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14 Product Photography Tips To Make You Look Like A Pro

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A great product photography plays a very strong impact on influencing people to buy the product. It has the power to convert even a window shopper into a customer. 

That is the reason why businesses lay a lot of emphasis on finding the perfect professional product photographs to display in order to help increase the conversions and display the product in a manner that captivates the eyes of the viewers.

And in case you are starting out your eCommerce business now or you are an existing business owner hoping to boost the conversion rates, this article will help you in doing your own product photography. Before we get onto it, let us talk a bit about the importance of product photography.

Why Should You Focus On Product Photography?

A couple of reasons why product photography is considered necessary are:

1.Images Might Belong To Someone Else:

It might be tough to distinguish which image belongs to whom and who owns the picture's copyright. This hassle gets handled when you take pictures of your products. 

2. Easy to Stand Out From The Competition:

There are often instances when the customers see repetitive images on the ads, which might confuse them as they might think that they are watching the same brand's images repeatedly. Using different pictures, you can easily stand out from the competition.

3. Avoid Reverse Image Search:

When someone else sells the same products as yours, they will do a reverse search. In a reverse search, it is easy to determine how you are marketing your products and how they can compete with you. Hence, using a distinctive product image will safeguard you from this hassle. 

Moving on, let us now discuss some tips and tricks on how you can take stunning product photos.

14 Product Photography Tips To Make You Look Like A Pro

A lot is involved in getting the perfect shot for your products. Here are a couple of product photography tips and tricks that you can implement and boost your conversion rates:

Tip 1: Invest in a Good Camera and Lens

While iPhone cameras are a lot of hype lately when one talks about taking pictures, we still recommend using a professional camera when taking photos for your eCommerce business. Also, you can use different kinds of lenses to shoot your products from different angles and perspectives.

And even though the iPhone's camera has a high resolution, it is not as high as that of a DSLR camera, which helps you see the product's finer details as well. Always make sure that the customers can see the tiniest details of your products to make an educated choice.

Tip 2: Always Shoot Product Photos With A White Background

Using a white background for your product images is a wise idea as it helps in giving a consistent look and makes your product listings look rather professional. And in case you do not have a white background for some reason, or you have some existing product images, you can use background removal and editing tools like to add a white background to your product image. 

The best part about using to add a white background to an image is that it takes only three to four seconds and does not require any technical or specialised skills. The steps to add a white background to a product image using are:

Step 1 - Go to's website or application (available on the PlayStore and the AppStore) and use the Upload Image option or the Drag and Drop feature to upload the image you want to add a white background.

Home Page of

Step 2 - When your image gets uploaded, the savvy AI of starts working on removing the Background from your image. While it happens, a message on your screen reads, "Processing image, please wait…."

2nd Step to Processing image

Step 3 - Now, you will get an image with a transparent background. Click on the Edit option in the top-right corner of the Background Removed image and select the White Colour. 

3rd Step to download in Original size

Step 4 - Download the product image with your white Background by clicking on the Download Image option.

Last and Final Step to Download image

Just like that, you have professional-looking product images in three or four seconds with

Tip 3: Avoid Using Filters

Make sure that you refrain from using filters and use the best lights to shoot your products so that they reflect the actual colours of your image. That is because a filter often acts as an accessory that the photographers use to alter an image. You must always make sure that your customers get an accurate representation of the product.

Tip 4: Use Proper Lighting

Without proper lighting, neither your product nor your Background will look decent. There are two distinct kinds of lighting when we talk about product photography, they are.

  • Studio Lighting
  • Natural Lighting

The kind of lighting you opt for solely relies on the product you're shooting for, the purpose of your product and the platform on which the product image will be uploaded.

Natural lighting works well for products featuring clothing, people or edible items. On the other hand, artificial lighting works for products primarily used indoors or has intricate details like artwork, cookware, etc.

Tip 5: Use Macro Setting To Capture The Finer Details

If you sell a product with finer details, the macro setting on your camera will help you truly capture the finer points of your product. The macro settings on your camera help zoom in on the products to get a clear vision of their product. Hence, investing in a macro lens could be your best bet to help capture the finer details.

Tip 6: Use A Flash Diffuser

A flash diffuser is a tool that will help you spread the light out consistently and avoid hard lighting. A flash diffuser helps in ensuring that the product looks good under the light and makes the images look much more natural.

Tip 7: Take Inspiration From Your Competitors

It is important to take a good look of what your competition is doing and take some inspiration from it. Take a look at their photography style and see if you could benefit from a similar style or something newer. 

Tip 8: Keep In Mind The Rule Of Thirds

Be it any photographer, the rule of thirds is always given a lot of emphasis. The management of thirds helps you visualise your canvas as nine equal parts. The rule of thirds came into existence to help artists create well-balanced compositions and assist in determining the focal part of your product image.

Tip 9: Use A Basic Prop

Regarding product photography, using props might turn out well, but you must also keep in mind that the main focus should be on the product, not the props. Along with that, you must also keep in mind that the props shouldn't be too flashy either.

Tip 10: Use A Tripod

A tripod might seem unnecessary, but they make a huge difference in your product image's quality and clarity. They are usually not too expensive. Tripods help stabilise your camera and ensure that your images are not blurry. This is important as you want your talks to look professional and reflect good quality.

Tip 11: Take Multiple Shots From Different Angles

If you have multiple products too short, it might seem reasonable to take just one or two pictures of each product. However, this might not reflect well when attracting your customers. Make sure you take pictures of your product from multiple angles so your customers can see what your product looks like.

Tip 12: Put The Product In Context

When it comes to buying products online, many people might be a bit hesitant when buying a product from a physical store, and they can feel it, touch it and envision themselves using it. Hence, you need to do your product photography in a man so your customers can envision themselves using it.

Also, when it comes to targeting people with unlimited disposable income, they might hesitate a bit; hence you need to put your product in a manner that makes them confident enough in your product with regards to helping them improve their daily life.

Tip 13: Follow Product Photography Specifications 

Platforms like Google and Amazon have some well-laid-out rules, regulations and specifications when posting product listings. Hence, you must adhere to them when you photograph your product. 

Tip 14: Display The Details

When it comes to describing the details of your products verbally, you might be able to do it well, but when it comes to describing the product on an eCommerce website, it often becomes a tough task.

Even though people might read a short description or the bullet points you provide, make sure that the way you photograph your product reflects all of the details one could expect.

While these were a couple of our product photography tips and tricks that you could benefit from, there also might be an instance where a few of them might not be applicable to you. Anyway, always ensure to experiment and learn what works well for your products and increase the conversion rate.


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