Future of Digital Marketing in 2024 (Untapped Opportunities)

Future of Digital Marketing in 2024 (Untapped Opportunities)
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In simple terms, digital marketing is any marketing strategy practised on computers, mobile phones, laptops, or any other device known as digital marketing. Whether it is social media ads, paid posts, online videos, search engine marketing, or any other such activities is known as digital marketing. The word digital is used because it uses electronic devices for marketing strategy.

Today the world is full of social media. People are engaged so much in the online market that they often need to remember when they started using the platform. Addiction has gained so much popularity that people need to remember to eat food, but they get easily frustrated if they do not have time to use their mobile phones.

Today everything and anything we want is online. We purchase gifts, buy food, buy clothes or anything we want. We just found it online. We have become so restless that even if we want to buy a small thing, we purchase it online rather than go and visit the market.

Today almost more than half the population goes online daily, and almost 25% of people are constantly online. So, why should we not take advantage of this opportunity? As digital marketers, we should maximize this opportunity by building our brand, making online advertisements and attracting more and more customers through our strategies.

How Important Digital Marketing is?

Earlier were the days when marketing was just on newspapers and Television, but today globally, if you are not using social media, you are not living your life. Digital marketing optimizes different platforms to advertise your brands. With a growing completion, you will be left behind if you need to be updated.

Even a small brand doing their start-up uses digital platforms to start their business, and it is the perfect way to kick start your business. With the help of Digital marketing, you can grow further.

If we look ten years back, no one has ever imagined that the social media world has gained so many changes, and we cannot think that it will stop here; it has more room to be opened yet. So, we must use the opportunity that digital marketing has given us.

Types of Digital Marketing

Below we will make you understand different types of Digital Marketing. When we come across any platform, we will find that if it has certain advantages, it will also show us some disadvantages. Today along with different types of Digital marketing, we will also try to understand their advantages and disadvantages.

1. Mobile Marketing

Today generally, most of the time spent by youngsters is on mobile phones; not only youngsters but, today, generally all age groups are addicted to mobile phones. Through mobile phones, you can attract small kids also to your brand. You can advertise your brand when people use social media.

Many ads pop up when we use social media. People generally concentrate on social media at that time; if ads pop up, they will reach a larger audience. You can also advertise your brand through SMS / text messages. Nowadays, no matter if your brand is just a startup or a big brand, you must devise different strategies to communicate with your consumers. You can come up with different videos or photographs to attract your customers. 

If you are advertising through photographs and finding it difficult to remove or change the background of that image, don't worry. Now you can remove or change your background through an application known as erase.bg in just a few simple steps.


The advantage of Mobile marketing is that it reaches a larger audience, as many people prefer mobile phones to any other device. You can reach the customer of preferred location and preferred preference quickly.


Customers (including you and me) get very much irritated if they are with their family members on social media and advertisements pop up. At this time, they want to skip the ad and continue their work. You need more creativity in Mobile advertisements as there is little space available.

You can ensure your content is simple, sweet, and understandable to your audience. You can use proper captions while posting any video or photograph so that it is easy for your audience to understand.

2. Email Marketing

Email Marketing may look like an old tactic to attract customers, but still, now it is one of the most emerging platforms for digital marketing. You can be in contact through emails. 

Sending emails requires any degree or anything; you need catchy captions to attract your customers, or you can be in touch with your customers through a newsletter. It will send emails regularly to your subscribers to give them the latest updates about your brand. You can send newsletters to your subscribers daily, weekly or monthly based on your content.


If you are regularly in contact with your email, you will be on the top list when your customer wants to buy your product. If you have an email list, you can be in touch with the customers even if you lost touch with them on your social media account.


You must keep your emails engaging, so subscribers don't get bored and unsubscribe. Many emails need to be opened in the inbox. Subscribers do not open emails; they only show interest if the tag lines are interesting. So make sure to use headlines which will attract the subscribers

3. Content Marketing

Content marketing involves writing articles, making videos, pictures and other media to attract consumers to your brand. This approach helps your customer know your brand in detail after reading your articles or watching your videos. It would be best if you kept it as simple as possible to explain your product to your consumer well. 

If you are a proper writer and can write blogs correctly, go with the content writing; if you can face a camera and make videos, shoot and post weekly videos so that your brand is well explained.

Types of Content Marketing are Blogging, Video, Podcasting, Infographics, Visual Content, and E-books. Content marketing doesn't only mean creating content; it means creating relevant content that distributes appropriately on different platforms and does it consistently. 


It is relatively cheaper than any other marketing. You can involve clients as well as employees in content marketing. It reaches the right Audience.


It can seem discouraging and complicated with a high learning curve. It is very time-consuming. With everyone engaging in content marketing, it isn't easy to make your content visible and stand out in the market. It is easier to do if you have a small team and expensive if you outsource it.

4. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing involves marketing your brand through well-known personalities with more followers on their social media accounts. They promote your product on social media like Snapchat, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc., and their followers follow them and move towards your brand. 

When our favourite celebrity or social media stars recommend a newly launched product or service, we start thinking about purchasing it because it influences us; that is why it is known as Influencer Marketing. As per our research, over 86% of people search for the product online and then buy the product. That is why now many companies are collaborating with influencers and preparing Marketing strategies. 

There are many types of Influencers, such as Mega Influencers, with more than 1 million followers. They are celebrities, Actors, Athletes, and Artists with a large audience and direct contact with the large audience. The second type is Macro Influencers, who have 1 lakh to 1 million followers and influence fashion, lifestyle, etc., and the third type is Micro-Influencers, with 1 thousand to 1 lakh followers.


It is affordable right now, and in terms of word-of-mouth marketing in a specific niche in terms of micro-influence, it is affordable. You can send your product as a gift to your favourite influencer, and they will advertise your product. Almost 54% of the total followers buy the product.


When you are promoting your product through influencers, you are putting your brand on the other hand; that is why it is necessary to choose your influencer wisely; otherwise, the image of the influencer on social media directly or indirectly will affect the image of your brand.

5. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

When someone else searches for a product like yours or about your brand, your website should come first at the top of the search. Advertisers target search engine keywords so their ads appear in the search result. Promoters try to drive potential customers to their website to create revenue.

It means promoters pay for their website to appear in search results. You can choose the channel on which you want to advertise. After that, create your monthly budget on how much you want to spend, then set up landing pages and conversion tracking to track results. Then create ads and present campaigns, now track results and optimize them.


When searching for a product, the customer trusts the website, which comes at the top of the screen. Search Engine Marketing allows you to track the annual reports, whether it is working or not.


It takes time for a website to rank at the top of the search. Its ranking changes every time, sometimes, it is at the top of the page, and the next day, it goes down.

6. Social Media Marketing

When an Individual or company wants to grow their product on social media, it is known as social media marketing. Now You can utilize your social media account for product marketing. 

Today many startups and well-known businesses are strategizing to do Social Media Marketing. If you want to stand up in the market, you should have proper knowledge about the timing of When to post the video or post. You should update your profile with the proper name and contact number so that the consumer can contact you. 

You need to have proper Advertising skills for social media marketing. Generally, you can run ads on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram to reach the targeted audience. You should have a proper understanding of content, on which type of content you should have for a particular brand.


With the help of social media marketing, you can increase your brand's visibility. Social Media Marketing has Customer Engagement; customers are engaged by liking your post and making comments, it has two-way communication, and it builds a long-lasting relationship with your Customer. It is free to make social media accounts.


If customers give negative feedback in your comment, then it harms your brand. It is time-consuming; you have to create content and make a marketing strategy, and also it doesn't give results immediately, that is why it is said to be time-consuming

7.  Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Market means when you give a sub-contract of your product to specific companies or individuals to promote it and earn a special commission if any consumer purchases that product from their given link. A company pays a specific commission for every sale to the person outsourcing. You get a commission on the product's sale directly in your bank account.


It generates an additional source of income; in search of commission, you can directly sell to the customers, and the promoter will generate sales. It doesn't require any Investment. Patrons can directly buy the product from the Affiliate Marketer, so they don't have to visit shops and buy the product. It is hassle-free.


Sellers can promise high commissions, but they need to remain faithful to their promises when paying. Sometimes the links are taken over by others, and they start earning the commission.

8. Display Advertising

8. Display Advertising

Advertising which comes up with Videos, Audio, Images, and banners, in short, which display something about the Advertising, is known as Display Advertising. When you see a banner or the banner which is displaying a video, it creates a visual impact on the customers; they tend to buy the product, so it is the mindset which says to buy the product. When you see display advertising, it is vast and very long, so you get more space to display your product.


It gets benefits from Geo-targeting Customers are more attracted towards Display ads. It increases the conversion rate.


Many customers block the ads while using them, affecting display advertising. Many ads that a user clicks are sometimes clicked by mistake. Consumers sometimes need to trust banner ads.

9. Video Marketing

Nowadays, Video Marketing is trending on a large scale. While using social media and stuff like that, people are more attracted to the video they watch; if the video seems attractive, people never skip ads and surf the Brower to buy the product. 

The video impacts the customer's mind, but you should be very reliable with your content so that the user doesn't skip your video. Whenever you create a video, be specific about your content. You must edit it properly and check the background. If you want to change the background of your video, you can easily change it with the help of erase.bg tool.


You can easily connect with your consumers through Videos. Videos affect consumers more than any written article. Videos spread faster and get more viral quickly if your content has that gaining quality.


If your video is loading, it might be frustrating for your viewers, who skip the video. It is much more time-consuming. Making a video, making proper content, editing it and then posting it takes a lot of time

10. Audio Marketing

Nearly 123 million users in the US search for voice search. Audio marketing includes a podcast, radio, and ads on Spotify or Alexa devices and is convenient for busy people who can listen without stopping their work. Most people still listen to the radio daily in cars and buses; it is not just the traditional way. People are still listening to Audio anywhere and everywhere.


It is cheaper than any mode of marketing. Create Audio is more accessible than creating videos. It reaches a large audience at a given number of times.


People generally pay attention when it has visual effects, and it lacks visual effects. Users generally need to pay more attention to what they listen to.

Importance of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Target the consumers as per their preference. Digital Marketing has mixed content, including audio, video, images and written content, which helps consumers choose their products wisely.

Earlier, Traditional Marketing was based on one-way communication, but today Digital Marketing has crossed all boundaries and has built a strong relationship and trust between buyers and sellers. Due to Digital Marketing today, your products or services can reach every part of the world globally.

It promotes interaction between buyers and sellers as the buyer can give proper feedback about the product through comments, and everyone who wants to purchase that product can see the feedback and then purchase it. Here due to Digital Marketing, customers are given more priority for their choices and preferences.

It is said that if your business is on the internet, your business will be in business. More than half of the population globally uses the internet, so you must do business online. Your customers can contact us anytime, so you have to cooperate so that your brand bills trust for your customers. It helps you to connect with the customers anytime and every time.

You have to answer their questions which arise to them about your brand; if you do not do so, your customer will find some other brand for that. A survey shows over 91% of smartphone owners purchased after seeing a relevant ad. And around 74% of users use Facebook for professional means. And around 4.6 billion video ads are watched every year.

In simple terms, digital marketing is a platform to promote business online. Today everyone's customers are online; they are surfing through social media, reading news and blogs, and searching for their needs online. At this time, businesses identify their targeted audience.

When COVID-19 hit the world globally, every business was shut down; digital marketing helped the world to keep running their business. Everything was done digitally because everyone had lost touch and contact. Now even if you want to purchase clothes or groceries or your mother wants a cooking recipe, everything works digitally.

How does Digital Marketing Work?

In the era of the internet, where we purchase everything online, it might be a product (even a tiny thing) or an even service. Everything we want is online. Even for our basic needs, we rely on the internet. We can take service or purchase any product from around the world.

But then the question arises of how all this takes place. It Makes use of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). When you think about a particular product, the first thing you do is search for the product; there, you find various options available and various YouTube blogs giving information about that particular product.

Even if you go back and start using social media, many relevant ads pop up about the product that you have been searching for. This is all because of Search Engine Optimisation, which tracks your search and gives you various options to buy it. It also gets works with Pay-per-click. When the user clicks on your ad, you have to pay for the click. This tries to bring traffic to your website.

Future of Digital Marketing

Before 2010 no one would have predicted the future of the digital market that we have now, so now we cannot predict how much the store holds for us. We can say that it will have a bright future. Only a few things are left on the internet. We want food we buy online, groceries, furniture, and electronics. Everything you get is online at a discount price.

Before, it was the monopoly of the shopkeepers that they kept the price, and we had to give it because it was our need. Due to digital marketing, we have various options available, so we can buy it from wherever we want. Further, we will see why the future of digital marketing is high.

1. Inexpensive

Earlier, business owners needed to spend lakhs on advertisements printed in newspapers and televisions. But today, due to digitalization, it has become very cheap. Digital Marketing is cheaper than any other marketing; social media ads cost 40 to 50 Rs. Per day, which is way cheaper than before when people would have to spend lakhs

2. Digitalization

Everything in the world today is digitalised. From small startups to significant businesses, everyone is choosing digital marketing for their business. Due to digital marketing, people are coming up with new startups that have yet to be imagined. If people cannot open their shops, many women open their startups from home, forex, raisin art, making cakes, delivering tiffin service, etc.

This is all possible because of digital marketing. You need an account that is made accessible for the users. If today there is so much growth in the digital market, the coming days when those kids who have already seen such changes can take the digital market to the next level.

3. Digital India Initiative by the Government

With a seen in the growth of Digital marketing nowadays, the government is also coming up with various plans and amendments to raise awareness about digital marketing. The drastic change we have seen in the growth of digital marketing is mainly after the covid has hit the world; However, the world economy was falling due to medical infrastructure, but due to digital marketing, our economy was standing still. 

The government wants to see the growth of digital marketing even in rural areas. Today, even in rural areas, people are making blogs and videos, getting famous through social media, and gaining likes, comments and fame. Due to digital marketing, many households are earning their bread and butter.

4. The engagement rate is high.

The engagement rate is high in digital marketing, whether B2B or B2C. The sellers are well connected with the buyers in different ways. You need to pay attention to your content. Your content should speak well. You must have creativity in your content to stand in the highly competitive market. 

For example, Zomato, a food delivery app keeps its customers engaged by sending different pop-ups like, are you hungry? We are there for you, and if it's raining, we are there to serve you a hot dinner. They keep sending these punch lines so that their consumers are engaged with them. 


5. Digital marketing courses

Many institutions are coming up with digital marketing courses. They train their students about marketing, branding advertising, and how to gain followers on social media and start earning. 

There is a vast growth seen in students applying for digital marketing. Today even a tiny vendor accepts payment digitally. From children to age groups peoples everyone is learning to make payments digitally. So in future, it will help a lot in the development.

6. Digital marketing trend over traditional marketing

People are going crazy over digital marketing. At first, they were not normalized with digital marketing, but now everyone is learning. Everyone likes the concept of digital marketing and forgets about traditional marketing.

7. Visual effects

Digital marketing leads to visual effects which attract the consumer. For your content, you need to set up a proper display, background, and creativity, which impacts the brighter future of digital marketing. With the help of all the graphics and visual impacts, digital marketing is leading to a new level. 

How to Change the Background from a Higher Resolution Image?

We have to click better pictures to see the brighter future of digital marketing. Pictures play an essential role in the field of digital marketing. Photographs attract consumers. If images are correctly clicked, your product will be well-defined in the market, and if your picture is in higher resolution, it is better to explain. 

The following steps will guide you to change the background of a higher-resolution image.

Step 1 - Go through erase.bg website. An Uploads Image button appears.

Home Page of Erase.bg

Step 2 - Click on the picture you want the background to be changed and click on the Upload Image button.

2nd Step to Upload image

Step 3 - You will have an edit image button when the Image is successfully uploaded.

3rd Step to Edit Background

Step 4 - After clicking on the edit image button, you can edit your Image's background as per your preference and color.

4th Step to download Image without Background

How can I Edit a Background by Using Erase.bg Tool?

You can easily edit a background from any image using erase.bg tool within seconds; all these steps are hassle-free, and anyone can use them. Following are the steps to edit a background.

Step 1 - Browse through erase.bg website. You will see an upload image button.

Home Page of Erase.bg

Step 2 - After selecting the photo, Click on the ‘Upload Image’ button.

2nd Step to Upload Image

Step 3 - Once the photo has been uploaded successfully, you will see an edit button on top of the image. 

3th Step Click Edit button

Step 4 - You can transform your image background by applying different colors and radiance.

Last and Final Step to Edit Background and Download image without BG

How to Change the Background From a Photo by Erase.bg?

It takes a lot of time to edit the photo after removing it. After giving effects to a photo, some need help finding an appropriate background. Follow these simple steps to change the background from an image.

Step 1 - Browse to erase.bg website. An Upload Image button will appear. Click on the Upload Image button. 

Home Page of Erase.bg

Step 2 - Organize the image you want to edit. Click on the Upload Button.

2nd Step to Upload image

So by these simple steps, you will see that the background of your image has been successfully changed to white.

Does Erase.bg help in Digital Marketing?

The answer is yes, it does help in digital marketing. In Digital Marketing, the pictures required are of higher resolution. It would be best if you edited your pictures correctly. Many tools come up with charges.

But erase.bg is free of cost. The first advantage of using the erase.bg tool is that it is readily available on the Web, Play store and App store. Without any difficulty or hesitation, you can easily use erase.bg. You don’t have to follow many steps to edit an image or remove background from image.

It is a straightforward tool developed for everyone. You can upload a maximum size of 25 MB to remove the background and edit the background by using different patterns and colors. After clicking your product photograph, you can now easily change the background of your picture. That is why you should choose erase.bg tool


How do I edit the background on erase.bg in an image?

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You can go through the following mentioned steps to edit the background from an image.‍ Step 1 - Browse through erase.bg website. You will be able to see the ‘Upload Image’ button. Click on Upload Image. Step 2 - Arrange the image that you want to edit. Click on the ‘Upload Button’, and you will see the image background has been changed in white color. Step 3 - After Uploading the Image, you will find an edit button on the top right corner of the image. Click on the edit button and here you can choose different colors and patterns of the background to change it from. Step 4 - Go to ‘Download Original Size’ to Download the image.

How do I change background pictures on erase.bg?

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To Change the background pictures through erase.bg go through the following steps.‍ Step 1 - Go to erase.bg website and click the ‘Upload Image’ button. Step 2 - Select the image from the file and click on the ‘Upload Button’. Step 3 - Go to ‘Download Original Size’ to Download the image.

How to change the background of my Higher resolution image?

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 By the following steps you can easily change the background of your higher resolution image.‍ Step 1 - Go through erase.bg, and you will see an Upload Image button. Step 2 - Choose the picture you want the background to be changed and click on the Upload Image button. Step 3 - After the Image has been successfully uploaded you will have an edit image button. Step 4 - After clicking on the edit image button you can edit the background of your image as per your preference and colour.

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