Boost Your Ecommerce Sale: Tips and Strategies

Boost Your Ecommerce Sale: Tips and Strategies
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E-commerce means buying or selling a product through electronic means. A business person can sell his product, and if you are a consumer, you can buy a product. This is known as e-commerce. E-commerce has helped us in numerous ways. Today you can transfer funds and send data and services from one end to another.

E-Commerce helps the transaction to take place in business-to-business, business-to-consumer, consumer-to-business and consumer-to-consumer. E-commerce originated in 1948-49 to transfer and exchange documents and invoices from businesses and consumers.

With the help of the introduction of the world wide web in 1991, the world adopted the internet widely. When the first browser started accessing it in the year, 1993 many e-commerce shifted to the internet.

Today, where social media has gained so much importance, e-commerce has been introduced mainly in several ways. Social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc., have become excellent platforms for e-commerce activities.

You can sell your product on your social media site by making a good social media profile. In the social media world tour, your profile speaks a lot about yourself. You should make a good profile and post videos and photos on your account. If you have a good number of followers, you can adequately influence your followers to buy your product.

Types Of Ecommerce

E-Commerce can be classified into seven types; below, we will explain in detail the seven types of e-commerce.

Consumer-to-consumer (C2C)

Business-to-business (B2B)

Consumer-to-business (C2B)

Business-to-consumer (B2C)

Direct-to-consumer (D2C)

Business-to-Administration (B2A)

Consumer-to-Administration (C2A)

1. Consumer-to-consumer (C2C) - The ancient form of e-commerce is Consumer to Consumer. In this relation, consumers directly sell their goods and services to consumers. This applies directly to the sale of products and services to customers. Consumers sell their products directly to consumers who set the best examples: Amazon, eBay, etc.

2. Business-to-business (B2B) – Business-to-business is an e-commerce transaction between businesses, which means between Wholesalers, Manufacturers and online retailers rather than consumers. The best example for Business to Business is Alibaba. These transactions occur only online, so the online Business can purchase bulk from another business within their rate. 

3. Consumer-to-business (C2B) – This model of e-commerce is opposite from Business to Consumer. Usually, Business sells their product to consumers, but here Consumer sells their product or service to Business, and Business offers proper value for the services. E.g. blogs, content writing are given by consumers to businesses for the benefit of the Business, and the Business pays value for these services.

4. Business-to-consumer (B2C) – Business-to-consumer is a form of e-commerce where Business directly sells their product to consumers. Here no intermediary is necessary, which means no wholesaler is necessary. It allows the Business to achieve higher profit margins as there is no go-between included. It is most famous in eCommerce. For example, shopping online is the best example of B2C.

5. Direct-to-consumer (D2C) – Direct-to-consumer sells their brand products directly to consumers without any retailer or wholesaler. This applies to no mediator in between. Earlier brands used to give their product to different stores for selling; now they sell them directly to the Consumer. E.g. Croma directly sells its product online on its preferred website and store. Another example is Netflix.

6. Business-to-Administration (B2A) – Business Admiration is also known as Business Government or Public Administration. Here the example for business administration would be well-fitted for the purchase of local security or legal documents.

7. Consumer-to-Administration (C2A) – Consumer to Administration is similar to Business Administration. Their Business used to sell their product or service to Administration, whereas here, Consumer sells their product or service to Administration. For example, online tax preparation.

Advantages and Disadvantages of E-commerce

Above, we have studied the types of E-Commerce and what it is E-commerce. Further, we will study the advantages and disadvantages of E-commerce in detail. 


1) Employees are hired at affordable rates

When starting an online business, you don’t need many primary sources. You can operate it by yourself. Unlike other businesses, they need powerful financial support to set up a proper place, furniture, accessories and employees to hire to entertain customers.

One of the essential benefits of E-commerce is that you get employees at an affordable rate, as you can hire them from any part of the world. At first, you don’t need any employees, you can handle it all by yourself, but as soon as your business starts to grow, when you need employees till then, you can enjoy a low-cost startup.

2) Probable Income

As soon as you start your startup, you will start gaining income probably. You don’t have to sit 24 x 7 online. At night also, you don’t have to sit to gain orders; you have to operate your account so that it sends confirmation mail accordingly as soon as someone orders from you.

You can run your business through social media accounts and ads through different social media platforms. Online business is essential because you can interact with your customers anytime and anywhere to gain better customer relations. You Can interact with your customers from any part of the world, sell your product or services and help them to solve their queries anytime and everywhere.

Today, customers want to go shopping because of their busy schedules and work pressure. Still, they don’t get time to do that, so online shopping helps them to shop online 24x7, and mostly they prefer that, whereas retail stores operate at a particular time and close at a particular time.

3) Worldwide selling

With the help of E-commerce, the main benefit you get is you can sell your product or services worldwide. You can have your client internationally, like in the U.S., U.K., or neighbouring countries. With this benefit, you not only earn good profit but maintain a good relationship with your customers across the globe.

Today with the help of different websites, they provide packing shipping at a very reasonable rate, which helps you to adjust your price in the global market. It was nearly impossible to even think about selling a product within minutes from one end to another. Today with the help of the fastest-growing technology, it has become so convenient to sell the product from one country to another.

4) Impulsive Buying

Another benefit of e-commerce is that; you can attract customers for impulsive buying. Impulsive buying means the customer instantly buys a product without giving it a second thought. It attracts customers so much that even if they do not intend to buy that particular product, they tend to buy it immediately.

How can you attract your customers for impulsive buying? You can attract your customers by showing attractive ads on social media with well-known famous faces and attractive colours. You can also show a countdown in your product with discounts rated, that within the given period, the product will leave its discount rate.

You can attract your customer by displaying a proper white image that will correctly display your products on the e-commerce site. If you want to change your image's background colour or texture, you can easily do it by using the tool.

5) Data is given by Customers easily

One of the most significant E-commerce advantages is that it allows customers to share their data like phone numbers, Names, addresses, email IDs, etc. Unlike retail shops, customers are uncomfortable sharing their details with the sellers.

When you have access to the customer data like mobile no. and email id, it can help you to analyse the given data. You can build a good relationship with the consumer by providing after-sales service and communicating about the product, which will build a better relationship between the buyers and sellers. Customer data also helps to meet the demand in the market and helps you upgrade yourself with that help.

6) Low Cost

E-commerce business is of lower cost because it is for small startups and doesn’t require much cost. Unlike physical business, one has to think first before renting a shop. It has become so expensive to rent a shop. Not only does it end in renting, but for the store, you have to set up proper furniture, inventory, equipment, etc.

In a physical store, you also have to hire and train employers. It also includes the cost. And then it depends on the items in your store, which means how valuable it is; you also have to keep security guards to guard the store.

Whereas, as far as e-commerce is concerned, you can increase your staff whenever your business grows, so you can hire your staff at a low salary because you can search for staff for your business globally.

Even the branding of your logo costs you less than the signboard of your workshop costs you. In e-commerce, when you make your logo, the graphics designer costs you less than the painter of the workshop costs you, so your cost also decreases.

When you rent a shop for your business, you need to keep it high maintenance as the consumer will be attracted by seeing the interior because there is a lot of competition in the market. But in e-commerce, the only thing you have to see is the picture you take of the product is well-defined. That is why it is said that e-commerce is cost-efficient.

7) Easy to display highest selling product

E-commerce helps us to display the highest-selling product at the top. When you open any brand's website, you will notice that there will always be an option available for best sellers. It means that that product is the fastest-selling product, and customers have tried and posted good reviews for it.

Whereas if you go to the shop and ask them what is trending, they have to search for that product on all their shelves and sometimes it gets over because of the limited product they keep in their shops.

In e-commerce, you can start sending ads and emails to the subscribers about what trending products have arrived to keep them updated about the new stocks. But compared to the offline market, you can not contact your customer to update them about the new products. In e-commerce, to display the product, you must remember that the photography should be attractive.

8) Customers can avoid the crowd

One of the best benefits of e-commerce is that it can help the customer to avoid the crowd. Today if customers just come to know about the sale in malls or any other store, they rush towards the store, which creates a lot of hassle among people. So, to avoid these, many people prefer online shopping.

You can shop in your peace of mind without any intervention from any other person. Even if you want to ask anything about the product, today, customer service is available 24 hours a day to help their customers, and you can avail of that benefit. Today in Corona, where we have to avoid crowds, e-commerce has boosted its funds to the next level.

9) Content helps to grow your business

In the offline market, if a retailer wants to gain more customers, he will create banners and posters. He will search for different sales options and distribute them in a crowded area to attract more customers. Still, it becomes difficult to attract consumers because the targeted audience needs to see that ad. But in e-commerce, the whole picture is different.

You can grow traffic to your page by content writing, blogging, sending ads to different social media platforms and attracting new consumers. If your customer has just visited your page, you can keep popping your ads over their accounts to remind them again and again about your product or service.

10) It can handle large numbers of orders 

Unlike in retail, when there are more customers and more significant queues, it becomes difficult for the shopkeepers to handle it. Sometimes the stock gets over because they cannot store anything in a more significant number, creating curiosity in the customer due to product scarcity. But unlike e-commerce, you must increase the number of employees in different departments to handle every step.

All the processes go fluently with the system because you don't have to present in front of the customers to sell the product. E-commerce helps customers to stand in enormous queues to await their turn. That is why it is said that e-commerce can handle large orders.

11) Takes business to the top level

E-commerce gives us the benefit of upscaling the business very fast. But it would be best if you took care of proper advertising, blogging, social media ads, etc., so your product is well recognized in the market. Though it is a highly competitive market, you should ensure that your product stands still from the competitors.

Unlike what retail stores are concerned about, it becomes difficult for them to attract an audience interested in buying their products. When you post an ad, your targeted audience doesn't need to watch the ad, but e-commerce is the opposite of this. You must put your selected order in the cart and process it with payment and shipping. That is why e-commerce is growing very fast.

12) Easy to revert back to customers

In the case of offline store shopping, when customers are unsatisfied with the price, they bargain, and if the shopkeeper disagrees with it, they leave the store. The owner cannot search for that customer and bring him back to the store to negotiate. Once the customer is gone, you must offer more price to him and bring him back. But it is the opposite in e-commerce.

Through various search engines, you get to know whether any of the people have searched for your product and if yes, then you could send ads on social media about your product or email them for a reminder. If the customer has made a purchase and put the product in the cart and has yet to buy it, they can send reminders that your cart has something and other notifications to remind the customers about your product so they return to your website.

13) Customised Experience

Today, in the fastest-growing E-commerce market worldwide, people are using their mobile phones rather than going out. People prefer to spend more time on their mobile phones rather than visualise the world. Though if you buy a product at the store, they will offer it to you with what they have.

You cannot add your preference to their product. They will only show you and provide you with the stock availability in their store, but because of e-commerce, now you can give your preference before buying the product. Therefore, it has become the most significant advantage of e-commerce.

For example, Vedix hair care product asks you about your hair care routine, how thick your hair is, the colour of your hair, do you take any medicines or not, about your hair fall, etc. after asking all these questions, they then provide you with a customised hair care oil, shampoo, serum, etc. if all these things are provided to you then who will not love to join e-commerce.


1. Takes a long time for shipping

Though online buying is easy and convenient after the order has been purchased, it sometimes takes a lot of time to ship the order. In this process, suppose we want to give something for a birthday the next day; so for this, you cannot depend on online shopping as it takes a lot of time for shipping because it can come from any part of the world.

Sometimes even if the site lets you know the expected time of delivery of your order, but sometimes due to delays from the delivery partner side, delays are more than the expected shipping time. It gets the customer frustrated, and for this, they prefer offline shopping.

2. Product Defective

After waiting for the product for so long because shipping takes a lot of time, and the product comes as defective, it negatively impacts the consumer's mind. The consumer gets frustrated because the whole process will repeat. It will take time to return the product to the brand then again; they will ship. So, it becomes easy for the consumer to watch and buy the product from the offline store.

3. Online Fraud

One of the most significant disadvantages of E-commerce is that sometimes people are trapped in online fraud. Many websites sell the product and attract consumers by offering lower prices; consumers buy the product and ask for online payment. By this, they are trapped in fraud, and customers do not believe in online purchasing for the next purchase.

They switch to offline store purchasing. Because of this, many startups lose because they prefer online payment, and customers need to trust them. Online fraud not only happens with buyers; it also happens with sellers.

Customers purchase the products from small startups and edit the photocopy of online payment sites, so they think payment has been made. But this is a scam happening every day, but no one can do anything.

4. Site gets crash at the time of purchasing

One of the biggest disadvantages of E-commerce is that your site gets crashed at the time of purchasing. There’s a message pop up that this site can’t be reached, which lets the customers buy from another website. 

You promote your website with ads, blogging, and advertising with known faces, and when it finally gets trends on social media and everyone goes to the website to purchase, the site meets up with heavy traffic and it began to crash for some time, and till that time your customers have been lost, they will purchase it from another website. So, you need to choose the right platform to host your website and you should pay a good amount of hosting fees so that your site doesn't crash when there is heavy traffic.

5. Customers don’t have actual experience

Many customers today want to touch and feel the product, to check its quality or how it will look after trying it. But this doesn't happen in e-commerce. It's only possible to try the product, which then tends to the returning process if it looks better than the customer thought before buying it.

Though returning the product to the supplier is readily available on almost every website, it takes a long process to return and exchange the product and receive the exchanged product again. It takes away many days in the whole process to complete.

6. High Competition

You would think that it is so easy to open an online store, and everyone will recognize your work, and you will get many orders. No! It is not possible at all. It would be best if you keep researching, learning and always being active to be in the market. Otherwise, many websites are ready to entertain your customers.

It would be best if you thought once a customer is gone, they are gone forever because, like you, many others are there. The E-commerce market stands in a highly competitive market, where the website speed is tested 24x7. You cannot attract consumers only by giving sales or discount offers because many websites already offer this. It would be best if you also determined the speed of your website.

When it takes a lot of time to load a page, the customer is unsatisfied and switches to another website. According to a survey, it has been found that it takes only 3 seconds for a customer to switch to a different website if the page is opened slowly. Because so many choices are already available, you should take care of everything to remain in the market.

7. Customers still prefer Offline shopping

A survey conducted in 2019 found that almost 78 per cent prefer offline shopping, and 22 per cent of people prefer online shopping. By this, we can conclude that many customers still prefer to shop offline though e-commerce has increased.

Customers are more likely to purchase the product when they touch and feel it. Offline retail stores have learnt the art of selling. Their talking sense and attitude attract customers more than in the online market.

They can guide the consumers to the proper locality of the online market. Due to being more popular than online stores, we can take the example of Walmart. Instead of being more prevalent in online stores, they are also operating offline stores in the market so that the customers get satisfied with their brand.

8. Impulsive nature of customers

Customers sometimes become very annoyed as their questions need to be answered on time, and they become aggressive. They need that if they have any query related to the product, it should be solved as quickly as possible, within an hour. If the query is answered slowly on social media or any other website, they tend to switch the site and purchase from some other website.

So for this, you have to be available 24x7 to respond to their questions or else you can hire customer service or chatbots who guide the customers with their query for day and night. Above, we have covered almost every advantage and disadvantage of E-commerce. This will help you to start up in the e-commerce industry as we have seen a bright future of e-commerce ahead.

How to Start an E-Commerce Business?

In the past few years, we have seen immense growth in e-commerce; sometimes, even the growth is beyond our thinking of us. They must analyse the growth of business without blinking an eye. Sometimes it isn't easy to start a business because today, almost every business holder wants to sell their product online because it is the fastest growth.

So, it becomes difficult to stand in the market due to high competition. But whether it is easy or complex, we must start building our place in the market. Today we will learn how to start an eCommerce business step-by-step.

Do a complete research about your business

The first step in starting an eCommerce business is to know what your business will offer. E.g. if you would open a bakery store in an offline market, you would first think about the location of the bakery, the interior of the bakery, what space to give to which item in your bakery, the lighting, what items to sell in your bakery, etc. such questions you have to keep in mind before starting anything. It is similar in the sense of e-commerce.

You have to think about each and everything before starting anything. Well-planned research is always well-spent. It would be best to consider which field you have mastered and whether you will offer products or services to your customers. If it is a service, it's ok, but if you sell a product, you will require e specific space to store it. Where will you find that place? From where will you supply your product?

It would be best if you thought about all these questions in a larger sense as to how you will reach your customer. How many monthly selling goals will you make? How you will define your product. How you will do the marketing of the product. How will you solve the query raised by customers about your product?

You must remember to research the cost that will incur in your startup; you also have to think about the legal formalities and the cost included in the legal formalities. The first step always takes you to the last one, so it is essential to take the first step wisely.

Choose a perfect name for your brand

After all the research you have done about the business model you like to sell on the platform, how you will reach your targeted audience, and all the costs you will require for your product, the next and most crucial step is to choose a name.

You cannot name your brand anyhow; you must think about it well. Your brand name should be manageable and short, and straightforward so it is easy to remember. It should replicate your business and be rare with proper meaning.

You should make sure the name you choose is different from some other brand; otherwise, it will create many problems breaching copyright. After the name, you should select your domain name, ensuring others do not take it. If someone else had taken your domain name so you could reverse the name here and there, check whether it's perfect or not.

After the name and domain name selection, you can select your brand logo. A brand logo is something that will define your company. You can even hire a graphics designer to make your brand logo, or you can do it yourself if you have sufficient knowledge; anyhow, it is possible.

Graphic designers also don't cost much; their cost for logos makes life bearable. And after the name and logo, the next step is forming a company. You need to decide which type of company you are making. In India, there are generally four types of companies.

Sole proprietorship

Private limited company

Limited liability partnership

One person company

You have to select your entity type wisely as this has been registered under e-commerce; whether you choose to run a sole proprietorship or private limited company or person company, or limited liability partnership, you have to choose it wisely with the help of your legal teams because it also has drawbacks and should have proper knowledge about the benefits and drawbacks of the firm you are about to start. Before deciding on the entity, you should first decide whether you alone will run the company or you will take someone else to help; after this, you can decide on the entity.

Generate an EIN

After the research, name and logo are done, the next step is generating an EIN, which means an employer identification number. It is a nine-night number generated for an employer for free by the IRS to U.S.-based businesses.

The EIN is generated to identify the business. It is optional for every business entity. Still, when doing business, you must pay certain taxes, so you need an employer identification number where you are identified as an employer of your particular business.

And the best thing is it is easy to make and accessible, as you can make it via email, fax or any other digital process. You have to generate an EIN for your business if you manage your retirement plan, pay the daily wages, run a corporate or partnership firm or for all the other tax filing purposes.

Businesses running through corporations or partnership firms are mandatory to generate an EIN. Still, even though you are not required to generate EIN for tax filing, the IRS will provide you with EIN on your request so that you can enjoy other business benefits.

If your business is based in India, you must register differently to complete other legal formalities. In the U.S., you have to apply for EIN. In India, you must apply for DIN, which is the Director Identification number, which you can download from the Ministry of corporate affairs website.

You can also apply for DIN through online portals by submitting all the necessary documents, and the most crucial document for DIN is a pan card and Digital Signature Certificate (DSC). Make sure you have this before applying for DIN.

After you have received the DIN number, the next step you have to follow is to apply for ROC, which means the registrar of companies. Here you can check if the name you have chosen for your company is available. You can also check this from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs official website. You can incorporate your company six months after you receive your name confirmation.

You can even change your company name if you want to after paying a certain fee. After the incorporation process, you must apply for GST (Goods and service tax), shops and establishment licence and professional tax. You can apply for a Provident fund in the Employee provident fund organisation and ESIC for employee medical insurance; after all these processes, your company will be officially registered under the companies act 2013.

As we have mentioned above, if you are going for a sole proprietorship or general partnership, you can register your business without registering it. Still, in the case of another entity, you must register your business by the following steps mentioned above. From where you are operating your business, you even have to acquire the local operating licence to run your business from anywhere you want to.

Today typically, every business that operates through e-commerce is home-based, and they do not require as many licences and permits as the other offline general stores. But then you could search online before operating an e-commerce business from your home. What documents must be submitted in your area to eradicate any consequences if you run the business from your home?

Some areas require home-based occupation permits to operate a business from home, which shows that your business isn't harming the environment while running the business or you are not creating any noise, air or water pollution in your area. Some more types of permits required to run your business include sales tax permits, health safety and environmental permits, signage permits, building and construction permits, professional and trade licences for specific industries, etc.

Open a bank account

After the registration process is completed then the first thing you have to do is open a bank account. You need to open a bank account in the name of which you have registered. You can open a bank account in any bank but you need to keep in mind that the name should be the same as your company name. In India, the main document you need, if you want to open a bank account in the name of the company, is the GST registration certificate.

So, make sure you first apply for GST registration then you open your bank account. As e-commerce is fully digital, you must add your bank account so that all the transactions you occur for your business will be made in your company bank account.

Select your platform to create a website

After the registration process is completed, the next step is to create a website on a good platform. There are two ways either you can use the half-built platform, or you can build a new platform. All this is on you, which type you choose. When you choose a half-built platform, they offer you a more significant number of readymade templates that are suitable for your online business.

The main advantage of using a half-built platform is that you don't have to think and apply; you need to apply properly in your business. E.g. If you are running a food business, you can choose all the colourful food templates and apply them to your platform. Your time will be safe rather than wasting time just building a website.

But people often prefer to build a whole new website without using any readymade template. Building a new website has an advantage that you build in the way you have imagined. Many sites are available on the internet to help you to sort this out. Your website will speak for you.

This means all the details on your website will be measured in terms of your brand. The more accurate it is, the more information it will give about your brand. It would be best if you kept in mind that every colour and every small thing should speak a story about your brand to your consumer.

None of the employees will be able to promote your brand 24×7, but these websites do it. So, you should make sure it is well made. When launching your company website, you should keep in mind that whatever product or service you are offering, you should regularly post pictures, vlogs, videos or anything. And you should also first decide whether you will run this website or hire any professional to run this website because you can't take this liberty. You have to be active every time.

Today there are so many platforms available that create your online platform but also help you to customize it, help you with taking orders, shipping, accepting payments and many more things. We will give you well-known websites that help you perform everything: Shopify, Magento, zero, Woocommerce, and part rocket.

Payment gateways

After making the website, the most crucial step comes with payment gateways. You must set up payment gateways to allow your business transactions to run smoothly. It will bring more profit to the business as it will be processing the transaction of net banking, debit card transactions, credit card transactions, etc., through the websites.

The documents which will be required to submit as proof that you have been registered as a company are as follows:

1. Business Pan Card

2. Certificate of Incorporation

3. Articles of association

4. Memorandum of association

5. Bank account name

6. Address proof

7. Identity proof

After submitting all these documents, you will be allotted a payment gateway, which would be very helpful in your online business.

Source the products which you are going to sell

After the activation of payment gateways and the registration process is completed, the question is where the product will be shipped and how it will be delivered. This step is essential as it will help in the primary process known as logistics. It is the process where you have to see where the order will be shipped and from where you will deliver the order to the merchant.

This procedure also helps track the shipping details of your order. Many of the e-commerce vendors choose to outsource this process to some third party who is working in the transportation industry so that their workload is being distributed.

The benefit of giving your logistics to a third party is that most of the burden becomes less. Sometimes it becomes difficult to keep track of every item, and I fear any items will be missed. It will help solve the customers' query if you have the correct details.

For more explanation, suppose the customer completed his order and made all the payments; after that, it's your time to give them the expected delivery date. This notification is sent to them with the help of specific software almost every e-commerce business uses.

After that, the question arises: how will you ship the order and give them the expected delivery date because you have to pick the material from one store, then do all the packaging work and send it to the buyer? For this, it will be beneficial for you to hire a third party so that all your costs will be cut off, and the burden will be handed over to the third party.

Marketing your E-Commerce Business

After all, the process has been completed, and your website has been prepared and running on the e-commerce platform, the next and immediate step you should take is marketing your e-commerce business. Because without marketing, you will not be able to convince the buyer to buy your product since, due to so much competition in the market, no one will know whether your product exists in the market.

You can't expect from the buyers that you open a website and all your customers are buying it; you have to create traffic so your buyers will know about your product. Below we have mentioned some tips about how to create traffic on your website.

Word of mouth

The most traditional form to get noticed by others is word of mouth. Earlier, people needed more budget to advertise those products on big platforms. This was the only method to spread the word about that.

So, we can also use this method to spread the word about our brand. You could tell your friends and family to recommend others about your brand. You can also ask for help from the vlogger to write a review about your brand or recommend your brand to others so that they can also try it.

Advertise your brand

Today many social media sites are advertising other brands and getting paid. You can also select social media platforms to advertise your website, like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Users who click on that ad are directly redirected to your website page. These ads are relatively inexpensive. You can pay them through the run time, for how many days you want to advertise, and buy what they charge you.

Search Engine Optimisation

Today almost every e-commerce platform is using Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). It has a great future ahead. It helps you in such a way that whenever any of the customers search for any query or requirement on different browsers about your brand, so by their software, you will be able to know, and you can revert to them.

Selection of the right words

With the help of google auto suggest, semrush,, google autosuggest, and keyword dominator, you can find the proper keyword for your website to match the proper search engine, and you will be able to show your content.

According to the reports, approximately 8,00,000 to 9,00,000 searches are done on google within one minute. To be in these searches, you must attract the proper keyword for your website. So that your keywords are also in the search engine where people search on google, you can take help from the given websites mentioned above.


You can promote your website on different platforms on social media, or nowadays, more than any method of advertising; people are using influencer promotions. They are promoting their website through social media influencers or well-known faces on social media. People also send their brand products to different social media influencers and request them to promote them on their page by posting photographs and videos.


It means when any of the buyers visit your page. Without a purchase, they exit from your website and visit some other website you directly come to know. You can retarget them by sending various ads about your brand again so that they recheck and revisit your website. Though it is expensive, it always gives a very positive result.

Above we have learnt every expectation and covered every point of how to start an e-commerce business. The legal formalities, the procedure and even how to advertise it.

In this global internet world, this is the right time for you to start your e-commerce business because, today, it is the only platform boosting the economy very fast. You may face many hurdles in completing the legal formalities, but once all the settings are done, you are free and enjoy your startup.

Different ways to Boost up E-Commerce Sales

After all the startups and the formalities have been done, we have to boost our sales to earn a significant profit from our e-commerce business. Below we will come up with different tips on how to boost our E-commerce sales.

1. Bring up your best sellers

When you visit any website, whether for food, fashion or any other, you will always see at the top that you will be mentioned as the best seller of the month or year or simply the best seller.

This is because when customers browse through your page, they will judge your website by the first page you display. By seeing that, they will learn about the reviews of the products that you have already sold. That is why you should mention the best sellers on your page to boost your e-commerce. 

2. Use of Instagram Business

Today in this social media world, people are not just wasting time on social media but also making use of it. They are using social media for entertainment and even for learning purposes.

Because of this, social media platforms are also coming up with updated techniques and tactics so that their users find them useful. Instagram has also launched its business platform.

Earlier users were using their average page for business use, but due to this feature, Instagram users are finding it more helpful. The Instagram business helps the page to convert to store type.

You can pick up a product and add it to your cart; all the processes likewise go fluently with the flow. You can also add a link to your website so that your customers visit your page.

3. Add 'you may also like'

After your consumer has added the product from the list to the cart, they tend to checkout for the payment. At the time of check, your website should show products in the heading you may also like. E.g. you are selling hair care products on your website, and your customer has added hair shampoo to their cart, so you could recommend hair oil and serum and the time of checkout so that they can change their mind and buy that also. This is a very effective way to boost eCommerce as this works for almost every user with accuracy.

4. Give Exit cart popup

When you get an order from your customer, it feels great, but what happens if that feeling doesn't last for a long time? Yes, it often happens when your customer fills the cart with your products and they exit without proceeding further.

You can help it by giving your customers popup messages with some discounts or offers for a certain period. E.g. you can give a popup like proceed with your order within the next hour, and you will get a 15 per cent discount on your next order.

5. Showup your review

Today even before buying anything from the website, we go through the reviews of that particular product and then buy it. It helps to build up your brand in a positive way. If you are not choosing to display your reviews, then you are at a significant loss.

If the customer tends to read a positive review about your brand, it builds an excellent response for your product, and there are 100% chances that your sales will increase through positive reviews. You can even request reviews from existing buyers who purchase from you regularly.

8. Make use of sale strategy

Nothing attracts a consumer more than sales. They will not see whether it's for sale, but even if they hear the word 'sale', they go gaga. You can pop up the offer that the sale is for a limited time; consumers run to see the sale and the items on which the sale is kept on. Or you can also use the technique of limited supply; if it is available, grab it before it ends.

This technique works on an average ratio of 30% to 35%. You can also attract your consumer to boost your e-commerce sales by providing free shipping for a limited time; these tactics attract more to your site.

7. Develop live chats options

This is another way today to boost e-commerce sales. Though it looks difficult to be available 24x7 for a live chat, it is simpler than it looks. E.g., if a customer wants to buy different utensils from your online store and they are confused about the size they will get, though the size is mentioned in the description, then some of them want to chat live and clear their doubts about that product.

So at this time, there needs to be live chat available. You can appoint a customer service representative to guide them. According to research, it is found that 70 per cent of customers won't buy from the website and need a live chat available. It builds a good connection between the consumers and the sellers.

8. Display everyday popup reminders

Today many e-commerce websites are coming up with such tactics that if you are a subscriber of that website or if you were their regular customer. Still, you last visited their site a long time ago, so they will send certain pop-ups from their end to remind you again and again about their website.

It would be best if you came up with a particular offer, so your user visits your site. E.g. zomato, a food delivery app, if you do not visit for months, they will pop up a message that they have a long time no see, or we are missing your presence, or during lunch or dinner time, they will send some pop-ups like we know you are hungry we are there for you. Such reminders help to keep the connection between the buyer and seller strong, which will help to boost e-commerce sales.

9. Add traffic to your website

Nowadays, generating traffic on your website is essential so you can be recognized in the highly competitive market. If there is no traffic on your website, you will not be on the front list, and no consumer will be able to visit your website. 

You can generate traffic by content writing, posting vlogs, images, etc. Always remember no consumer recognizes the seller who posts once in a monthly video or something. It is a natural tendency for us to forget who is not remembered. So to be remembered by your buyers, you need to post something or the other thing daily.

10. Promote on social media

Promotion on social media provides more than enough information about you and your brand that your consumer needs. You can promote your brand on your social media or even someone else's social media account. 

Social media helps keep your customers engaged through different content, blogs, posts, etc. Today across the world, almost everyone is engaged in social media. Social media helps you understand your potential customer's needs and what they want. 

You can pay the influencer on social media stars to promote your product on their specific account, so even their followers are attracted to your brand. 

While posting anything on social media, ensure you have clicked the proper image of your content. It would be best to ensure that the images you are posting have the proper background. If you want to remove the background, you can easily edit it by using application. 

11. Make use of various payment options

Earlier, when the customers were just about to checkout, available payment options were credit card and PayPal. Credit cards charge higher interest rates, and PayPal options are unavailable to every customer, so here you can see that your customer can exit without confirming the order. To boost e-commerce sales, you can introduce various payment methods. Now the most trending one which attracts most consumers is you can buy any product and make payment for that product later.

In India, this website known as ‘Simpl’ provides us to shop, and you can pay later for it. This is more similar to credit cards, but credit cards charge interest, but these apps never charge any interest; if you pay after the due date, they charge interest. They even give discount coupons; if you clear the payment, they will give 10% to 20% cashback.

14. Offer free things

You can offer free things to the customers to attract them more towards you. You can give them a 15 to 20 days free trial for their subscription; later, when they are addicted towards your brand, they may pay for your subscription. Usually, 60% of the people purchase the subscription after using a 15 to 20 days free trial. Because it is the natural tendency of the customers that they get addicted towards the brand if they use it consistently. When you offer free stuff to the consumer, they build trust in your brand.

You can also provide free shipping if they purchase above the price you have kept. E.g., if you keep that if you purchase above Rs.2000, you will be getting free delivery; by this, the customer purchases above Rs.2000, which boosts the sales of your e-Commerce business.

13. Mobile friendly

Today everyone is using mobile phones for online shopping. Back then, these experiences were made on laptops, computers, tablets, etc. But today, all smartphones are built with such features that they are no less than tablets.

You should ensure your website is mobile-friendly, as many customers use mobile phones for online shopping. Though you have a small amount of screen space compared to computers and laptops, you should ensure you are complete with your content. You should also add videos for your product reference, as customers prefer to watch videos as references.

14. Establish free return and exchange

Customers in eCommerce cannot touch or feel your product. So how will you gain the trust of customers? So this return and exchange policy helps to build trust between customers. You can offer your customers a 15 days money-back guarantee if the product is at fault.

So this helps to boost the morale of the customer, that we will not cheat them and can return the product if found at fault. You can prepare a proper policy and upload it on your website so that customers can read that policy and then enter your website.

15. Gmail ads

To boost your eCommerce sales, you can go with paid Gmail ads. It is not so costly. You can even hire professionals to promote your brand on Gmail. Gmail ads can be videos, posts, or vlogs.

Your lines should be catchy in Gmail ads so that the customer watches your ads. Sometimes there are floods of ads in the Gmail accounts of your subscribers, so you should make sure your lines are catchy and attract the eyes of your consumers so that they view your ads.

  • How profitable is eCommerce?

The E-commerce business is very profitable. Day to day, it is only emerging. Today many suppliers and offline stores tend to open websites on e-commerce because of their good nature. Profit or non-profit today mainly depends on how well-planned your eCommerce business is. 

  • How to choose the best platform for eCommerce business

There are large numbers of eCommerce platforms available today.

Choosing the best among them is difficult. But we can suggest how to choose the best platform for your website. Your platform should contain an easy 

Dashboard without any complications, as it should be user-friendly. Its design and development should be great, and even it should be updated with time and being.

  • How does help in an eCommerce platform?

Product Photography plays a vital role in any e-commerce business. As the users cannot touch or feel the product physically, all you need to do is that your photography should be at its best. can help commerce by playing a vital role in editing and remove the image's background.

  • Is white background necessary in eCommerce?

White background creates a high contrast in any image if your product is dark or bright. A product with white background helps to give detail about the product. Now helps us change the background colour to white for any images within a few seconds.


This was all the information about eCommerce and how to boost your sales. You can start with your startup and the steps on how to open an eCommerce account. By the following tactics, you can boost your sales and stand in front of all your competitors.


How should I edit the background of an image using

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Mentioned below are some of the steps, so by following that you can easily edit the background of an image using Step 1 - Go through website. Click on the 'Upload Image' button. Step 2 - Crop the image as you want to and then click on the upload button. And you will see the image background has been wiped off. Step3 - After your image has been uploaded you will see an edit button in the top right corner of the page. Click on the edit button and from here you can choose different colours and texture for your background to choose from. Step4 - Click on the Download Original Size to download the image.‍

How do I get white background for e-commerce using

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Step 1 - Go to website. There you can see the ‘Upload Image’ button. Click on Upload Image. The Application is available on Mobile Phones as well as desktop. Step 2 - Setup the image that you want to edit. Press on the ‘Upload Button’, and you will see the image background has been changed in white colour. Step 3 - Go to ‘Download Original Size’ to Download the image.

How do I change background pictures on for an eCommerce site?

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To change the background pictures through go through the following steps. Step 1 - Open website and click the ‘Upload Image’ button. Step 2 - Select the image from the file and click on the ‘Upload’ button. Step 3 - To Edit the background, you will see an ‘Edit’ button on the top right corner of an image. Step 4 - To save the image click on the ‘Download Original Size’ button.‍

How can I increase my eCommerce sales?

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Utilize targeted digital marketing campaigns, optimize your website for user experience and speed, offer discounts or promotions, and provide excellent customer service to increase eCommerce sales.

How do you push eCommerce sales?

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Push eCommerce sales by leveraging social media advertising, and email marketing, optimizing product pages for SEO, offering personalized recommendations, and providing a seamless checkout process.

What is the eCommerce sales strategy?

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The eCommerce sales strategy involves identifying target audiences, creating compelling product offerings, implementing effective marketing tactics, optimizing conversion funnels, and continuously analyzing and refining strategies to maximize sales.

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