Why should you be removing background from images?

Make most of your pictures by removing background. Let's dive in to understand the several critical factors why you should be removing background from images.

April 28, 2022

Removing backgrounds from images is like refreshing the subject’s environment and making it the center of attention. It is not always possible for a professional photographer to control the surroundings of a photo. If the background matches & complements the image, you are lucky. If not, the concerned background can be a bigger disaster for the photo snatching away all the attention and emotions with it. It can erase the very purpose of shooting photos to create memorable experiences for an individual or customer.

There are several critical factors why you should be removing background from images.

1) Increase conversion rates

The key to boosting your conversion rates on business websites is using top quality photos to attract more customers. Due to background removed images, the customer’s focus is on the product itself rather than its environment. It is proven that harmonized picture content across your brand website will get you more sales. Additionally, eliminating distractions enables customers to focus on what they’re buying and increases trust in your brand. By using Erase.bg background remover, which is free of charge, you are guaranteed to get the results you need.

2) Get more traffic

Want to get more traffic on your eCommerce website or social media channels like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook? 

A single well-placed, attention-grabbing image can be all it takes to convince someone to stick around on your website or social media page. A good background remover App like Erase.bg can help attract the precise traffic interested in pushing the Call to Action (CTA) buttons (Add to Cart, Order It, Buy Now & more) after checking every detail of the product from top to bottom left-to-right. It can help reduce the bounce rate of the website and boost the organic traffic for the concerned channel as it can get more user attention than the images of other websites that are dull, blurry, and confusing.

3) Reduce eye stress and help focus on the main product 

The use of a background remover can help focus on the main product. When a customer is browsing a business website, a product with a blurry/distracting background can be a major issue for them as they came to the website to purchase the product but could not take an instant decision as the product image was not clear & helpful for them. When you remove the unnecessary distractions from the image, it reduces eye stress and refocuses the customer's attention on the sole product. 

The application is highly beneficial for attracting online shoppers who want to buy a product without being bombarded by too many options. It is also great for social media posters who wish to share a photo without distracting their entire feed.

4) Promising customer experience

Background removal cuts heavy files of the image, making it lightweight and extremely easy to use on business websites. It improves their page loading speed – a critical factor in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which helps improve the business website's Search Engine Result Page (SERP) rankings. It ensures an excellent first impression for new customers and gives them a wonderful experience, as they have high potential of becoming their repeat customers. 

5) Ensure effective visual hierarchy for your business website

Background remover is a fantastic app to create a visual hierarchy for your website. By removing the background, you can easily focus on the foreground elements and make them more prominent. It can be beneficial when you want to create a clean, minimalist look for your website with great looking photos.

Why use a free background remover application?

There are several free and paid applications for removing background from images on the internet and app stores. Paid background remover apps may require a subscription, which can be expensive over time, and it can be difficult for an individual to afford it. Also, they may not require the application frequently and prefer to use it occasionally. So, why pay for a monthly subscription app to avail of its features.

Here is why you should go for a free background remover App:

  • It is usually much easier to find a good, reliable and free watermark remover application than a dedicated paid subscription. 
  • Free watermark remover applications typically have fewer features than paid subscriptions, but this can be an advantage because it forces you to focus on the essential features you need and use them more effectively. 
  • Free applications are typically less expensive than paid subscriptions, and if you only need them for occasional use.

Why use Erase.bg – the App powered by powerful AI Technology?

Erase.bg is an intelligent AI background removal application that lets you edit single or bulk images precisely. It enables users to edit their background for profile pictures, resize images by different aspect ratios and save images in all formats. The App is capable of serving its user working on desktops, laptops or smartphones from anywhere, anytime. Some of its remarkable features have made it the Product of the Week on Producthunt – a community of product-loving enthusiasts.

Automatically remove background from images: Remove backgrounds from your photos without any Photoshop skills in a few seconds. Just a click and the image background gets cleared without any complex options and hassles.

Add impressive effects and new backgrounds: Have you always wished to have the perfect picture for your social media profiles but had basic photo editing skills? You are at the right place! Create stunning photos with striking effects and new background features with Erase.bg. You can add gradients, patterns, textures and more to your background.

Smart editing and export options: Here is what you can do with the background removed image - Rotate it. Flip it. Download it with simple steps that deliver equally impressive results. Edit your photo to get the size and style that you want.

Assured quality outcome: Create the best-quality images to offer an eye-catching banner or visual presentation to your eCommerce website. Make more effective, full resolution and professional photos using Erase.bg. Remove background for eBay, Etsy, or Amazon listings for their online product shots.

Look professional & save time: Edit the images with utmost ease and focus on boosting your user engagement by instantly removing complex backgrounds from the photos. Cut the workflow and reduce the time than half that it takes. Swap the backgrounds with the ones of your choice and taste.

Supports Windows & Mac OS: Erase.bg- the background removal application supports both Windows & Mac OS. Developers can work on the preferred images without the effort of installing any software. The non-complicated APIs can easily integrate with any software and offer the perfect touch to your desired image.

Wrap Up

Image background removal is becoming more popular as people become increasingly aware of the importance of clear and concise marketing. If you wish to attract quality customers to your products, you'll need to appeal to their senses and make them feel as if they are in the moment of your image. 

We hope you enjoyed our article about removing background from images. We know that you can make the most of your pictures by removing the background and saving yourself time with this knowledge. So what are you waiting for? Visit Erase.bg to remove background from images or Download the App from Google Play or Apple Store for free.


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