Unpacking the Meaning of Commercial Photography

Unpacking the Meaning of Commercial Photography
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In the era of modern technology, when everyone often sticks to their phones and uses social media, commercial photography will get the hype. As a result, commercial photography is essential for better business engagement, increasing sales, and boosting the company's reputation. 

It covers a variety of photos ranging from product to food photography. Although, at the time of photography, you must ensure that you have the perfect background and appropriate light facilities. These factors impact the overall appearance of your photography. 

Keep reading to learn more about commercial photography and how to improve it. You’ll also learn how Erase.bg helps you deliver stunning images for your product photography by enabling you to remove & replace backgrounds easily. 

What Is Commercial Photography?

Online shopping is at its peak nowadays. That's why the selling and promotion of products occur online too. Here, commercial photography comes into the picture. Generally, commercial photography sells or promotes a product or specified service to help businesses attract more customers and boost sales. 

Commercial photography includes various images, including product, lifestyle, and even fashion photography. Depending on the product or service of the client, architectural photography and food photographs can also become part of commercial photography. Commercial photography is done specially for posting pictures on social media platforms. 

Benefits of Commercial Photography

Benefits of Commercial Photography

Improve Your Corporate Image

Earning customer trust is essential; it doesn't matter what you sell. Commercial photography helps in building trust among customers and convincing them. Professional commercial photography can attract people and tell them about their business.

For example, your business is all about sports equipment. Take photographs from different angles. After the photoshoot, select the highest quality pictures and use them. 


Strengthen Your Brand Image

Make your branding up to the mark to increase your sales and clients. A professional commercial photoshoot can strengthen your site and social media presence to improve your brand image further. 


With the commercial photoshoot, people easily recognise your brand. In addition, commercial photography will make customers connect with you more if you are the best at producing products or giving service. 


Boost Sales & ROI

Images are best known for conveying messages, and they do have the power to convince customers to buy the product. Commercial photography is excellent for increasing sales and attracting customers. 

Commercial photography is about displaying your company culture; in this way, people can connect more. By doing this, sales can increase, and as a result, you will make a lot of profits. 

Encourage Exposure

With time, people have started shopping online rather than visiting an e-commerce store in person. But high-quality and optimised images are the key to getting the most out of your online business and increasing sales and customers from social media platforms to your site.

To earn people's trust and convert visitors into buyers, post-high-quality images. Make sure that the product is covered from every angle. 

Visual representation of business culture

The most critical aspect of a successful brand is to display what your brand is about. Photography is the best medium for conveying messages, and it can showcase the tone and personality of the culture of the business. 

With the help of photography, you can easily make your brand powerful. Photos can speak louder than written text. People prefer looking at colourful pictures rather than boring text or captions.

Showcases professionalism 

By hiring an expert photographer, you can get high-quality photographs that will boost your sales, increase engagement and show your professionalism towards work. Your brand will stand out with high-quality images from your competitors using low-quality work images.

It will leave a lasting impression on people and showcase your professional capabilities. When you invest in branding and photography, your business will only grow and flourish. 

Your company becomes more authentic.

Undoubtedly, most people in the market use fake photos just to fool people and make money. But now people are more aware towards a brand.

So authentic and high-quality pictures will ultimately help attract people and turn them into buyers. Becoming honest and loyal in the market will create a good brand image and reputation.

Types of commercial photography

Commercial photography is a vast field. It has so many categories; here are a few of them. 


Advertising and marketing are necessary to run a company or sell a product. Be it promoting your business via digital ads, posters, or social media campaigns. These advertisements help grow the business. 

People get to learn more about your service or product, which further leads to an increase in awareness of your venture.

Website images

Website images

Commercial photography is also performed to post compelling product pictures on the website. Websites are a company's first impression, whether small or big. Thereby, an engaging website is essential.

Keeping your site updated with the latest product images helps retain customers. Here, commercial photography helps post appealing pictures about newly launched products or services.

Product images

Commercial photography also includes product photography. Product photography refers to displaying the products online from all aspects where they are visible to the customers, and they can better decide whether to buy the product.

How Erase.bg help you with Commercial Photography?

Commercial images are the first way of communication between buyers & sellers. A buyer or visitor determines a brand image by evaluating product pictures on their platform. It also influences the buyer's decision to buy a product from a particular website.

ECommerce stores, websites, blogs/articles, or social media. Businesses use commercial photography to present their products to customers pleasingly. It helps them deliver a professional brand image and enables customers to know & understand their product in detail. 

The best thing about commercial photography is that you can get your brand in customers' eyes using high-resolution & quality images. It highlights your products well and provides visitors with a clear & better visual experience. But sometimes, you get unnecessary objects in the image’s background that distract them and spoil their overall look.

Removing or replacing the background with a clean, white & distraction-free background for commercial images is important. But no one wants to buy that heavy & expensive software to remove the background from those images. So here, Erase.bg comes into the picture.  

Erase.bg - A popular AI-Based image Background Removal tool.

Most people look for the most popular & advanced solutions, such as Photoshop, or hire a professional designer to edit or remove the background from commercial product images. Erase.bg solves all your issues like a pro. It is the most popular image background remover tool.

The tool uses AI-based algorithms to automate the editing process and allows you to edit, remove or change the backgrounds within seconds. Upload the image from your system and wait for 2 to 3 seconds. It's a free, easy-to-use, lightweight app you can download for Android & iOS devices.

Here are the steps that you need to follow:

Step 1 - Go to the Google Play/ App store and download the Erase.bg app for your android/iOS devices. It is also accessible via its website. 

Home page of Erase.bg

Step 2 - As a next step, find and click on the “+Upload Image” button to upload the image. Select the image from your system. It also allows you to paste the image address by clicking on the “URL” button. 

2nd Step to Upload Image

Step 3 - Now submit the image. The AI algorithms will start the processing, taking only two to three seconds. You can read a message, “Processing image, please wait”, during the processing. 

3rd Step to Processing image

Step 4 - The favourable part is that it doesn’t has manual editing. The AI automatically recognises the areas and removes them within seconds. When the processing is over, you can get the background-removed version of the image. 

4th Step to Background Remove

Step 5 - Click on the “Download image” button. The images will be saved in your system. Don’t worry about the quality, such as opacity, brightness etc.

5th Step to Download Image Without Background

Step 6 - You can also go to the“edit” button and replace the background of your image using the tool’s built-in library. Select one and apply it. Then, you can download a brand-new image with a different background.

Why Use Erase.bg?

Here are some benefits you will get using Erase.bg. Take a look:

  • It is free.
  • Easy to use, faster and gives flawless results.
  • An AI-based tool that automates the editing job.
  • No manual editing.
  • Anyone can use it, from professionals to individuals.
  • It supports a wide range of image formats, including PNG, JPG, JPEG, WEBP, etc., up to the resolutions of 5,000 x 5,000 pixels and 25 MB.
  • It gives you 45 free credits.
  • available on Play Store/App store for android/iOS devices.
  • No sign-up is required.
  • Supports batch processing in its subscription plans.
  • It is used for social media graphics, e-signatures, company logos, and presentations.
  • Retains natural qualities of the images etc.

Now you know how Erase.bg enhances your commercial photography. It doesn’t matter what you have in the image background. Just use Erase.bg and make your product image ready to post online. 

Tips for Commercial Photography

Have A Unique Style

Make sure to give your work a new touch when you take photographs. Your work should consist of different tactics and tricks. Commercial photography makes it easier for your brand and business to stand out. As a result, the chances of getting new work are higher. 

Stay Relevant to the Current Trends

Nowadays, it's an era of social media, undoubtedly. Research and learn about the trends working well on social media to dominate the industry. 

Social media lets you discover new visual trends currently dominating the industry. In this way, you will learn much about customer expectations, which will help you improve your brand.  

Be Creative

There should be a balance between clients' demands and creativity. Applying standard methods is okay, but try new tactics to give it a creative touch. 

With new tactics, your product photography will stand out. As a result, several people will engage.

Get basic tools

Get the best quality photography tools and equipment for better photography. Getting the best quality equipment for commercial photography is essential as you have to do different shoots at many locations. 

A professional lens and good quality camera help you in getting focused pictures. First, get a camera and lens; then, buy other equipment slowly. Other equipment includes a studio strobe, a beauty dish, and a soft lightbox. 

Work On Your Editing Skills

Once you are done with the photography, try to learn some editing. Editing knowledge is vital to remove unwanted things from images and giving them a new look. Nowadays, various online photo editing tools are available in the market, including Erase.bg, which lets you remove & replace the background of an image.  

You have to keep yourself updated with the new software and its features. Use different software tools and make your images extraordinary.


In the era when everything is done on social media, high-quality photos have become a need of time. As a result, commercial photography is used in almost every company and brand. Good photos increase engagement, boost sales and maintain the company's reputation. 

Photo editing tools like Erase.bg help maximise your commercial photography goals. Using it will enable you to remove & replace the unwanted backgrounds in an image and give them a completely new & fresh look


What is the purpose of commercial photography?

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Commercial photography is simply about capturing product images used & uploaded online to market a business among customers. It varies from product photography to lifestyle and many more.

How can I download Erase.bg?

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The tool is free and is available on the Google Play store/App store for your android/iOS devices. 

Does Erase.bg support batch processing?

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Yes. Purchasing its subscription plan enables bulk/batch processing that starts at $29/month.

How many images can I upload for free on Erase.bg?

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If you use Erase.bg for free, you can process up to 45 images. You can extend the limit by purchasing subscription plans.

How can I change the background of an image to white?

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You must visit or download Erase.bg and upload the image. Within 2 to 3 seconds, the AI will remove the background & give you a transparent image background. Next, apply a white background to the “Edit” button. Finally, download the image.

What is commercial photography?

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Commercial photography refers to photography that is created for commercial use, such as advertising, marketing, or branding purposes. This includes product photography, corporate headshots, event photography, and more.

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This website deserves much more praise!. With the background removal software, you may delete the entire background ! Overall, very user-friendly and performs its stated functions. All in all, I adore this software!

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This background remover website is the best available on the internet. Just upload your photo, and the background will be gone in three seconds or less. It is simply great. I strongly suggest it! You'll be equally amazed if you give it a try.

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