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Highly Impactful ways to remove the background from Real Estate images

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Selling real estate properties without quality photos is like forcing your potential clients to leave your property. If you are looking to sell or purchase a home, it's imperative to have photos taken from the appropriate angles. However, sometimes a property photo looks more appealing with part of the background removed. If you consider using this strategy, there are several ways you can remove the background from an image. You can take these steps without compromising image quality or getting it too complicated to use.

Read on to learn how to use an AI-powered background remover app to eliminate unnecessary backgrounds from your images to be more visually appealing and impactful for visiting customers. But first, let's discuss why you need a reliable background remover app for your real estate images.

Why is the background removed from real estate images?

Backgrounds can be distracting in real estate images, especially when intrusive or excessive. They can take away the focus of the image, making it difficult to see what is essential--the beauty of the property.

For real estate image editing, the goal is to produce a beautiful image that will be eye-catching enough for the viewer to take a second look at the photo. But sometimes, backgrounds can be distracting in real estate images. If you have a poorly designed background in your photo, the customer's attention gets diverted to the clutter or problem area instead of focusing on the property itself.


Different ways to remove background from real estate images

There are many unique ways to remove background from real estate images. One option is to use an app that has a wide range of filters and effects, such as Adobe Photoshop or Canva. Another option is to hire professionals to remove backgrounds from real estate images or use quick and efficient AI-powered apps that take seconds to get the job done.

1. Ways we tried but didn't like - Photoshop, Canva, hiring professional designers

Photo editing apps

We tried using photo editing apps like Photoshop or Canva, but if you want to remove the background of images using them, then the image portion needs to be manually highlighted, and one has to use several complex control actions like object selection, eraser tool, BG remover and what not. It can be time-consuming to learn and highly costly for individuals and professionals. 

Professional designer

Hiring a professional designer is a daunting and expensive task, especially when you need to remove a background from images within minutes. The hiring charges can go upto $25-$150 per hour depending on the skill, experience, complexity of edits, turnaround time and number of photos.

2. Method we liked - AI-driven background remover

We tried AI-driven background removal online apps like It is one of the most popular ways of automatically removing the background from images, and uses artificial intelligence (AI) to identify and remove any background elements in the image. It can be a highly effective & efficient way to eliminate multiple distracting elements from your pictures.

If you don't have access to an image editing program or you want to save time, you can consider using a background remover app. This online app offers quick and easy access to a wide range of photo editing features to remove background elements from your images easily.

Exciting Features of App to remove background from real estate images

When you're looking to remove the background from a real estate image, it's helpful to have an app that can do the job quickly and easily. is one of the most efficient options for easy removal of backgrounds. With just a few clicks, you can get rid of unwanted backgrounds in your images. Here are some strong reasons why you should use to save time and energy over bulky and expensive apps. 

1. Removing the real estate image's background automatically

The AI-driven app is a fantastic way to automatically remove the background from any real estate image. It is an excellent feature for realtors who need to remove the background from a photo for advertising or print media. You can remove the background with a click. 

2. Create impressive effects and new backgrounds

Adding impressive effects and new backgrounds to your real estate images can help them stand out and appeal to potential buyers. With - our background remover app, you can easily add a touch of professionalism and make your images look refined and presentable. The results can be stunning and maybe just what you need to clinch the sale.

3. Flexible smart editing and exporting options

Real estate images are an essential part of marketing a property. However, getting the perfect shot can be difficult. With Smart Editing and Export Options, real estate professionals can easily enhance their images to make them look professional. The software offers a wide range of options, including rotating, flipping, and zooming in and out for the images. 

4. Time-saving

The app is a powerful app that can save users a lot of time when removing the background from real estate images. The app is powered by AI and can automatically remove the background from images in just a few seconds. It makes it easy for users to create clean, professional-looking photos without spending hours editing them manually. 

Easy Steps to remove real estate image backgrounds with App

If you want to remove the background from your real estate images, is an excellent resource for this task! The AI-powered app is simple and effective in removing unwanted backgrounds from property images. You can remove the background from your image in these simple steps-

  • Upload your pic from which you need to remove the background. The app supports png, jpeg, jpg, and webp images.


  • The app will automatically remove the background from the image. 

  • Use the edit button to add filters or choose your background to edit the pics. 

  • Finally, hit the download button. 
  • You get the output image with its background removed. If you want to have a colorful background or an uploaded one. You can also have it by clicking the Edit option and replacing it with an optional image and color. is an excellent resource for removing unwanted backgrounds from your real estate images. It's easy to use and offers on-point features for removing backgrounds. If you're looking for a quick and easy way to remove the background from your photos, is a superb option!

Wrapping up

There are many ways to remove background from real estate images, and it is important to find the method that works best for your specific needs. We tried using popular options, but the steps were lengthy, time-consuming, and costly. 

We used AI-powered background remover apps like and found them highly useful for the real estate industry. The application is lightweight and can be used on Windows, Android, and iOS platforms. It cuts the time taken to remove the background from images and is easy and fun to work with. 

What are you waiting for? Check out the most loving AI-powered background remover app on Product Hunt as we have been awarded the #2 Product of the Week on this popular product-loving professionals community.


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