Why are Images So Important in Social Media Marketing

Why are Images So Important in Social Media Marketing
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Social media marketing is the secret to growing your business in the digital age. A brand must develop online and offline to stand out from the competition. And in social media, nothing could be a better strategy than marketing your brand on these social media platforms. Social media marketing enables reaching a global audience and aiding in brand visibility.

But how do social media attract a lot of customers? And how does it generate a plethora of leads in the market? The answer is the visual components of social media marketing- images. Visuals are more noticeable and make it easier to retain information. In fact, according to 40% of marketers, 51% to 80% of businesses used visual content last year.

Images are protruding. Thus, nowadays, many platforms help you edit images for your social media marketing. So that you easily beat the running competition in the market. However, most platforms have complex procedures and charge exorbitant service fees. Nevertheless, we have you covered, do not worry. With the use of our tool, you can get beyond these obstacles. Erase.bg is cost-free.

But why do I need to use an editing tool for my images? Why does everyone keep mentioning how important visual material is on social media? To answer your central questions, we have written the below article for you.

Why Are Images Important In Social Media Marketing? 

You may attract attention, develop brand loyalty, disseminate important information, and increase interaction by using appropriate and attractive social media photos. Images are one of the most crucial components of social media marketing.

Images are the heart of the message. They are strong and draw the attention of the viewers. Images represent the text you wish to express and set themselves as a virtual bookend. Your brand will last longer if you maintain consistency and link visuals to your advertising messages. Following are the few benefits of Images to social media marketing.

Images in marketing strategies are crucial

Even if you spend a lot of money on SEO and Google Ads, your internet marketing strategy will only succeed if good photos are used. Images are much more helpful than just nice pictures. Online material with high-quality photographs receives more views than stuff without.

Content that is both textual and graphic makes up a marketing plan. To build brand awareness, be sure to incorporate both components. But in addition to all your accumulated costs, do you need to pay for image editing on editing platforms? Of course, Not! Erase.bg provides a quality image with an attractive background for your social media handle without any premium or sign-up.

The Attention Of The Viewers

The king is content with social media marketing. However, the content goes beyond text. Social media marketing photos include the most exciting stuff and catch users’ attention. Content provides the basis for your brand's marketing, but images boost the leads of a particular business.

Because they are effective in grabbing the viewers' attention, images are a crucial component of traffic generation. Visual material keeps the audience interested and generates more engagement than text-based information, which gets dull with time.

Users are interested in images

Our brains respond to colour, pictures, graphs, and diversity. In other words, we are more drawn to images than text. Additionally, consumers are constantly drawn to various items on the Internet. Images easily attract customers and are retainable for them.

The most effective technique to capture and hold customers' attention is uploading decent images to our social media handles. Nevertheless, pick pictures that reflect your brand and the goods and services you produce.

The audience will recall your message

It should be no surprise that pictures are simpler to recall than words. Play with the audience's long-term memory if you want them to remember the message. Combining your material with images is the simplest way to help people remember what you're saying.

Make a bright, attractive image so that the viewers become your long-term customers. Remember generating leads through increasing customers should be the main focus of your business.

Develops identity

A brand's values can be effectively expressed through images with transparent backgrounds for social networking images. Additionally, they establish the atmosphere and style for how the business wants customers to take its brand. Transparent backgrounds by Erase.bg is free of cost, and the process is also the simplest.

Numerous ways have become essential in displaying images on your social media handles. Consider your audience while utilizing social media images to establish your business identity. Locate the potential customers for your goods or services and pick which kinds of photographs will best suit their requirements.

To make your social media look good and help you best in marketing, using images and displaying them better is essential. Below are some valuable tips for displaying your brand images to users. 

How To Increase Viewers To Your Social Media By Marketing Photos?

Grid lines

One of the most fundamental photographic techniques you should understand is the rule of thirds. Using this technique, you can generate balanced shots pleasing to the eye. Insert the main object/subject or anything worthy of your image where those lines cross. This is a basic technique but is useful nowadays.

People usually skip this and move with different tools, apps, and programs for editing. But if the subject of the image is not clear to the user. The image will be of no use to your social media handles. Thus, by using grid lines, you can easily focus on the main item in the photograph, which increases viewers to your social media platforms.

Be Creative 

You must know how many images your fans post regularly to their timelines. If your marketing photos do not immediately grab their attention, they will steadily scroll down the page. Social media users need help understanding what they are looking at first glance. But make sure that your images are convincing enough to make them halt and choose your products over others.

Make the image creative and eye-catching for them to buy the same. As marketers, that is what we are all aiming for. Overall, be as creative as possible this will boost viewers to your site and later increase the business's total sales.


Another element of a visual that naturally attracts us is symmetry. If you can achieve symmetry in the social media photographs you intend to use, you should do so. Even though it's essential and shared, it still draws the customers' attention. Distinct your images so that your followers notice them.

Using symmetry in your images will help customers easily choose between a standard image and your brand, increasing viewers to your platform and making them the ultimate buyers of your product.

Crop, but do not  Zoom

Your images should be clear and of good quality. I have seen many images on social media sites that have misused the zoom option. Your images should not be zoomed in to remove some of the unnecessary backgrounds in the image. Or you can zoom in on images to specify the object, which is unnecessary.

Utilizing the crop editing feature on your phone is a good starting point for editing your images. To add a professional touch, you can use the free AI tool Erase.bg, which efficiently helps you remove the background and emphasize the subject of your image. This is a quick way to remove background online and enhance your photos.

Altogether, if you start zooming, the image's quality will be ruined. Take a decent photo from where you are and use the rule of thirds. Also, use the crop option or Erase.bg for further improvement and modification in the images.

Use white background pictures to attract customers 

Statistics show that 76% of the seven million product images have white backgrounds. The original backgrounds of the photographs were also left out, and 16% of the backgrounds were rendered transparent. A white background significantly improves an image and attracts customers. These backgrounds are regarded as uncluttered, pristine, and appealing.

With a white background, the product can be viewed and presented accurately with the least amount of audience disturbance. There are other important uses of a white background for an image uploaded on social media platforms. Some of them are listed below.

Top 5 Benefits Of White Background Images In Social Media Marketing 

White background images stand out in the market, and they play a significant role when it comes to social media marketing. The white colour in the background draws the customers' attention, and with each image of your brand being white, the background will start spreading awareness of your brand amongst the users. Continue reading to learn about the many advantages of white background images in social media marketing.

1. Neat and Visual appealing

When a photo is posted to a social media site, it has a distinctive appearance since it is bright, expert, and tidy on a white background. Style out the image of your product with a clean, light image.

Also, you may have witnessed that prosperous businesses often use white backgrounds to display their products. This is because white background promotes the brand and provides the best visual depiction for customers. For illustration, the product images from Apple have a white background.

White backgrounds give the entire brand an affluent appearance. Each image seems clean, uniform, and professional when the background is white. With a clean and bright background, the image's sophistication is more likely to encourage customers to buy your products. This thus boosts brand value in the market.

2. Emphasizes the true color of the image

Customers examine the image's actual colour before making a purchase. The background's white tone draws attention to the product's actual colours. Whether the colour is aqua, cyan, or sky blue. The client's specific needs are satisfied using graphics to describe the goods thoroughly. A white background is therefore required. In addition, graphics that are shown against a white background are more straightforward, quicker, and simpler to comprehend. 

3. Increasing brand awareness

Along with providing a transparent background for your social media site and other key benefits, the white color aids in increasing brand recognition among viewers. Positive things are noted online. A profile with all its product images on a white backdrop will stick in viewers' thoughts longer. Because the profile is fashionable, logically arranged, tasteful, and alluring.

One day, your social media profile and business will stand out from the competitors, much like the photo with the white background does. Your brand's recognition will grow with each identical set of product photos you provide. Overall, using white backgrounds helps the business' marketing strategy by increasing online brand recognition. It promotes the brand, its consistency, and the company's reputation.

4. Focuses on the picture's subject

A fashionable image is not only appealing but also significant. Consider a product image with extraneous objects in the background. This will not only divert potential customers but also cause viewers to pay less attention to the thing or thing of your company.

The white background of the image keeps any obtrusive background elements from detracting from the user's experience. Any potential customer can be drawn in by the product's fashionable background image. The image's white background enhances product clarity and takes away any background distractions.

Dust, hair, cloth, bags, shoes, and other little unwelcome things are removed. Our solution, Erase.bg, handles everything for free in just a few seconds so that you can see a white backdrop for your photos with just one click. Using a white background ensures that the audience focuses on the image's subject and not the surroundings.

5. Boost Sales

White backgrounds enhance the visual appeal of images in social media marketing. A white background boosts revenue for a company. Because of the image's pure white background, viewers on your social media handles can easily because your loyal customers as they will be fascinated by attractive pictures of your products and services.

A business using social media marketing increases sales by adding a visible white background to the product photos. According to eBay, higher-quality photos are 5% more likely to sell. Graphs and other visual representations of data, for example, aid with memory by helping people retain 80% more information than text alone. This highlights the importance of visually appealing photographs. The company will make more money if you use more relevant and interesting photos.

There are various ways to add a white background to the product's image to stand out from the competition. One of the most cost-effective ways is to use our Erase.bg tool. It has a super easy process and does not charge for its services. Below I have explained Erase.bg and why editing images for your social media marketing is essential.



You can automatically remove and change an image background using this AI-enabled tool called Erase.bg. It only takes a few seconds to complete the procedure, giving your image the ideal white background.

By simply uploading a photo to the tool's website, you can instantly create an image with a decent background, making it more suitable for your purposes. Please keep reading to learn more about our tool in detail.

More about Erase.bg

Erase.bg by PixelBin.io tool draws buyers' attention to your photos by assisting your marketing team with the background removal process. Users can change their background, add unique touches, and save the image for later use, all free, with Erase.bg. People can effectively use it for their digital platforms.

One click is all that is necessary to complete the editing procedure. As a result, the tool is very time-efficient. Mobile users can use the website or the app to visit. Our tool can help you ease your competition by making you stand out in the competition. Users of the Erase.bg tool can use the tool's language support features.

It is easy to integrate, the tool is user-friendly, and it helps increase the business's sales. The application is easy to use and has benefited numerous internet merchants. Unlike other platforms, Erase.bg does not charge anything from its users. Furthermore, the tool does not require any prior technical person, Photoshop, or editing experience. Following are its important use in social media marketing.

Importance Of Erase.bg In Social Media Marketing 

Available for everyone

It's simple to use Erase.bg. The tool has simple instructions to follow for editing the background of your image. The need for technical or editing expertise is not required. The software's straightforward instructions are accessible to everyone. It can be used without any special knowledge or technological practices. A technophobic person can even access the platform with ease.

Cost and Time effective 

The image's background is streamlined and attractive in a matter of seconds without cost. If you have a mobile phone/ desktop and access to fast internet, the entire process can be finished in a matter of seconds. The tool's straightforward instructions speed up image editing considerably. Under two minutes are needed to upload or download a photograph to a device for various uses.

Erase.bg is a free program. Unlike other tools or platforms, the Erase.bg tool does not demand substantial investment. The image can be saved for and used on your social media without paying the price, signing up for a membership, or making any other purchase. You only need a device to access the website or application directly.

Erase.bg produces a beautiful background

Erase.bg makes your image stand out in the vast competition. The picture sticks out among the others. You can use our product to enhance the background of your photograph with colours, textures, and patterns. Personalize the background the way you want it to be.

By using Erase.bg, users can generally rotate, flip, add background images, make the background white, and add texture to the image backdrop. Alongside, Erase.bg leads to an attractive background that generates an overall good image. The tool ensures that the subject is highlighted and recognizable by the users.

Enhances sales

Making a trendy background for product photography is a great way to improve the images of your products and boost sales for your company. By using Erase.bg, you may produce excellent image content for your social media sites. With the help of Erase.bg, backgrounds are cleared of all unnecessary elements.

Which engages the audience and provokes them to buy the product. Our technology's ability to produce images with a high level of clarity helps businesses generate leads through social media marketing or onsite picture showcase. It's easy to utilize Erase.bg. Refer to the following steps for using the tool.

Detailed Steps On Using Erase.bg For Editing The Pictures

Step 1 - Everyone can access the desktop version of the Erase.bg website. Visit Erase.bg to view the webpage for our tool. You can download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play store if you prefer to use the program on a smartphone.

Home Page of Erase.bg

The app functions on both platforms and is simpler to use. A sign-up is not necessary to utilize Erase.bg. Additionally, no specialized knowledge is required to use Erase.bg's website or application.

Step 2 - To begin the following editing procedure, click "Upload Image." The image can also be uploaded using the tool's "drag and drop" feature, or its link can be copied and pasted right into the software's box. Any of the available choices may be used as desired. All of them are easy and super friendlier.

2nd Step to Upload Image

Step 3 - Choose "remove background" and wait while the application edits the background of the uploaded image. The message "Image processing, please wait" will appear on the screen.

3rd Step to Processing image

Step 4 - In less than five seconds, the background of the photograph you entered will change. To save the image for further use, click the "download original Size" option on the screen.

4th Step to Download in Original Size

Step 5 - Choose "edit" from the menu in the top right corner of the image if you want to alter the background's appearance further. Following selection, "colour" and "image" options will be displayed. You can alter the background using any of these options. Choose "colour" if you want to add solid colours; choose "image" if you want templates to serve as the background for your chosen image.

5th Step to edit Background

Step 6 - When you are satisfied with the way the background of the image has altered, click "Apply" to save the alterations.

6th Step to edit Background in Solid Color

Step 7 - To save the image to your device in the same quality and once you have reviewed it, click the "download" icon on the screen.

Last and Final Step to Download image without background


The essential component of social media marketing is images. They can engage a potential audience, gain users' attention, and produce leads. Using a white background in images helps you achieve the goal of giving all photos a neat and professional appearance. This is the basis for everything you see online; it's not just a trend.

To make your photographs look professional, Erase.bg offers you a great deal. It gives you high-quality images for marketing, all for free and even changes the background of your picture to transparent or any other colour you want. The tool is very friendly and efficient to use. You do not need specific knowledge or skills to access it. Feel free to add your valuable comments.


Why are images important in social media marketing?

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Images are the real aspect of social media marketing. By uploading decent, attractive, relevant, and appealing photographs on social media sites, you may improve interaction, generate attention, build brand loyalty, and spread vital information. ‍The main idea of marketing is to convert their one-time viewers into loyal lifetime customers. Therefore, your focus should be to make a compelling eye-catching image of your product and services. Images help you increase your brand value and leads in the market.

Is Erase.bg free of cost?

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Yes, the AI-powered tool Erase.bg is free to use. The tool is very effective to use and the webpage is user-friendly. 

How can I change the background of the image for social media marketing using Erase.bg tool?

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Step 1: Click Erase.bg, if you are using a laptop/computer. Alternatively, if you want to use the tool on your mobile phone, download the application from either iOS or Google play. Step 2: Press the "Upload Image" button to begin the procedure. Either utilize the tool's "drag and drop" function or copy the image's URL and paste it directly into the box on the webpage.‍ Step 3: Wait for the tool to automatically complete changing the background of the selected image. The background of the picture you entered will change in less than five seconds.‍ Step 4: Click "download original Size" to save the image in its original size for later use.‍ Step 5: To further personalize the image background as per your requirements. You may click on the ‘edit’ option and select either- ‘color’ or ‘image’ to change the background of the image. Once selected and customized click ‘apply’ to save the changes. Step 6: Click the "download" icon on the screen to save the image to your device at the same quality.‍

How does the image's background contribute to the goals of a firm?

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It can be challenging for businesses to stand out and be remembered by their viewers in this fast-evolving digital market. The main goal of a business is to generate sales and make its viewers turn into customers.

What is the need for a transparent background for social media marketing?

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A transparent background helps your business to look different in the huge competition. The transparent background of the images for social media marketing increases the sales of a business by attracting viewers to your site. It brings consistency to your social media profile and also engages the audience. 

Why are images important in marketing?

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Images are important in marketing because they can quickly capture the attention of potential customers and convey information about a product or service. People are naturally drawn to visual content, making images a powerful tool for grabbing their attention and piquing their interest. ‍Additionally, images can help to create an emotional connection with customers and build brand recognition. In today's digital age, where people are bombarded with information and advertisements, the use of high-quality images can help your marketing efforts stand out and make a lasting impression.

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