How To Make The Background Transparent In Google Slides?

How To Make The Background Transparent In Google Slides?
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Making a presentation or a slide involves images, which are essential. It is imperative to put a ready idea or an objective before the audience, even for educational purposes. One's vision and words should be on-point about images on perfectly matched backgrounds to deliver the entire message to the audience.

Using the methods mentioned below, one can create a transparent cut-out background, highlighting the subject of their photos, add a brand new color backdrop and add a unique background to put the subject in a unique environment to stand differently in a presentation.

Google Slides comes as an excellent tool for creating visual presentations. It is because of ease of use and reliability. However, one feature people don't like in Google Slides is that one needs to make their presentation slides transparent. To help out with this problem, you will get to see a solution to this problem for your presentation through this article.

What is Google Slides?

What is Google Slides?

Google Slides is among the widely used tools for creating a presentation. It has versatile functionality as it can create merely anything, and one doesn't need to download or install it to use it. Google Slides allows users to take full advantage of its services.

As it is a free tool, anyone with a computer and a better Internet connection can use it easily. It consists of different background features, layout options, transitions, and themes that can help your slide in the presentation by enhancing its look. Usable on any device, it provides the same kind of experience no matter what platform one uses.

The robust feature of Google Slides allows users to insert images into the slides. This feature is so helpful that it lets the users create presentations with quality visual content to engage their audience. However, if one uses these images properly, they might look like a good collection of pixels instead of having a polished and neat look for the user.

One has to ensure that in case their image contains text, viewers might need help to see the content correctly in case the background is dark. For this reason, one would need to make the image clearer and more readable using Google Slides to make it transparent.

Backgrounds on Google Slides

A white background always appears behind an image inserted in Google Slides. For example, if one wants to add a picture of a black animal on a white background and wishes to place the image on a black slide, then the animal will appear on a white background.

And obviously, it is easy to use the transparent backgrounds tool to remove the background of the images, but it is wise to use several other tools for removing the backgrounds. Unfortunately, transparent backgrounds are supported in PowerPoint but not in Google Slides.

Creating presentations with Google Slides

To create a presentation in slides, head to, click on the red plus button, and choose to create a blank presentation or a crucial existing file. One can also use Google slide up from the play store as it is available on any device.

There would be a slide already created beforehand, opening a blank presentation, in which one can set the default style in the slide as a layout. There would be two boxes, each for a title and subtitle.

You can add more slides to your presentation per your desire and carry out other functions, such as copying a specific part of any other document or adding an image or a video using several different templates and designs. However, the presentations one would make usually will be more transparent, and this is where the problem of making them transparent comes from.

A step-by-step guide to make the background transparent on Google Slides

The solution to the problem of making the background on the Google Slides transparent are as follows-:

Step 1 - Open the document on Google Slides.

Step 2 - Select images whose background you want to make transparent. Search for the options bar and click on the insert command if your photo still needs to be uploaded to this tool. Once you do this, it will automatically get selected, and its border will turn blue.

Step 3 - Then right-click on the image to see various options. When selecting an object, click the Format options icon from a toolbar above the document. Google Slides on the right side would generate an options bar.

Step 4 - On searching the drop-down menu, one would find the Transparency option at the bottom of the Format options menu. 

Step 5 - After this, a new panel for Transparency settings will open up on its own, next to the Format options panel.

Here, one can adjust the image's transparency by sliding the Transparency button to your left or right until you meet your requirements.

Changing Multiple Images

Repeating the steps mentioned above would be the easiest to change the background of multiple images. Therefore, one would need to repeat the alteration process for each image background.

However, this would become tedious, especially if there are several images to change. So, if there are numerous pictures, one would need to group the photos on one slide before altering the transparency.

To carry out changes for multiple images, the steps are as follows:-

Step 1 - Hold down the shift command and select the images you want to group. Then group the chosen pictures in Google Slides.

Step 2 - Click on the arrange command on the toolbar,

Step 4 -.In the drop-down menu under arrange, select the group option. The images that you have chosen come in a group accordingly. 

Step 5 - Follow the abovementioned steps to make the image transparent and change the other images simultaneously.


It is essential to remember that one can only group images on the same slide. Therefore, one must repeat the transparency steps if there are several groups of images.

Ways to turn Shapes Transparent in Google Slides

A transparent background is usually one of many things one would want to be transparent in Google Slides. One could use and add shapes and a flow chart for which the process mentioned above might be of little use.

It is mainly done for darker shapes as it might need to be more visible to viewers, which makes it a challenging task. Therefore, it is essential to make these shapes transparent.

The steps to make shape transparent in Google Slides are as follows-:

Step 1 - Choose the shape you want to make transparent in the selected slide.


Step 2 - Select the Fill color option In the menu bar and click on Transparency. 

Step 3 - It will immediately make the shape transparent; anything invisible would be pretty straightforward.


Step 4 - Now, one could have a readable shape and a flow chart.

Ways to Apply Gradients to an Image in Google Slides

The simple answer here is to employ numerous ways and functions in which one could play with the transparency of an image. To make the image more original, one can make a part of the image transparent, creating a gradient effect. The steps to apply gradients to an image or a shape in Google Slides are as follows-:

Step 1 - Select the image or the shape for the gradient effect.


Step 2 - Click the insert option from the top bar menu.

Step 3 - Click on the shape option.

Step 4 - Then select the shapes option. Here, one needs to choose the shape to which they want to add the transparency gradient.

Step 5 - One can also make the border color transparent.

Step 6 - After that, continue with the gradient of the shape. To do this, click on the Fill color option.

Step 7 - Select the gradient you desire and create a custom gradient.

Step 8 - To adjust the shape's colors and degree of transparency, one must adapt both gradient stops. After doing it, click on the okay option, and the desired final result will be available along with the image with the gradient transparency.

Step 9 - Finally, one would have to customize and adapt the gradient as per their desire. One could add more transparency gradients to the image. 

Step 10 - One can also carry out the option of enlarging and reducing the gradient size. It is possible by modifying the size of the shape selected.

How to Accelerate the Transparency of an Image in Google Slides

While working on Google Slides, particular objects might overlap other objects, which could be a problem from time to time. One can call it solely a picture problem when you also want to see the items under the picture.

Fortunately, one can learn how to make an image transparent in Google Slides by adjusting one of the options that one could eventually find on the Format options menu that appears when one of the images is selected.

The process to make an Image transparent in Google Slides are-follows:

Step 1 - Open the slideshow.


Step 2 - Then, right-click on the picture whose transparency needs to be changed and choose Format options.

Step 3 - Click on the Adjustment arrow from the toolbar.

Step 4 - Adjust the transparency on the slider as you desire.

If the image that one is adding to the slide is going to be on top of something or placed next to a text, then it will be tough to see and understand. Therefore, one might need to know how to adjust the transparency of an Image in Google Slides. Usually, when placing a picture into the slideshow, the picture is already ready for the presentation.

Edited in a different image rating program or when one creates a picture expressively, these images are for representation and, therefore, sometimes require no edits. Commonly, a picture one wants to use on one of the slides needs some adjustment before it looks the way one would like it to look.

This is why Google Slides has some image editing tools for the images that one could add to the slides, and one of those tools also allows the user to increase the transparency of an image.

Ways to Turn a Picture Transparent in Google Slides

It would be best to perform the steps in this article on a desktop version of Google Chrome. The steps mentioned below work only when one has a picture in the presentation that they want to make transparent.

The steps mentioned will allow one to see the presentation elements on the layers below the picture. For example, if one has a theme with a background, one can see the background through the image.

The steps to make a picture transparent In Google Slides are as follows-:

Step 1 - Sign in to your Google Drive and open the slides file that contains the picture one has to make transparent. Open Google Drive, then double-click the slides' file to open it.

Step 2 - Right-click on the picture and choose the Format options button. One is to select the image and click the Format options button in the toolbar.

Step 3 - Click the arrow directly to the left of the Adjustments. It would expand the Adjustment section in the Format options column.

Step 4 - Drag the slider under the transparency option to the right to increase the image's transparency, and drag it to a significantly left to reduce its transparency. This way, one could adjust the opacity of the picture using the transparency slider.

Using the steps mentioned above, one can make a picture transparent in Google Slides any time in the future when they want to avoid having a fully opaque image on one of the slides.

Best Google slide alternative for making the background transparent-

Google Slides has an excellent feature to make the image transparent, but sometimes, it lacks in isolating the subject's foreground. One fantastic tool is named helps users remove the background in one click without hassle.

In simple words, if one wants to save time to make the image look suitable, is the best option. It is an online tool that helps users remove the background from an image automatically without any hassle and enables them to get a transparent version of that image in a few seconds.

Designing Transparent Images

One can enhance transparent images through design to attract the attention of one's viewers. The design overlaps visible pictures with transparent ones, boxes, and shapes. Through this method, one can change the size and placement of the image on the slides' background. The more transparent the image is, the easier it will be to blend various images in the slide within the selected background.

One can count several ways in which one can design transparent images. However, one should remember that their chosen method will depend on whether they wish the background to be visible while drawing the design.

To design a transparent image, one could use web-based software. One could draw the image directly over the white background and save it in the file format to create a transparent image. There is an evident and tedious method to create a transparent image. It involves deleting all the pixels in the picture you don't require. One could do this by erasing the unwanted pixels manually or by choosing specific areas of the image and selecting by clicking them, ending up deleting them.

Resetting the Background Image

Once the steps mentioned above of making the background transparent in Google Slides have been carried out, the result might need to live up to the expectations. There is no need to worry. Many options can take one back to the point where one achieved the desired background to format it again as per the preferences.

However, one of the easiest methods is clicking the undo button and starting it over again. In the same way, one can select the background and reset the image, which one can do by opening the Format option and clicking on it.

The next step one needs to do is to click the adjustment tab and select the reset option. Now, one would have the option to begin all of it again. This is so because the picture has gone back to its original form. Therefore, one can know a function in Google Slides that involves the trial and error option.

Final Thoughts

A background image of a Google slide adds up to the overall design of a presentation. It can also easily enhance the look and feel of a page. One has to ensure that it is consistent with the main text in the slides. It is one of the most important reasons to learn how to make the background transparent in Google Slides.

These images often play an essential part in capturing and maintaining the audiences' interest if we use them correctly. One has the option to choose and select to make changes as per personal preferences and requirements.


How do I make a white background transparent?

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To make a white background transparent using, you can follow these simple steps:‍ Step 1: Go to in your web browser. Step 2: Click on "Upload Image" and select the image that you want to edit. Step 3: Once your image is uploaded, click on "Erase" to remove the background. Step 4: When you are satisfied with the background removal, click on "Download" to save the image with a transparent background.‍ That's it! With these simple steps, you can easily make a white background transparent using

Will making the background transparent affect the formatting of my slide?

down arrow

No, making the background transparent will not affect the formatting of your slide. Your text, images, and other elements will remain in their original positions.

Is there a transparency option in Google Slides?

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Yes, there is a transparency option in Google Slides. To access it, simply select the object or background you want to make transparent, expand the Adjustments tab in the toolbar, and you will find the Transparency option.

Are PNG backgrounds transparent?

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PNG (Portable Network Graphics) is a file format that supports transparency. PNG files can have transparent backgrounds, which means that any part of the image that is not filled with pixels will be transparent and show through to the underlying layer or background.

How to make image background transparent?

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To make the background of an image transparent using, you can follow these easy steps:‍ Step 1: Go to in your web browser. Step 2: Click on "Upload Image" and select the image you want to edit. Step 3: Once the image is uploaded, the tool will remove the background automatically. Step 4: Click on "Download" to save the image with a transparent background.‍ That's it! These simple steps will allow you to make the background of your image transparent using

How do I get rid of checkered background?

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Here are the easy steps:‍ Step 1: Go to in your web browser. Step 2: Click on "Upload Image" and select the image you want to edit. Step 3: Once the image is uploaded, the tool will remove the background automatically. Step 4:Then click on "Download" to save the image with a transparent background.‍ That's it! makes it easy to remove any background from your image and create a transparent background, which will get rid of the checkered background.

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