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ECommerce Product backgrounds that can be easily removed with App

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The role of background in every product image is extremely crucial for all ecommerce websites. If the background is cluttered and distracting, the product's sales may get affected. A well-chosen background can make a product look more appealing, attractive and professional, while a poorly chosen one can look distracting and cheap.

There are several paid enterprise solutions and free app as well as to remove background from image easily. When it comes to paid solutions it can take much more time and investment to use them. While some free solutions remove background in bulk without any efforts. 

Importance of choosing product background in eCommerce

When you’re scrolling through your social media feed and you see an ad for a product, what is the first thing that comes to mind? The background of the picture. If the background is blurry or overexposed, it takes away focus from the product itself. It’s important for eCommerce brands to take this into account when they’re taking pictures of their products.

The quality of product photos can make or break a sale when it comes to ecomemrce. Potential customers need to see the products clearly and get a real sense of its size, shape, appearance and colour. If the photo is blurry or taken from too far away, they may leave the product page and move on to another competitor’s site where they can find a better-looking product with a high-quality image. This is where Erase.Bg comes in to remove background, increasing the chances of sales driven traffic on ecommerce websites.

About - the popular AI-powered background remover app

Among the popular selection of background remover apps, there is one tool like that is an excellent solution for those who need to remove their product backgrounds in bulk but don't have the time or expertise to do so themselves. The app is quick, easy to use, and produces high-quality results that leave your products looking polished and professional.

With the help of, businesses can quickly and easily remove product backgrounds without compromising quality. With this app, you ensure that your products always look their best and increase your chances of making a sale.

Top 5 eCommerce product backgrounds that can be easily removed with

1. Toys

Toys are great for kids! If you're selling toys online, many different size, styles and colours are available. So how do you showcase them all? The best way is by using a white background, that makes it easy for customers to view and check their features, details of each toy and compare them easily. But what if you don't have access to an expensive studio with professional photography equipment? No worries! With's simple user interface, removing any background in just a few clicks is super easy!

2. Clothes

Clothes are another popular product category on eCommerce sites because they're so versatile and can be used as gifts or even as daily wear, casual wear & party wear. But sometimes, clothing can be tricky to photograph because of all the different backgrounds it.

With, you can remove those distracting backgrounds while keeping your product intact. You can showcase your product with a white, transparent, or another coloured background to attract maximum customer views and help them take shopping decision in an easy way.

3. Shoes

Shoes are the most popular products you can find on eCommerce websites. If you are an online retailer of shoes, there are a few key reasons why you might need to use a background removal app for your product images. 

Customers can see how the shoes look on a white background, which can help them decide if they like the style of the shoes from all angles. They can also feel the shoes and understand more about its quality. Finally, they can make an informed decision instantly whether to buy shoes or not.

4. Jewellery

Background removal apps like can be used on eCommerce websites to help present products in the best possible appearance. In the case of jewellery, the apps can be used to remove distractions from the background so that the focus is on the jewellery piece itself.

This can help catch the eye of potential customers and help them see the beauty and fine details of the jewellery product. Additionally, a white background for a jewellery product can also be used to create a consistent look for a store's jewellery, ensuring a professional and polished vibe to the jewellery shopping experience.

5. Watches

Background removal apps can be used to add different colored background to popular product images, like watches. It helps ensure that the customer’s focus is on the watch itself and not on its background. A clear background ensures that critical details of a small product like a watch can be viewed from top to bottom, left-to-tight in every angle.


There are a lot of eCommerce websites selling products that can be easily removed from their backgrounds. Shoes, jewellery, toys, and other accessories are some of the most demandable products on eCommerce websites.

The blog showcases the power of background remover app like Erase,bg that can easily & effectively remove the background of any eCommerce product image. You can create a more professional and polished product photo by removing the background. To download and start removing backgrounds from your own product photos, click this link now.


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