How to Remove the Background Noise from a video?

How to Remove the Background Noise from a video?
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Creating the perfect video isn't just about capturing stunning visuals; it's also about ensuring crystal-clear audio. One common hurdle many videographers, content creators, and casual users face is the unwelcome presence of background noise. It could be a subtle hum of an air conditioner, the distant chatter in a café, or the persistent hum of traffic such sounds, often unnoticed during filming, can become glaringly obtrusive in playback.

This background noise can detract from the overall impact of your video, making it seem less professional and potentially distracting your audience from the content itself. In this digital era, where video content is king, the clarity of your audio is as crucial as the quality of your images.

Fortunately, technology offers us tools and techniques to effectively remove or significantly reduce background noise, thus enhancing the audio quality of your videos. This blog post aims to demystify the process of background noise removal, providing you with a comprehensive, step-by-step guide that is easy to follow, regardless of your experience level.

Whether you're a seasoned videographer looking to polish your work or a beginner aiming to improve your home videos, mastering the art of background noise removal is an invaluable skill. With this guide, we'll navigate the various software options and techniques, ensuring your videos achieve the high-quality sound they deserve. Let's journey to a cleaner, more professional-sounding video production.

What is Background Noise in Video?

Background noise, often called ambient noise, is any unwanted sound that interferes with the primary audio you wish to capture in a recording or during a live audio session. It's the array of sounds picked up by microphones inadvertently while recording a video or audio segment. This noise can originate from various sources and typically falls into a few common categories:

  • Environmental Noise: Sounds from the environment where the recording occurs, such as traffic, wind, rain, birds, and other natural or urban sounds.

  • Mechanical Noise: This includes sounds from electronic devices, air conditioning units, fans, refrigerators, or any mechanical equipment near the recording.

  • Human Activity: Background chatter, footsteps, coughing, and other noises generated by people around the recording area.

  • Systematic Noise: Sometimes, the recording equipment itself can introduce noise, such as static, hums from electrical interference, or hisses.

Background noise is generally considered undesirable in a recording because it can distract from the main audio content, reduce clarity, and affect the overall quality of the production. In professional audio and video production, significant effort is spent minimising background noise during recording and removing or reducing it in post-production.

Why Remove Background Noise?

Removing background noise from audio tracks or video recordings is crucial for several reasons, all of which contribute to enhancing the overall quality and effectiveness of the media. Here are the key reasons why background noise is often removed:

  • Improves Clarity and Understandability: Background noise can obscure the primary audio, making it difficult for the audience to understand spoken words or appreciate the nuances of the sound. Removing this noise helps ensure the main audio is clear and easily understandable.

  • Increases Professionalism: High-quality audio is a hallmark of professional production. Videos and audio tracks free of background noise appear more polished and refined, reflecting well on the creator or brand behind the content.

  • Enhances Viewer Engagement: Background noise can distract or annoy listeners, potentially causing them to lose interest or disengage. Clean audio holds the audience's attention better and provides a more enjoyable listening or viewing experience.

  • Meets Broadcast and Publication Standards: Many platforms, broadcasters, and publishers have strict technical standards for audio quality, including limits on background noise levels. Removing noise is essential to meet these standards and ensure your content can be distributed widely.

  • Facilitates Further Editing and Mixing: Clean audio is crucial for mixing for projects involving multiple audio tracks, such as music production or film scoring. Background noise in one track can bleed into others, making achieving a balanced and cohesive sound challenging.

  • Aids in Accessibility: For audiences who are hard of hearing or use assistive listening devices, background noise can significantly hinder accessibility. Clean audio ensures your content is accessible to a wider audience, including those with auditory impairments.

  • Preserves Artistic Intent: In artistic and creative projects, the clarity of sound effects, dialogue, and music is vital to convey the intended emotion and narrative. Removing background noise ensures that unintended sounds do not compromise the artistic vision.

Overall, removing background noise is a critical step in the production process, ensuring that the final product is of the highest possible quality and can effectively communicate its intended message or story.

How to Remove Background Noise from your Video?

Removing background noise from your video can significantly enhance its quality, making your content more professional and enjoyable for your audience. Here's a general guide on how to achieve clean audio in your videos using online tools:

Upload or Record Your Video:

Begin by uploading your video file to an online editing tool. Many of these tools offer recording options directly through a webcam recorder or starting with a pre-existing video template. This flexibility allows you to work with existing content or create new material within the platform.

Clean Your Audio:

Look for an option or feature in the tool labelled "Clean Audio" or "Remove Background Noise." By selecting this option and applying it to your video on the timeline, the tool's AI or automated processes will work to identify and remove the unwanted background noise from both your audio and video tracks. This step is crucial for isolating the primary audio you wish to highlight, such as speech or music, and eliminating distracting sounds.

Edit Your Video or Audio:

After cleaning up the audio, take advantage of the tool's editing features to enhance your video further. Consider adding background music to set the tone, incorporating voiceovers for additional information, or using sound effects to enrich the viewing experience. Editing tools can range from basic trimming and cutting to more advanced features like colour correction and transition effects.

Export Your Project:

Once you're satisfied with your video, export your project in the desired format. Most tools offer export options, including MP3 for audio-only files or MP4 for videos. This step finalises your project, making it ready for sharing or publishing across platforms.

Following these steps with an online video editing tool can effectively remove background noise and refine your video's audio quality. This process improves the overall production value of your content and ensures that your message is conveyed clearly and effectively to your audience.

Enhance Your Online Content with Advanced Background Noise Removal

Elevate the quality of your webinars, Zoom recordings, and online classes with the latest background noise removal technology. In the digital age, clear and crisp audio is paramount for maintaining professionalism and engaging your audience. 

Unwanted background noises not only detract from the overall presentation but can also lead to viewer disengagement. Utilising AI-powered background noise remover software, you can now effortlessly eliminate distracting sounds from your videos, ensuring your message is heard loud and clear. 

Whether for business meetings, educational content, or virtual conferences, this technology guarantees the best possible experience for your viewers and listeners, preserving sound quality while removing disturbances. Make every virtual interaction count by delivering content that's not just heard but also resonates.

Best tools to Remove Background Noise from the Video

Removing background noise from videos is essential for enhancing audio quality and ensuring your content is clear and professional. Here's a list of some of the best tools available for this purpose, each offering unique features to suit different editing needs:


Home Page of

While primarily focused on image background removal, is part of a broader suite of tools that can be used with video editing software for comprehensive content creation.


Home Page of VEED

Known for its user-friendly interface, VEED allows easy removal of background noise and offers editing tools to enhance your videos, including audio replacement and volume adjustment.

3. Kapwing

Home Page of Kapwing

This online editor provides a straightforward way to remove unwanted sounds from your videos. Kapwing supports various video formats and includes features for adding text, animations, and more.


Home Page of

Offers a range of online editing tools, including audio noise reduction. It's a versatile option for quick edits and conversions without software downloads.


Home Page of

A collaborative video messaging tool that also includes features for enhancing video quality, including noise reduction options to improve the clarity of your audio.

6. Flixier

Home Page of Flixier

Known for its fast processing times, Flixier can remove background noise from videos stored in the cloud, making it a convenient option for editing directly from your browser.


Home Page of

Utilizes advanced AI to separate vocals from background music efficiently, which can be particularly useful for creating clear voiceovers or removing specific audio elements from a video.

8. Adobe Premiere Pro

Home Page of Adobe Premiere Pro

Its is a professional-grade video editing software with powerful audio editing features. Adobe’s Essential Sound panel allows for detailed audio enhancements and noise reduction.

9. Filmora

Home Page of Filmora

Offers a simple yet effective way to remove background noise with audio editing tools. Filmora suits beginners and experienced users looking for a comprehensive video editing solution.

Each tool has its strengths, whether you're looking for a quick online fix or a detailed editing suite. Depending on your specific needs social media content, professional presentations, or filmmaking you can find a tool that fits your workflow and helps you achieve crystal-clear audio in your videos.


In conclusion, the tools listed provide versatile solutions for all your editing needs, whether you aim to change the background from the image or enhance your videos by removing background noise. Embrace these technologies to elevate your content's quality, ensuring precise, professional results that captivate your audience.


Can I change the background from an image or video for free?

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Several tools offer free versions or trial periods that allow you to change backgrounds from images and videos. However, advanced features require a subscription.

What formats can I export my edited video in?

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Most video editing tools support popular formats such as MP4, AVI, MOV, and WMV. The availability might vary, so check the specific tool's documentation.

Can background noise be removed without affecting the voice quality?

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Many advanced tools use AI to differentiate between voice and noise, allowing you to remove background noise while preserving voice quality.

How do I choose the best background for my video?

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Consider your video's theme and the message you want to convey, and ensure the background complements rather than distracts from the main content. Some tools offer libraries of stock backgrounds to choose from.

Can I use these tools on both Windows and Mac?

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Many video editing tools are cross-platform and available for both Windows and Mac. Some also offer browser-based versions, eliminating the need for specific OS compatibility.

How long does it take to remove background noise from a video?

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The time can vary depending on the video's length and tool. AI-powered tools can process videos relatively quickly, often in minutes, but manual adjustments may extend editing time.

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