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Easy Ways To Remove Backgrounds From Your LinkedIn Profile Pictures

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While LinkedIn has many excellent features, its photo editing capabilities can leave much to be desired. However, with just a few steps, you can remove unwanted objects from your LinkedIn profile pictures to give you a much more professional look without having to purchase expensive graphic design software or paying someone else to edit your pictures. Once you've completed this process once, you can repeat it every time you need a new picture for your profile. Here's how to remove backgrounds from your LinkedIn profile pictures in four easy steps!

Why You Need a Custom Background Image From Your Linkedin Profile Pictures

You've probably noticed your profile picture is set against a plain, blank background. You may think that you're stuck with this generic setting, but it's pretty easy to remove the background and replace it with something personal. One way to customize your background is by using Canva's Design Lab feature.

It lets you upload photos from your computer or use an image on the web for your background. If you want more control over the design of the photo, however, here are some other options:

If you have a copy of Photoshop installed on your computer (or if you're tech-savvy enough to know how to download and install it), then another quick way is to make sure all of the settings are unchecked so that none of them apply.

After uploading your desired picture as the background, go into Layers and select Layer Mask. By default, black will be selected as the color for the layer mask. Use a paintbrush to paint white onto areas where you want the photo to show. Save the file once you're done editing!

Reasons To Remove Backgrounds From Your Linkedin Profile Pictures

What's with that white space all around your headshot? Sometimes it can be tough to see what the person looks like without seeing a background, but thankfully there is an easy fix for that! As long as you have a good idea of what your background is and are willing to do some cropping, it'll be a breeze.

This will only take a few minutes, so let's get started! The first thing you need to do is make sure that your photo has a high enough resolution so that when you crop out the background

it won't look blurry or distorted. There should be no jagged edges either; if you find yourself with any blurred parts in your image, double check on this tutorial again. Your LinkedIn profile picture needs to be the full focus of your viewers, whether that’s recruiters looking at your picture to determine whether you’re qualified for their next job opening or hiring managers assessing your personality based on the image they see of you.

By removing any extraneous objects or pictures from your LinkedIn profile pictures, you’ll give the viewer a clearer view of who you are and what you’re all about. Here are the top 8 reasons to remove backgrounds from your LinkedIn profile pictures.


Reason #1: It communicates professionalism

Your LinkedIn profile photo should show your face clearly and prominently. Put the focus on you, not where you're standing or what you're doing. If people are looking at your profile page, they should see an enlarged version of your face at least once before they get a chance to read anything else about you.

It's also a good idea to remove all backgrounds because those photos might be sending mixed messages about who you are and what matters most to you. A white background, for example, might signal that everything is possible for this person. Or maybe it could communicate simplicity, minimalism, or neutrality - how does it make you feel?

Reason #2: You become more approachable

Having a clear background can help you connect with other professionals, and it may help others feel more comfortable approaching you. When someone sees an individual in front of an uninteresting background, they may assume that this person is lonely or has nothing going on in their life.

Showing your current professional project in the background can make it much easier for people to identify you as someone who's not only good at what they do but also a highly interesting person with many interests outside of work.

This impression will be strengthened if you happen to be out of the office-say at a conference and have a picture of yourself at a location relevant to the photo industry (for example, standing next to sofas or organizing plates).

Reason #3: Shows you care about your professional image

This is one of the most overlooked yet most effective ways to enhance your professional profile. Just think about it, we're all judged on first impressions.Wouldn't you want someone seeing your profile for the first time and walking away feeling like they'd made a great choice in hiring you?

By removing distractions from your background, you show that you understand that it's the content of your image that should be drawing the viewer's eye and not what's happening behind you. After all, if it was just as easy to fix problems behind you as it is in front of you, then everyone would be able to multitask!

Reason #4: Makes it easier for recruiters to contact you

If recruiters want to contact you, they usually have to scroll through your profile. This can be time-consuming if they are trying to reach out and speak with a lot of candidates. When they have a hard time finding you, then it becomes difficult for them and frustrating for you as the job seek.Hiring managers won't notice that you've added updates because the content isn't visible.

With no clear way of sharing information, the hiring process will likely become more difficult and it may be too late by the time they realize that their candidate is gone. A white background will make it easier for employers looking to get in touch with you and more importantly, keep your application visible on their screen long enough for them to take action on it.

Reason #5: Makes you appear more youthful

Removing backgrounds in your LinkedIn profile picture will make you appear younger. This is especially useful for people who are looking for a position that isn't biased by age, but who are at the point where their employment prospects are dwindling because of their age.

Removing the background can help you look like you're five years younger than your current age. If you're already employed and feel like you might be nearing the end of your employable life span, removing backgrounds can help make you look refreshed and active without turning back time on anything but your picture!

Reason #6: Gives you more privacy

It's a good idea to remove background imagery from your LinkedIn profile picture so that people can't identify where you are or what you're doing. If people know where you are or what you're doing, it could open the door for others to try and reach out and connect with you in places that might not be appropriate, such as your family vacation spot.

Reason #7: Makes an impression on decision-makers

You are most likely searching for a job. Looking through LinkedIn's search engines, I see recruiters search for specific experience and education criteria. When employers find your profile on the site, they will examine it, decide if you might be a potential candidate for the position, and make contact with you if they want more information about your skills.

However, what are you presenting to them? If your background is only two colors or something difficult to decipher like black and white photography then not many people will look at your profile because of how uninteresting it appears. Employers need to take note of all possible aspects of their potential candidates before deciding who will be best suited for their open positions.

Reason #8: Improves your chances of getting noticed by potential employers

If you're going for a job interview and have an unsightly background in your profile picture, odds are the interviewer will notice. This is because, in many cases, the interviewer will pull up your profile on their phone before the interview begins, giving them ample time to scrutinize it.

And, chances are that if they don't like what they see (or feel like it takes away from your experience), then you'll be out of luck with them. You can avoid this by going for a full-body or headshot instead of capturing yourself mid-action or posing in front of a cluttered background.

Why Erase.Bg Is The Best Tool To Remove The Background ImageFrom Your Linkedin Profile Pictures

Remove background pictures that are used by many individuals and organizations on their online profiles. By using, you can now quickly remove backgrounds from your images without the complicated and time-consuming process of manual editing.

How does it work? The user uploads an image or selects one from their device, sets the size of the space for the background removal, adds a color correction (optional), then saves and uploads their modified image on Linkedin.

In our tests, we found that this application has set itself apart from other competitors as it only takes 3-4 minutes per photo - even faster than using Photoshop's content-aware fill feature. So stop struggling with Photoshop any longer!

Removing background image using is a new application designed specifically for eliminating backgrounds on pictures you take with your phone.

Step 1 - Start by downloading the app from Google Play or iOS, depending on your device type and operating system.

Step 2 - By dragging and dropping or by browsing your drive, you can upload your image.

Step 3 - Then click the 'Remove Background' icon in the top toolbar.

Step 4 - Select PNG, toggle 'Transparent Background' on, then click 'Export'.


LinkedIn’s recent trend of allowing people to add backgrounds to their profile picture has raised questions about how to get rid of that background when you don’t want it there anymore. Fortunately, it’s an easy fix and these steps can help you achieve the clean look you want.


Is there a free background remover?

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If you don't want your background showing up in the picture on your profile, there is a simple solution: use This is a free website that does all the work for you. Just upload the picture with the background, and it will automatically strip it out for you. The only caveat is that you have to upload an image that's high-resolution (up to resolution 5,000 x 5,000 px) to see a full preview.

What does transparent background mean in Canva?

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Transparent backgrounds can make your life easier when you want to insert text, images, and other content over existing backgrounds.

A transparent background is the opposite of a white background: any color or texture beneath the text or image will show through. To make your photo transparent, you'll need to add a layer in Canva, on top of your existing image. Underneath this new layer, you can place whatever you like!

Should I have a LinkedIn background?

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Yes, a LinkedIn background can help you stand out on this site as well as on Facebook and Twitter pages. It is also easy to create your background by going into your profile settings and uploading a high-quality photo.

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