How to remove background In PowerPoint?

You'll even understand how to undo your modifications if you decide you don't like these. Please remember that this only operates with the Windows version of PowerPoint; however, if you're running OneDrive, we'll go through a solution.

Let's start by discussing why eliminating an image background in PowerPoint is the most effective technique to improve your presentation. Then we'll get through into the specifics of deleting an image's backdrop in PowerPoint and how to do it.  we'll explain to you when you might move your presentation from there with our greatest techniques.

The advantages of learning how to erase a picture background from a PowerPoint presentation are numerous.

Removing an image's background in PowerPoint has a lot of advantages. Some of them are evident, while others are more nuanced. In essence, it allows you to be more innovative with your presentations:

Increase the amount of space on your slides

Losing the background of a photograph reduces the size of the photo without eliminating the main item. In this manner, your slides will not only make it feel better, but you'll also have extra room for content.

Add a creative and one-of-a-kind touch.

Eliminating the backdrop of a photo in PowerPoint is a professional gesture that is sure to amaze your viewers. Working around this function allows you to be more artistic with your presentation and put that special touch that will maintain your viewer's interest and assure that your content is remembered.

Instead of using commercial photos, make your own.

Knowing able to rapidly erase a photo's background implies you could use very much any photo that could find. Rather than choosing commercial photographs with clear backdrops, create your own and personalize your presentation.

Make your presentation more personable.

Including a photo of themselves moving on a PowerPoint presentation is a great way to personalize them. This could help your viewers chuckle, making you and your reputation more recognizable, and is incredibly beneficial whenever you don't get to show the presentations but instead transfer them to someone else to look at.

How to remove background from a picture in PowerPoint

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Set the Transparent Color Option in PowerPoint to eliminate the white backdrop from a picture.

The Create Transparent Color option is the most practical way to erase the white backdrop from a photo in PowerPoint, and it functions wonderfully if you have a photo with a strong background - if that isn't the situation, you could go to the next step.

Step 1 - To begin, open PowerPoint and upload the image, then choose it by tapping on it.

dog in ppt

Step 2 - Select the Image Format option from the drop-down menu.

Step 3 - Choose a colour from the Color dropdown option. Choose a Transparent Color option at the bottom of the page that you should choose.

dogs in ppt

Step 4 - Next, select the background colour of the image you need to delete.

That concludes our discussion. The background of your image has been removed, and you could now keep working on your presentation.

dog ppt

Only pure white background’s function using Create Transparent Color.

We experimented with this function quite a little, and it truly functions with a flawlessly white background, photographed in a studio with no shades at all. It looked like this when we applied it with a blue background:

Before you use the Set Transparent Color effect, be sure you know what you're doing.

dog in ppt

After Following the application of the Set Transparent Color effect

dogs ppt

If we could notice, the tool was only able to remove a small portion of the backdrop, and it did it in a haphazard manner. Which, if we're being honest, does not appear to be very competent.

If your background isn't white or is a bit more complicated, you should check out the following choice alternatively.

In PowerPoint, use the Erase Backdrop tool to erase the background from a picture.

This second approach is the most effective - PowerPoint's erase background feature and it's ideal for photographs with more difficulty erasing the background. If there are shadows, trees, or a beach in the background, for illustration. Don't worry if you don't have any photos of your own. Unsplash has a lot of wonderful royalty-free images to use for this. Take a chance and:

Step 1. By selecting the image, you may choose it.

Step 2. Next, in PowerPoint's taskbar, go to > Picture Format.

Step 3. Erase the background by selecting Remove Background. PowerPoint would then highlight/select the sections of the image that it recognizes as the backdrop.

Step 4. This is how your image would then appear. The background to be deleted is shown by the purple region. As you could notice, it grabbed the majority of the dog but missed his neck, so we'll modify the sections we would like to 'keep' and not have the backdrop eliminated next.

Step 5. Select > Mark Areas to Keep from the menu's left-hand side. You may now choose which sections you want to 'keep' and not have the backdrop removed with them. Hair is sometimes removed, even though you'd presumably like to have it.

Step 6. You could either select and drag to choose a larger region or simply select or draw a line on the image to highlight it, as seen below

Step 7. When you're satisfied, go ahead and click > Save Changes.

Your cut-out photo will now be without a background.

If the background regions you would like to delete haven't been erased by these methods, go ahead and select > Mark Areas to Remove. The edges could be fine-tuned to perfection here.

How you can use to remove Background in one click? is an AI-powered software that erases background from photographs with extreme accuracy in a matter of moments. It provides people to change the background of photos, edit them, and save them in a variety of formats.

Using these simple procedures, you would be capable of easily erase the background from your JPEG picture using via the webpage or by purchasing the App, which could be obtained from the App Store (for iOS users) or the Google Play Store (for Android users).

Step 1 - You could either select the "Upload Picture" dialogue box or directly drag and drop the photo onto the webpage.

Step 2 - "Uploading picture, kindly wait" would display on the computer, and in all that period,'s AI would work its magic to erase the background from the JPEG picture of your selection.

Step 3 - In the top right-hand side of the Background Removed iffgy, you'll find an Edit button if you wish to erase anything or tweak the picture.

Step 4 - Download the photos in the type of your choice to your desired location.

It simply takes a few seconds to remove the backdrop from any picture and enhance it using Hopefully, it assists you in the most effective manner possible with picture editing.


Here, we have listed some of the commonly asked questions from the community. If you do not find the information you need, feel free to reach out to us at

What is the best way to erase background from a photograph?

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1. Erase a photograph's background

2. Choose the image from which you wish to remove the backdrop.

3. Select Picture Format > Remove Background or Format > Remove Background from the toolbar.

4. The default backdrop region would be coloured magenta to indicate that it would be removed, while the foreground would be left alone.

What's the best way to create my backdrop transparently?

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1. In Publisher, you can create an image's background visible or opaque.

2. Choose the image in which you wish to make transparent parts.

3. Select Picture Tools > Recolor > Set Transparent Color from the drop-down menu.

4. Select the colour you wish to create transparency in the image. Observations:

5. Choose a photo.

6. Press CTRL+T at the same time.

In PowerPoint, how do you create a white background transparently?

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1. To get rid of a solid-colour background, do the following: Erase the background by selecting the image and going to Picture Tools Format > Remove Background.

2. To create a specific colour translucently, do the following: Go to Picture Tools Format > Color > Set Transparent Color after selecting the picture.

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