What are Some Hacks for Taking Great Product Photos?

What are Some Hacks for Taking Great Product Photos?
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High-quality pictures are not enough, but editing them is also essential for taking good pictures, lighting, angles, and many factors impact.  To know how to take great product photos, keep reading.

Why is Product Photography Important?

Pictures are essential for customers to keep scrolling and looking at your product. If the picture quality is terrible, no one will think about ordering and wasting money. A good picture enhances the look of your product and has a significant impact on sales. In the eCommerce industry, pictures play an essential role; product photography is at risk.

Every brand does product photography; they post pictures from their catalogue to their site. If pictures are wrong, so it will damage their reputation and sales. It doesn't matter what product you are selling. At the moment, every brand should do product photography.

You can say that doing product photography is the need of time since everyone uses social media to order products. They first assure themselves about the quality by seeing the pictures. Good-quality pictures will encourage customers to buy and trust the brand.

These pictures give you all the details about the product. It also helps in convincing the customer the purchase. In short, for running your store successfully, high-quality pictures are critical points.

Requirements you need at the Start.

For fantastic product photography, many procedures take place. Whether you can take photos alone or hire a professional photographer, look at the basic requirements. 


The Background should be Neutral.

Most companies or brands prefer to have light or neutral shade backgrounds. The purpose of using light shade background is to enhance the look of the product and avoid disturbance. You should take pictures from all sides on white background for a better view. 

1. Camera matters

For better and focused pictures, a good camera is critical. If you plan to invest in a good camera, learn how to use it professionally. Moreover, if you prefer a mobile camera over a professional one, remember it will need more editing. 

2. Lightning

Try photography with natural light, which makes pictures far better.  You can use lamps and other sources if you don't have natural light. But you have to decide the location and position of the product. 

3. Editing

First, decide on your own which software is easy to use. After the Photoshoot, editing is done to make the pictures better. The images used on the website or store need to be edited. Don't change the product with editing, or it will grab customers' bad reviews.

4. Pros of eCommerce photography

E-commerce photography doesn't only use on your site but on many things, such as landing pages, brochures, and so on. E-commerce photography can be game-changing for your site. It not only increase your sale but creates a good impression on others. 

People will scroll your page if your pictures are convincing. But if images are of poor quality, no one will even stay at your site for a second. Keep reading to learn how e-commerce photography can be a saviour for your business. 


Good Photography is used Everywhere.

Product photographs are not only meant for your site, but you can use them on your other social media platforms and ads. Only one photo can bring the audience to your site, which is converted into buyers. 


As we all know, people are crazy about online shopping. When you are in any business, you must have your competitors too. You must stand out when you and others are selling the same product. 

Having good photos on your site can help you beat your competitors. Focused and high-quality pictures are enough to make the visitor turn into a buyer. 

Reducing confusions

When one buys online, one doubts whether the quality will be okay. They want to know about the fabric, material, size, etc. Since they send their hard-earned money, they think twice before deciding. 

Better reviews 

With high-quality images, you can get excellent, positive reviews. Customers who don't get products up to their quality level will leave negative feedback. On the other hand, customers who get the product are happiest and leave positive feedback too.

Window light vs lightbox- Which is better?

Window light vs lightbox- Which is better

The window light and one light setup are easy to access as they are cheap. On the other hand, working in a light tent means a multi-light setup that makes everything complicated and complex.

Issues faced in a multi-light setup 

1. You must buy different equipment for a multi-light setup, which can be costly. After adding the light box and lighting will cost as much as a professional photographer is booked. 

2. All you have to understand the balancing the exposure of lights and how to place them. It will be difficult for you to learn the working of f stops and shutter speed with the light. 

3. Each light has a different colour, called colour temperature; that's why colour-balancing lights can be a big problem. On the other hand, intense colour can damage your image. 

4. If you use flash rather than continuous light, be ready to face the complications. The moment needs specific equipment for the trigger, controlled by f stop only. 

5. The quality of light we get from a light tent is not even and doesn't have a shadow. Shadows do play an essential role as it gives shape to the product. 

6. However, images resulting from window light are far away better than images from the light tent.

7. If you still want to buy a light tent, be aware of setting the shutter speed, colour balance, ff-stop and ISO on the camera.

Things to Focus on at the time of Doing Product Photography

1. Your skill level

Before taking photos, determine if you are skilled enough to take good pictures. Do you know how to edit the image? Pictures, or access to editing software and locations or a studio?

If you are unaware of the editing tool and have zero skills, hiring someone for product photography is better. If your product photography is high quality, you will get great value from your customers. 

2. Your budget

Honestly, you should have the budget for everything and try to get the possible thing in that if you are talking about great photography, it will be costly too. The simple thing is, the better the photography, the more expensive it will be. 

Instead of hiring someone, learn product photography and do it yourself. It will be better. You will initially feel that hiring someone is better, but you will learn a skill and save money by doing it independently. High-quality pictures increase sales and improve your company's reputation. 

3. Your timeline

Only launching is left when your product is ready, so keep enough time for product photography. This process is all about discussion, shoots, and editing. 

Before the shoot, formal meetings and discussions are needed. Product photography is essential, and so is keeping proper time for it. 

4. Your asset library

Always keep the photos safe if you update your products later so you can use that pictures. You and your team can discuss improving the existing picture from those pictures. Discuss what changes you will make and how to process them.

5. Shooting table

Buying a shooting table should be your priority. The table size depends on the product's size and shape. The standard width for the table should be between 24 to 27 inches; that's a perfect choice.

6. A light tent

This equipment has a box shape covered from all sides and transparent walls. It helps in delivering light properly all over the product. Light tents also decrease the sharpness of light and reflection on the products. 

7. Image editing tools

After successful product photography, the primary step is selecting and editing the photos. Editing is critical to eliminate the imperfections in the images. Honestly, editing pictures is not drinking a cup of tea; it takes time. Editing tools are available in free and premium versions, making the work more seriously. 

Canva: It is easy for beginners and learners at starting level. 

Snapseed: It's unpaid and easy to function on mobile.  

Pixlr: It's completely free but somewhat similar to Photoshop. 

Photography Guidelines for Consistency

You must keep some guidelines to make your photography smooth and the company's reputation high. It will take time for you to observe and decide on the policies, but it will set criteria for your company's product photography, so when you hire someone, you can make them learn about your checklist.

When doing a photoshoot, you should focus on focal length, shadows, saturation, consistency, location, color pallet, and composition. 

Why is every Brand using Product Photography?

Why is every Brand using Product Photography

Pictures are worth over a thousand words in today's electronically connected world. Consumers are bombarded with endless images and have become adept at quickly scrolling through them to find what interests them.

As a result, businesses have realized that high-quality product photography is essential to capture the attention of potential customers. By using professional photographers and models, businesses can create stylish and eye-catching photos to make their products stand out.

In addition, by using creative angles and lighting, businesses can give their products an added dimension that will make them more appealing to potential buyers. With so much competition out there, it's clear that businesses need to make sure their product photography is on point if they want to succeed.


What Should be the Budget for Product Photography?

The old saying "you get what you pay for" is true regarding eCommerce photography. While it is possible to find budget-friendly options, the quality of the images will likely suffer as a result. In general, businesses should expect to spend between $50 and $250 per the product photo.

This may seem like a lot, but professional photos can significantly affect conversion rates. Customers who cannot see the desired products are much less likely to purchase.

Professional images give customers a clear idea of what they can expect to receive, making them more likely to complete the purchase. In short, while eCommerce photography can be expensive, it is typically worth the investment.

 Does Product Description Matter? 

When capturing, shortlisting, and editing of images are done. Don't forget to write a catchy yet engaging product description. Product images and descriptions are essential for a better understanding of customers.

Product photography and catchy product descriptions are vital in convincing customers to buy the product. The better the photos and description, the more sales will increase. When you write a product description, your primary aim should be to cover all the information most excitingly.

Don't make it boring, or customers will not look at it. Your goal is to tell the product's benefits and why they should buy it. Words have the power to convince anyone. Use powerful yet catchy phrases to make your description impactful.

Many people think that product description doesn't matter. But only high-quality product photography is not enough to sell the item. Instead, a catchy description is also key.

Why do People hire a Professional Photographer?

Most brands hire professional product photographers to take high-quality photos of their products. These photos are used in advertising and marketing materials, such as website banner ads, social media posts, and catalogues.

Product photography can be complex and expensive, but it's essential for many brands. Hiring a professional photographer ensures that the photos will be of the highest quality and accurately represent the product.

In addition, professional photographers have access to the latest equipment and techniques, which can make a big difference in the final results. At the same time, not all brands invest in professional product photography, those that do often see a significant return on their investment.

What Skills are Needed for Ecommerce Photography

When it comes to eCommerce photography, there are a few essential skills that every photographer needs to master. First and foremost, it's crucial to be able to take high-quality photos that accurately represent the product. 

Ecommerce photography means having a sharp eye for detail and capturing the product from various angles and lighting conditions. Secondly, photographers need to be familiar with photo editing software to make minor tweaks that can make a big difference in the final image.

Finally, it's helpful to know web design principles to create photos that look good on a website or online store. By mastering these skills, eCommerce photographers can help businesses create beautiful and practical product photos to attract customers and drive sales.


Why Styling Products is Essential for Photography

Why Styling Products is Essential for Photography

In photography, styling products are essential in creating the perfect shot. Photographers can control how their subjects look and feel by using products like hairspray, makeup, and clothing.

This allows them to create a specific mood or atmosphere in their photos. For example, photographers might use styling products to make their subjects look more relaxed and natural. Or, they could use them to create a more dramatic and formal look. 

No matter the desired effect, styling products can help photographers achieve it. In addition to controlling how their subjects look, styling products can allow photographers to control their smell.

This is especially important for food photography, as smells can trigger memories and emotions. Photographers can use styling products like air fresheners or scented candles to ensure their photos smell as good as they look.

What are the Best Camera angles for Product Photography?

What are the Best Camera angles for Product Photography

When it's about taking high-quality pictures, lightning and angle matter for product photography; some angles do magic. Photos must be of the best quality, as most buyers depend on photos rather than descriptions. Around 93% of customers decide whether they will buy a product or not depending on the quality of the images. 

Taking pictures from every angle is undoubtedly helpful for customers to understand the product. It's beneficial to convince the customers. When customers convince so, ultimately, sales also increase.

When covering the products from every angle, take some close-up shots too. Close-up photos reveal quality, fabric or material details, and printing. However, it highlights the product's features, making it easier for customers to know about it.


Product photography can vary from utensils to electronic devices, but these angles work for every product. Let's have a look.

1. Eye level: At this angle, the product will be straight at the level of the eye. 

2. High angle: From this angle, it will feel like you are looking at the product from height. 

3. Low angle: This view shows the product as if you’re looking up at it from the floor. 

4. Bird’s eye: You will look at the product as if you are standing above it.  

5. Slanted: This view will cover the product from one side.

Tools used in E-Commerce Photography

Ecommerce photography is a specialized field that requires specific tools to produce high-quality images. By understanding the basics of eCommerce photography and the tools used, you can create beautiful product photos that will help your online store stand out from the competition.

Some of the most important tools used in eCommerce photography are:


1. Point-and-shoot cameras: These are basic, entry-level, easy to use, and relatively affordable. They are ideal for product photos that do not require a lot of detail or perfectly composed shots. 


2. DSLRs: Digital single-lens reflex cameras are more advanced than point-and-shoot cameras, allowing more control over settings such as aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. They produce high-quality images perfect for products that need to look their best, such as clothing or cosmetics. 


3. A tripod: A tripod is necessary for taking sharp, well-exposed photos. It will also help to keep your camera steady when using long exposures or to shoot in low-light conditions.

 4. Macro lenses: These lenses allow for close-up shots that showcase intricate details. They are often used for product photos that show off a product's features, such as the patterns on a piece of fabric or the delicate details of a piece of jeweler. 

5. Studio lights: Studio lights are not essential, but they can be extremely helpful in creating evenly lit photographs. You can use natural light or a flash diffuser if you don't have access to studio lights.


6. A white background: A plain white background is ideal for product photography, making your products stand out and look more professional. You can buy a white background or create your own by hanging a white sheet or painting a wall white.


Each type of eCommerce photography has unique challenges, but with the right tools, anyone can take great photos to help sell their products. Using the right camera, lens, and lighting for each type of photo ensures that your products always look their best.


How Can you use Light to Create Better Product Photos?"

Whether you're shooting for a catalogue or your online store, creating attractive product photos is essential for driving sales. And one of the most important aspects of a great product photo is the lighting. The right lighting can significantly affect how your product appears in photos. Here are a few tips on using light to create better product photos:


1. Make sure the light is bright enough: This might seem like a no-brainer, but it's important. If the light is too dim, your photos will look dark and grainy. But your products will appear washed out if the light is too bright. So find a happy medium - just enough light to make your products look vibrant and well-defined.


2. Use diffused light whenever possible: This type of lighting is much more flattering than direct light, which can create harsh shadows and highlights. You can use a white sheet or tissue paper to diffuse the light. Hold it up before the light source to soften the light before it hits your products.


3. Pay attention to the color of the light: The light may have a yellowish or bluish tint, depending on your bulbs. This can affect how your products look in photos, so use bulbs that produce neutral-colored light. Alternatively, you could use color-correcting gels on your lights to adjust the color balance.


By following these tips, you can take much better product photos that will help boost your sales. So next time you shoot product photos, experiment with different lighting setups to see what works best for your products.



Ecommerce photography is a specialized field that requires specific tools and techniques to produce high-quality images. By understanding the basics of eCommerce photography and the different product photos, you can create beautiful photos to help your online store stand out.

Remember to use the right camera, lens, and lighting for each type of product photo, and you'll be well on your way to taking great photos that will help sell your products.


Is styling important for photography?

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For good photography, styling is also important. Styling makes the product look better. Many eCommerce sites use professional photographers to take their product photos.

How can I take professional pictures at home with my iPhone?

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For taking expert-level pictures with your iPhone, ensure you have iPhone 8 or the latest version. To enhance your product and avoid disturbance, it's great to use a white background. ‍Try to take pictures from every angle so viewers can look product from every angle. For better results, try to set up near a window so you can use natural light. Don't zoom the pictures, and it will do nothing but damage the quality. Use the editing app and make the final touches to deal with imperfections. 

How do I take quality product photos?

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For high-quality pictures, use DSLR or smartphone with at least 12megapixels. It's better to use a tripod to avoid blurry pictures. Try to cover pictures from every angle. Also, capture closeup shots so you can highlight the products properly. Instead of artificial light, try to use natural light for perfect results.

What is product photography?

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Product photography is a type of commercial photography that showcases a product in the best possible way. The goal is to make the product look appealing and attractive to potential customers. This type of photography is often used in advertising, e-commerce websites, and catalogs.

How can I use erase.bg to remove the background of my product photos?

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Erase.bg is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to remove an image's background automatically. Simply upload your image to the erase to use it for your product photos.bg website or app, and wait for the AI to do its magic. Once the background is removed, you can download the transparent image and use it for your website or other marketing materials.

What are the benefits of using erase.bg for product photography?

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Using erase.bg to remove the background of your product photos can save you time and money. Instead of spending hours editing each photo manually, erase.bg can do it for you automatically. ‍This can also lead to more consistent and professional-looking photos across your website and marketing materials. Additionally, by removing the background, you can showcase your products on any background or color scheme without the need for additional editing.

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