Get a Custom Background for Your image Without a Photoshoot?

Get a Custom Background for Your image Without a Photoshoot?
Remove Background From Images For Free

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but it's also worth a thousand bucks for modern-day bloggers, influencers and social media enthusiasts. In the perfectly curated Instagram grid era, hiring a professional photographer to snap pics for your website or blog can be an expensive endeavour. Unless you have a specific photographic style in mind, getting custom images can feel like you're shooting in the dark. 

Background removal is a process in image editing used to change the background of an image. It can be done in several ways, but one of the most recent and popular methods is to use an AI-powered mobile app called, which is available in the web version as well.

The app utilizes machine learning (ML) algorithms to automatically remove the background from an image, allowing users to replace it with a newly uploaded background or custom background.

Why is a Custom Background Necessary for Images?

The use of custom backgrounds is essential for images because 

  • It can help convey a specific message, story, feeling or emotion to the target audience. 
  • It can create a sense of harmony or unity within the image composition.
  • It can also be used to set the tone for the image & to draw attention to specific elements within the picture. 
  • It can add an extra level of customization and can help add some flair to your website or social media profile.
  • It helps your image look great and also helps you set yourself apart from the competition.
  • A custom background will help you to make your business website unique and noticeable.
  • It adds life to the image design and makes it look more attractive.

Limitations of a Photoshoot 

There are several limitations of a photoshoot that prevent getting a custom background for the image:

1. The focus is entirely on the subject

The art of photography focuses on getting precise details of the subject and making it look beautiful and stylish with every shot. But sometimes, the situation can be demanding and calls for change in the background image in every shot. It can be challenging for the photography crew to arrange customized backgrounds.

This can be due to a lot of time and money investment in planning locations and backgrounds and getting them edited for different business needs like marketing, events, and birthday and anniversary celebrations. 

2. It is challenging to plan the background.

Photography is like capturing a beautiful passing moment of life. Sometimes, it is difficult to plan everything and let the shot image do all the talking. But when it comes to organized photoshoots, sometimes a lot of planning can work and sometimes not according to changing demands of the photographer, which makes it difficult to plan backgrounds as per the shot image. 

3. It is challenging to change backgrounds.

It is difficult to change the background of every shot image, particularly when a model or a product has to be shot in a changing environment with varied exposure to light, time of the day, and the environment.

4. Controlling the photo environment

Most people think that if they take a picture in a clean environment, their photos will come out clean. However, this is not always the case. In many instances, the surrounding environment can show up in pictures, mainly if something in the background is different from the surroundings in which the photo was taken.

5. Taking pictures with a specific background

A good photographer knows how to compose a scene and choose the best camera angle to make the photo look excellent, but what about the image background. Sometimes, photographers have to take pictures where they don't have any control over the background. For example, you may be asked to take a person's photo in front of a famous landmark.

But due to unavoidable circumstances like budget constraints, natural calamity, bad weather, or budget constraints, the place of the photoshoot was difficult to visit. This is where the challenges come to complete the photoshoot without visiting the place.

How to get a Custom Background without a Photoshoot?

How to get a Custom Background without a Photoshoot

You can get a custom background for your image without going through the hassle of a photo shoot. People trust background removal apps like listed on Product Hunt , which enables anyone to get a custom background for their images without needing a photo shoot.

The process is pretty simple Users need to upload a picture and let it app takes care of the rest of the process. The application has already garnered much attention, with over 10,000 downloads and counting on Google Play Store.

We will take a closer look at the background removal process to get a custom background and explore some of its unique features.

Steps to get Custom Background using

Step 1: App users can get app from the iOS store or Google Play Store, while desktop or laptop users can directly go to the website to access the application.

Home Page of

Step 2: Use the Upload Image button to upload pictures from which the background is to be removed

2nd Step to Upload Image

Step 3: Uploaded image is instantly processed to get the "Background removed" image.

3rd Step to Processing Image

Fig: Background removed image using

Step 4: Click the Edit button on the right corner of the Background Removed image. 

4th Step to Edit Background

Step 5: If you click the image option, you get several custom background image options like Bokeh, Colorful, Cricket, fabric, Gradients, Holiday, Tiles, Walls and woods. Also, you can upload any image as custom background. If you select the gradient option in the image, the background will look like this in the below image.

5th Step to Edit BG in Solid Color

Fig: Custom background using gradient option of

Step 6: If you want to give a colourful touch to the background of an image, you can select a colour like brown, and the image background will be transformed into a brown coloured background as shown in below image.

6th Step to Download Image Without BG

Fig: Custom background using the coloured option of

Outstanding Features of the app app has one of the most exciting features that eliminate the need to get a Remove background for your images without a photo shoot.

  • Its quick and simple-to-use interface means you don't need advanced editing skills to use this app. Just upload the image and get the results within seconds.
  • Everyone can use it - a photographer, e-commerce store owner, media person, developer, marketer, etc. 
  • You can remove the background from social media graphics, eSignatures, company logos, presentations, etc. 
  • This app develops high-quality images that are helpful for e-commerce businesses as it highlights products and their features, preventing users from getting distracted.
  • In addition to supporting widely used mobile OS- Android & iOS, the app also supports Windows and Mac OS.


Have you ever wanted to have a custom background for your image but didn't want to go through the hassle of scheduling and paying for a photoshoot? With the help of a handy online app like, you can quickly remove backgrounds and create a custom background for your image in a few seconds. What are you waiting for? Download the app today and get any type of background removed in no time.


How do I add my own background to a picture?

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To add your own background to a picture, follow these steps:‍ Step 1: Go to the website and upload the image you want to edit. Step 2: Use the automatic background removal tool to remove the existing background. Step 3: Once the background is removed, click on the "Edit" button. Step 4: Select "Upload" and choose the image you want to use as your new background. Step 5: Click on the "Download" button to save your newly edited image with your own custom background.‍ By following these simple steps, you can use to quickly and easily add your own custom background to any image, helping you to create unique and eye-catching visuals for your projects.

How do I make a fake background for a picture?

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To make a fake background for a picture using, follow these steps:‍ Step 1: Go to the website and upload the image you want to edit. Step 2: Use the automatic background removal tool to remove the existing background. Step 3: Once the background is removed, click on the "Edit" button. Step 4: Select "Upload" and choose the fake background image you want to use. Step 5: Click on the "Download" button to save your newly edited image with the fake background added.‍ Using to remove the old background and add a fake background is a quick and easy way to create a realistic image with a different environment or scenery.

Can I use any image as my custom background?

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Yes, you can use any image as long as it is in a compatible file format and has a high enough resolution for your needs.

How can I get a custom background for my image without a photoshoot?

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You can use online background removal tools like to remove the original background and then add a new custom background of your choice.

Do I need any design skills to add a custom background to my image?

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No, you don't need any design skills. and other online background removal tools make it easy for anyone to remove and replace the background of an image.

Is it expensive to get a custom background for my image without a photoshoot?

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No, using an online tool like is typically much more cost-effective than hiring a professional photographer or setting up a photoshoot. Many online background removal tools also offer free or low-cost options, making it accessible to a wide range of users.

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