How to Make the Background Transparent

How to Make the Background Transparent
Remove Background From Images For Free

This article provides simple instructions for removing undesirable backgrounds from images. Get a background that is transparent for your content. We offer you a variety of websites and tools (apps) to help erase the backdrop from both smartphones and laptops/PCs, saving you the time and effort of manually attempting to add stickers and hide or blur the background for hours. 

Everyone wants to appear lovely in their photographs, but occasionally, even when everything is excellent, there is something tacky in the backdrop that you cannot edit out. When you attempt to obscure it or apply stickers, the situation only becomes worse. For professionals, it might be challenging to locate the ideal tool or service that enables them to alter or remove their background without paying a significant fee.

Make the Background Transparent

Some of The Best Applications and Sites used for Background Removal 

Home Page of


  • AI feature removes the background within seconds.
  • Available on smartphones- iOS & android, PC- Windows & Mac OS.
  • Available online and you can also download the app.
  • Free to use online for commercial uses. has some subscription plans with increased benefits).
  • Supports images in format – JPEG, JPG, PNG, WEBP.


Step 1 - Open the site- or download software/app (app store / Play Store).

Home Page of

Step 2 - If you open the site online, swipe a little down, and you’ll see an “upload image” box. Add the image you want to edit.

2nd Step to Upload Image

Step 3 - As the image has loaded, on the right-hand side, there is an option to edit, add a solid colour, gradients, tile colours, wood colours, Bokeh etc., or keep the background plain.

3rd Step to Download image in original Size

Step 4 - After editing, the Download image option is in the top right corner. Click and save your image.

Last and Final Step to Download image without BG


Home Page of Fotor


  • It’s available online, and you can download its application as well.
  • Available on PC-windows/Mac, android supports images in PNG, JPG, JPEG.
  • Free to use.


Step 1 - Open the site online or download the app. 

Step 2 - After the page has loaded, Click the button on the bottom, “open image,” upload and adjust the image you want to edit.

Step 3 - The photo will automatically remove the background, keep the background plain or add in some solid colours if you like.

Step 4 - Download the image

Home Page of


  • Free to use
  • Available on PC- windows, mac, Linux, Smartphone- android)
  • AI editing tool removes background within seconds.


Step 1 - Open the site or download the application from the Play Store.

Step 2 - Click on “upload the image” and add the image you want to edit.

Step 3 - Let it load and either download the simple image with no background, or you can make changes and edit it ( this option is available on top of the image) 

Step 4 - You can add different backgrounds available or solid colours. 

Step 5 - Download the image. This option is on the top right corner of the page.

Home Page of


  • Free to use but has premium subscriptions for commercial uses.
  • Online site (for smartphones and PC).
  • App available for PC (windows) only.


Step 1 - Open the site or download the app on your desktop.

Step 2 - You will find various options, among which background remover will be available, select the option, wait for a few seconds, and a new tab will open.

Step 3 - Upload the image, and it loads without a wallpaper within seconds.

Either download the image with 

Step 1 - Plain background or click the editor option below the image and edit by adding solid colours, blur, pictures from your gallery or available options for the background.

Step 2 - Download the image as PNG or JPG



  • Free to use online
  • Supports Windows, Linux & Mac (app available for PC)


Step 1 - Open the site or download the app for your desktop.

Step 2 - Click on upload image and add the image you want to edit. Let it load, and you’ll have a plain background and image within seconds. You can download this image. 

Step 3 - If you want to make changes click on the edit option, and below the image, you’ll have available images or upload photos from your gallery for your background. You can also add colours. 

Step 4 - After editing the picture, click on download to save.

Home Page of


  • Automatically detects and removes backdrop.
  • Free for online use.
  • Software available for PC- Windows & Mac.
  • Allows to erase background manually.


Step 1 - Open the site and click on upload image. Add the image you want to edit

Step 2 - It will load the picture with a plain background. You can download the same or click on the editor tool option to edit it.

Step 3 - Add in solid colours or images available. You can also add texts, templates etc. 

Step 4 - After editing, click the download image icon on the top right corner. 


Everyone wants to look adorable and stunning in photos; some of us do this for fun, while others are professionals in the area. Many still find it challenging despite the numerous programs available to help you Photoshop or edit your photo.

All these tools will simplify removing backgrounds from text or images, but if you want to find the perfect tool that does the job the best and has extra features you can use for free, I recommend It is the only tool that will give you additional options for designing expert backgrounds or photos for your social media accounts, blogs, websites, etc.

While other applications primarily focus on erasing the undesired backdrop, contains features like logo and signature removal, custom photo editing, add effects, and more. It also has tools to serve experts and developers and ordinary users.


Do I need to have the technical knowledge to make the background transparent ?

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No. Most apps provide simple steps; you just need to be handy with them.

Are these apps expensive?

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No. Most of the apps are free to use. Generally, if you don't need some technical specifications, you can get it for free.

Is it possible to remove the checkered background in PNG?

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A checkered background is pre-transparent, so that you can do nothing about it. Just save it as a JPG and download it.

Why are my PNGs not transparent on their own?

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This process must be done manually and then exported to the selected file. Download it, and your work is done.

Why commonly is the background of PNG black?

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When you copy any PNG image from anywhere on the internet, it never copies the background; hence, when you paste it from there, the background appears black.

How to make the background image?

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One of the easiest and most efficient ways to make an image transparent is to remove the background using an advanced tool like This tool uses AI algorithms to accurately remove the background from an image, leaving a transparent background that can be used for various purposes. ‍Simply upload the image to the website, and let the tool work its magic. You can then download the image with a transparent background in PNG format.

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