20 Pro Tips to Improve Image Background in 2024

20 Pro Tips to Improve Image Background in 2024
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The background makes the image or ruins it. It is considered to be the soul of an image. A good background can draw attention to the subject, while bad background can lower the image quality. If the background is not good, the subject will not be enhanced and highlighted. Background does impact the image quality. The better the background, the more focus the subject will get. 

That's a misconception that an expensive location can make a great background. Choosing a background depends on the subject. The plain white backdrop is an excellent background but in the end, make sure it compliments the subject. To know how to improve the image background, keep reading.

20 Pro Tips to Improve Image Background

Here, we'll start with 20+ professional tips to elevate your image background editing in 2024. Uncover advanced techniques, creative tricks, and the latest software features to achieve a polished and professional look for your images.

1. Choose Plain/White Backgrounds

The plain background looks attractive and makes the picture far better. Honestly, you can take the sky as plain background, and no doubt it makes a great background. 

Instead of solid pattern backgrounds, opt for a plain background. A plain background will enhance your image and stands out the subject. Also, choose the background colour according to the subject and other things. 

Try to find unique backgrounds around yourself, such as the sky or green lawn. The sky can be a great background just by taking photos from a low angle. Conversely, a green lawn can be the perfect spot for taking photos from a higher angle. 

You can also use background editing tools like Erase.bg by PixelBin.io to produce realistic images with varied backgrounds. It is an AI tool that lets you eliminate the image background and edit the same with some different, solid-coloured, or transparent backgrounds.

2. Maintain some distance between background and subject 

When taking photos, ensure some distance between the object and the background. In this way, you can blur the background if you want. Suppose your object is too close to the background, so you will have to do more focus, and your object will not highlight. By maintaining some distance between your subject and background, your subject will get highlighted, and the image will be sharp. 


To focus more appropriately, you can blur the background. But there is no need to blur entirely as it looks good to know what's happening behind. When you are working with environmental portraits so, make sure that the background should be noticed and don't blur it.    

3. Crop your Images

3. Crop your Images

When you capture a picture, much is happening around the subject. Cropping the excess area is the only option left. To avoid the background in the picture, move close or zoom in on the subject. Give your entire focus to the subject, and try cutting the background as much as possible. 

That's not necessary to cover the whole subject; some disturbing factor is also included in the background. To avoid the disturbing background, you can cut some subjects too, which is entirely okay. 

4. Maintain balance

Creating a balance between subject and background is essential. The better the balance, the more high-quality pictures will be. If you control changing the position of background and subject, then managing balance is not a big deal. But when you can't control things, try to do everything best in your capacity and capability. 


Look at all the factors; try to change the lights in the background; it is possible to balance the composition and make your subject look better. 

5. Change Your Point of View

Moving the position of the camera affects the image results. Changing camera position and angles is sometimes needed to get a better background. When you are taking photos, and there is disturbing in the background, change your camera position to the right or left.

Adjust the camera by changing position so you can get better photos. By moving the camera to any side, you can hide the disturbing factors of the background. You can witness so many things happening at the location, but the main focus is that your background for the photos should be transparent. 

6. Use a long lens 

Using the long lens, your focus will be on the object rather than the background. Using a long lens, you will have to move backwards, unlike a wide lens, as it will help you look at the background. A lens with a broader view will cover most of the background too. You can remove as much background as possible by changing the lens, cropping, and zooming. 

7. Have some patience

When you are shooting, there must be a mess or other things. But you have to be patient to get your work done. If you lose your calm due to late work or disturbance, the work will not be done. The quality of work will be affected, so be patient and calm. 

8. Use larger aperture

It's better to use a larger aperture to quickly eliminate the background from focus and hide all the unwanted stuff in the background. Since overexposure can catch the attention, the worth of the subject decreases; that's why it's better to eliminate or blur such things to focus on the subject. 

9. Blur the Background

Blurring the background has become new background- the most simplified background. Using larger apertures such as f/2.8 or f/5.6, you can blur the background and draw attention to the subjects. Place the object at some distance from the background to get the best blur. Or else you can use a lens with a long focal length to help you separate the object from the background when blurring.

10. Try Different Angles

After trying out different things, your background is dull, so it's time to change the angle. Move the camera to the left, right, high, or low as per the subject placement. Then take pictures from every angle, and you will be surprised to see the results. 


Moving the camera and changing the angles can strengthen your photography game. It will result in great photography. 

11. Look for Contrasting Colors

Using vibrant colour background can complement your subject and complement it. When choosing the colour for your background, make sure to see that it doesn't make the subject dull and that the tone of the background and subject complement each other. Attractive and vibrant colours do attract people's interest in the photos. 

12. Use black background

The black background works well with light-coloured objects. Try out a black backdrop set-up if you are about to get close shots of the object. Honestly, your pictures will turn out to be wow. Furthermore, you can use Erase.bg to add/edit the background without any quality loss. The AI tool lets you automatically add the background to your image within a few seconds and in just three steps. 

13. Consider Panning

Panning works if you are working with a moving subject. A slow shutter speed is used in panning, such as 1/30 or slower. First, hold the shutter halfway, focus on the subject, and then leave the shutter slowly. The image will focus on the subject while you notice the background with motion and movement.

14. Utilise camera correctly

Sometimes after doing everything, you can't find the best background. So, in this case, you have to work smartly with the camera. Let's have a look at some simple tips and tricks. 

  • The first thing is to use the aperture. By opening the aperture, your background can get a bokeh effect. With this bokeh effect, you can divert attention. 
  • Another trick is to play with panning or shutter speed. This trick renders a boring background into a blurred one. It adds a feeling of motion to the image.  

15. Authentic work 

Whether your brand is small or big, it doesn't matter, but the content quality should be upto the mark. Your work should have a professional touch. Light backgrounds make the content look unauthentic. Images do play a huge role in creating a brand reputation. 

16. Consumes less time

Images consume less time than reading text. Images help the person to absorb knowledge quickly without any extra effort. There is no need to be creative all time, but sometimes keeping it simple also works. The transparent background seems to be simple but enhances the image quality.  

17. Have an idea about focal lengths

When taking photos, it's essential to know focal lengths. Let's talk about a wide-angle lens used to get close-up shots of the subject while covering all the background details. However, around 35mm focal length is considered a wide angle. A telephoto lens is great for compressing the background in which the focus is on your subject.  

The focal length is 85mm or more. It is called the telephoto lens. Most telephoto portrait lenses are 85mm, 135mm, and 70 – 200mm.

18. View the horizon lines

After taking photos, look at horizon lines as it cuts your photo in half or runs the lines in a way that can be distracting. Don't neglect your horizon lines; however, place them in the upper or lower third of the image. The movement of the camera will impact the position of horizon lines.

19. Change the concept and perspective.

Just be focused; you can spot unique backgrounds around you. It's all about perspective. Good backgrounds do impact photography and make the photography game strong. Your photography location may be busy and distracting. But take photos from different concepts and perspectives. 


Background can be anything from a vibrant colour building to a busy road. Take pictures from a low angle, and you will get complimentary background which is the sky. If you still don't figure out a background, look around and hope positively that you will get one great background for your photos. 

20. Choose the right location.

When you take photos, so try to choose the best location possible. Choosing a great location will give you the ideal background for your photo shoot. A great background makes the photography game strong. Honestly, background depends on the type of subject. But generally, brick walls, a white backdrop, and iron roller doors work well as a background. 

Avoid the background with many elements, or your focus on the main subject will be shifted. If you cannot find a perfect background, use any background remover tool available online to remove unwanted backgrounds from images.

Role of Background in Photography.

Apart from making photos attractive, background matters. From drawing attention to the subject to highlighting it, let's look at what role the background plays. 

1. Focus on the subject

No doubt, the background highlights the subject. Your subject will be more focused if you will use a white or black plain backdrop. If you opt for plain background, there will be fewer distractions. The pattern and solid colour background will enhance your subject but create more disturbance. 

2. It gives a clear message.

Behind every image, there is a concept and hidden story. You can reflect on the story with the help of background. An impressive background can affect the entire story. Choosing the background has a role in delivering the story. 

3. It shows the setting and location. 

As we all know, every photo has a story, so that it will have a set too. The setting will reflect the location and time of the picture. By looking at the photo, you can have an idea if it's day or night by looking at the different factors.

Why Does Background Matter in an Image?

A solid pattern or dark colour background creates a mess and disturbs the focus on the subject. On a serious note, choose a white or black plain background for your photography; it will be a saviour. You can also opt for contrast or vibrant colour complementing your subject. 

However, changing the camera position or angle makes your photography game strong. It will result in amazing photography. 

  • The background has the power to enhance the subject and stands out in your photography if your background has distractions, so the people can't connect to the photos, and as a result, the photos will not turn out to be good. 
  • When taking photos, make sure there are no distractions or zoom or crop the photos to avoid disturbance. The fewer distractions, the better the photos will be. 
  • Choose vibrant plain colour background instead of using patterns. 
  • Even if you can go for a green garden or blue sky, finding a background is not a task; just look around, and you will have a suitable background.
  • Lastly, you can check out how Erase.bg, an AI tool, can rescue you from the complexities of choosing or making efforts to create a natural background.


Here the article ends by saying that improving the image's background is not complicated. With our tips and tricks, it will be super easy for you to improve the background.

You can use tech-driven tools to enhance your image’s background and give a realistic appeal. The background plays a significant role in creating high-quality images. It is no less than the soul of the image. For any queries, comment below.


Can we change photo background?

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Yes, it is possible to change the background of a photo using Erase.bg. The AI-powered tool can remove the current background from an image, allowing users to replace it with a new background or keep the image with a transparent background.

How do I remove the background from a JPEG without Photoshop?

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To remove the background from a JPEG image without Photoshop, you can use Erase.bg. Here are the steps to follow:‍ Step 1: Go to erase.bg on your web browser. Step 2: Upload the JPEG image you want to edit by clicking on the "Upload Image" button. Step 3: Wait for the AI-powered tool to automatically remove the background from the image. Step 4: Download the image with a transparent background.‍ That's it! Erase.bg is an easy-to-use tool that can help you remove backgrounds from JPEG images in just a few clicks.

What is the best way to improve image background?

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One of the best ways is to use a photo editor like Erase.bg to remove the unwanted Background and enhance the overall look of the background.

How can I make my image background look more professional?

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Use a plain and solid-colored background or consider removing the background altogether using tools like Erase.bg.

How can I add a background to my image?

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To add a background to your image, you can use Erase.bg‍ Step 1: Upload the image to Erase.bg. Step 2: Use the AI-powered background removal tool to remove the current background of the image. Step 3: Click on the 'Edit' button and choose a new background from the provided options or upload your own. Step 4: Download the newly edited image with the added background.

Can I improve the background of an old photo?

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Yes, you can use various editing tools and techniques like color correction, noise reduction, and background replacement to improve the background of an old photo.

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