you want to edit. Step 3: Wait for to remove the background automatically. Step 4: Click the "Download" button to save your edited image with a transparent background.‍ That's it! makes it easy to remove backgrounds from images without any complicated software or tools.

How do I make a white background transparent?

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To make a white background transparent using, you can follow these steps:‍ Step 1: Go to the website. Step 2: Click on the "Upload Image" button Step 3: Once the image is uploaded, the tool will automatically remove the background Step 4: Once you're satisfied with the result, click on the "Download" button to save your edited image with a transparent background.

How do you make a picture transparent in mobile?

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To make a picture transparent on a mobile device using, follow these steps:‍ Step 1: Install the app on your iOS or Android device. Step 2: Open the app and select the photo you want to edit. Step 3: will automatically remove the background Step 4: Save your edited image by clicking the "Download" button.

How do I get rid of white background fast?

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If you need to get rid of a white background from an image quickly, one of the easiest and fastest ways to do so is by using This online tool can automatically remove the background from your image and make it transparent in a matter of seconds, without the need for any complicated software or skills. Simply upload your image to, wait for the automatic removal process to finish, and download the transparent image. It's that easy and fast!

Can I make a flower background transparent without losing the quality of the image?

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Yes, by using tools like, you can make the background transparent without affecting the quality of the flower image.

Can I use a transparent flower image on any background?

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Yes, a transparent flower image can be placed on any background, allowing you to create various designs and compositions.

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