vs Figma: Choose the Best to Remove the Background

Have you recently wanted to eliminate the backdrop from a photo but needed more money to acquire premium software services? Another possibility is that you are just getting started and do not intend to spend any more money on frivolous things that are not at all free and that you're likely not to use frequently. There are many solutions to remove the background from any picture without spending any money.

Employing one of the thousands of internet-based tools is the very first step. To eliminate the backdrop from any picture, a few other tools on the market are absolutely free to use. Employing paid software that involves a subscription would be another option to eliminate the background. Even though the application is usually pricier than the resources available on the internet, it might take a lot longer, considering everything needs to be done manually.

A background removal tool called employs artificial intelligence (AI) to quickly and efficiently remove the backgrounds from your pictures. It is an absolutely free and very light program that has already been installed over 1,000 times from Google Play Store. Furthermore, you may use our application from any location at any given moment to get instantaneous background cut-outs.

The first application is, where you can also either download or use instantly from the internet. It is also offered as a plugin for several programmes, including Photoshop, Sketch, and others. It serves as an excellent application for quickly removing backdrops from photographs.

However, if you utilise it as a plugin, you cannot modify the image. Instead, you should approve the AI's choice of cropping. You may then significantly change whatever the AI removes whenever you use it online or download the app, removing further sections of the photograph or restoring any that have been unintentionally erased.

How to use to Remove Background

Typically, when we want to remove backgrounds from images, we turn to advanced software like Photoshop, which requires substantial time and effort to master effectively. Fortunately, with, the process to remove background online is simplified, eliminating the need for manual background removal from images.

Following these simple procedures will enable you to use in as little time as counting to three:

Step 1 - Go to the website or install the android app on your phone.

Home Page of

Step 2 - To pick the photo from your photo gallery from which you will remove the backdrop, open the app and tap the Upload Image button.

2nd Step to Upload image

Step 3 - It's only going to take a couple of seconds for the program to process your photo.

3rd tep to Processing image

Step 4 - When you are done, you'll see that the final picture lacks the underlying background. All that would be left to do is click the Download Image button to download the high-resolution image to your computer, laptop, or smartphone.

Last and Final Step to Download image without Background

Why Should I use to Get Rid of Background Pictures?

Following are some compelling reasons in favour of removing the backdrop of photos through the use of the free app:

1. It is a sophisticated AI-powered background removal program that you can employ to precisely adjust individual or groups of pictures.

2. Delivers a transparent backdrop that allows you to concentrate exclusively on the subject of your picture.

3. Permits individuals to capture and share beautifully crafted pictures.

4. Optimized images can permanently save money and time and improve online sales.

5. With innovative and productive campaigns, provide your clients with an enjoyable and easy experience.

6. Using the same free tool to erase the backdrop from a picture is convenient and simple; it does not require particular expertise or advanced editing skills.

7. Use a wide range of opportunities with the app. eSignatures, company logos, presentations, profile pictures, and social media network images may very well be edited, resized, and saved with the use of clever editing features to get rid of backgrounds.

8. There are no costs connected with utilizing it continuously since it is an entirely free service.

9. The app fulfils the rigorous requirements of the following.


Erases the backdrop from a photograph automatically. Adds eye-catching graphics and fresh backdrops. Take full advantage of sophisticated editing and exporting alternatives.


For presentations, choose the most suitable pictures. Speed up this process for basic background adjustments. Get the photograph in the relevant frame with the correct amount of white balance.


Create beautiful and functional graphic content that complies with SEO standards. Simple and easy to combine with designs & simplifies the process of customising products. Developers can use a background removal tool on both Windows and Mac OS.


Benefits of Eliminating the Backdrop from Photographs

There are a number of perks to removing the backdrop from photos that businesses may take full advantage of. The primary advantages are as follows.

1) An improvement in productivity

Almost everyone who desires to move up the value chain must employ the background removal tool. It is a handy tool because it lets you stay focused on the main subject or figure in the photograph.

We are now all aware that the background may be disruptive when working on a photo and make it more challenging to focus on the focal subject. The background removal tool is relevant in this context. It makes it very simple so that you can concentrate solely on the primary purpose and lets you get rid of distractions.

2) Better image quality

To improve the image quality of photographs, background removal features are extensively employed in software for photo editing. Concentrating on the core subject matter and generating a more professional and expert-looking picture by erasing the backdrop from a photograph is possible.

For businesses relying on pictures for advertising, branding, and selling reasons, it is a truly excellent method to improve the overall quality of your images.

3) Making photographs appear more pristine and professional

Have you ever observed that online marketplaces have pictures of their websites and product lines? You would only notice clear aspects of the merchandise in the photographs, which are substantially different from conventional ones.

How do you produce a perfect image representing your goods and services? At this moment, a background remover might be extremely helpful. Using this tool, you may eradicate an image's previous background and switch it out with a solid colour (white, cream, or transparent colour, for example).

It enhances the image's visibility making it more eye-catching on websites and other web-based platforms, and enhances its prominence in search engines. This tool is fantastic for anyone who would like to capture images of a professional calibre without needing to pay a professional photographer.

4) Produce attractive pictures

It's a question that's already been raised repeatedly over and over again: how can images be modified to seem more beautiful? Unwanted background aspects attract viewers' focus away from the main subject, which is why an image's backdrop is vital, as it determines the aesthetic appeal of the photograph.

Clean pictures that attract the viewer's focus to the photograph's main subject may be generated by eliminating such distractions. The image's appearance is hindered by the background as well. Increase conversions and clicks on your webpage by switching the present background to a more enticing one. This one will work on improving the attractiveness of the photo.


Home Page of Figma

Figma is a web application for UI design that allows for cooperation. It also includes offline functionalities greatly facilitated by desktop programmes for both Mac and Windows.

Figma includes a wide assortment of vector graphics editing and prototype tools, with a focus on real-time cooperation and a set of features oriented on the user interface and user experience design. On smartphone and tablet devices, Figma prototypes may be observed and engaged with in real time by using the Figma mobile application for Android and iOS.

How To Get Rid Of The Background In Figma

In Figma, do you wish to remove a backdrop? This short tutorial explains how you can use Figma to strip away the background from a picture effortlessly. Two separate procedures can be used.

There are two options for getting rid of the background in Figma. The use of masking is one approach; another entails the use of the "Remove Bg" plugin. The advantages and downsides of each technique are different.

How To Remove A Background From Figma

As discussed in previous sections, you may erase or clip away the background using two different methods. The plugin method is the most suitable alternative if you want something quick and simple. The output's reliability will be affected, though. You should sign up for a pro subscription to remove higher-resolution backdrops.

The product's overall quality won't be impacted by the following technique, which is free. Masking allows us to strip off a backdrop from a photograph. However, this takes a bit of time. Install the plugin, set the API key, and then run it to erase the backdrop.

Step 1 - Install  the Remove BG plugin 

Installing the Remove Bg plugin, which is free, comes at the very first. This enables you to effortlessly and quickly erase the background. Remove Bg also has an online version that is accessible. Quickly, the backdrop is found and eliminated.

Step 2 - Configure the API Key

Open your photo in Figma once the plugin has been activated. For backdrop removal, Remove Bg has to incorporate an API key. Since this, Click on Remove BG and Setup API Key by making a right-click on the photo, then tap on plugins. Follow the instructions on the screen to set your API key when you come across a box with information.

Step 3 - Run the Plugin.

Activating the plugin is the following action after setting the API key up. Start by removing the BG by choosing Plugins from the menu bar of the right-clicked photo. Your picture's backdrop will have to be erased; depending on its size, this will require a long time. The outcome will be fantastic, though.

Your picture's background has been erased without a selection or mask assistance. Mask the subject and remove the backdrop while dealing with complicated images. Only simple and direct images can still have the background removed (which has a clean background). Here's an explanation:

By using masking, Remove a Background

Removing BG is not necessarily beneficial; instead, we need to employ the shape or pen tool to mask the photo when the photo's background needs to be clarified. It demands some patience and work.

1. Start the picture

Open Figma first, then choose "Create a New Design" to create a new file. You may drag and drop your photo into Figma or download it by choosing File > Place Image.

2. Use of the Pen Tool

The pen tool may be picked from the toolbar. The Shape tool can also be employed to make it. Using the pen tool, trace your foreground. The pen tool could seem hard to beginners. Check out the YouTube clips on Pen Tool. Like Photoshop and Illustrator, it is equivalent. It's simple to carry out once you figure it out.

To fill the right-side panel after picking the foreground layer, hit Fill (above the Stroke). Afterwards, the selected layer will have a particular colour applied to it. The layers panel will indeed automatically create a brand-new vector layer.

3. Use as a mask

Start moving your vector layer beneath the image layer once it has been generated. Afterwards, select both layers with the use of the move tool. From the menu, pick Use as Mask. During the top bar, it will be seen. Your backdrop layer has currently been divided up. The background layer must be eliminated as the ultimate remaining step.

Choose the background layer, then click the Delete button on your keyboard to erase it. That's all; the transparent layer has now become free to utilise after removing the background. Furthermore, this layer may be exported as a PNG, SVG, JPG, or PDF file. It's a practical and useful element of Figma.

To accomplish this, select each layer, then click the Export icon in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Select the Export mask group after picking the file type you want.


If you do not modify it by employing the plugin rather than the online version/app, Figma performs a wonderful job with its AI in eradicating an image's background, and you can download the high-res for free. is very easy to use when erasing background without any hassle. You need to select the photo, and you will have to employ the AI to do it's easy; after a few seconds, you will get a background removed photo. is currently bringing the option to remove the backgrounds of multiple photos together within a few moments.

The choice ultimately boils down to whether you prefer a fast, comparatively low-quality picture or put in a small extra effort and get a higher-quality photo in return. I would experiment with both tools to assess their performance against various backdrops (such as with more subjects, focuses, etc.).

Considering all these aspects, our product performs well, and it causes much less hassle to achieve the objective. We will lay down some of the reasons why we is the best backdrop remover application available-  

1. By Product Hunt, a platform for specialists who love gadgets, has been awarded the #2 product of the week.

2. You are not required to have extensive editing capabilities to operate this application due to its rapid and user-friendly interface. Upload the photo to see the outcomes immediately.

3. Anyone can utilize it, irrespective of their area of work, whether they're a photographer, a proprietor of an online marketplace, a representative of the media, a programmer, a marketer, etc.

3. Pictures from your picture gallery may be instantly selected, uploaded, and downloaded in their original resolution.

4. It contains an extremely powerful AI system that accurately removes the backdrop from pictures. It excels at managing the pictures' challenging aspects, including hair and other hard areas.

5. The photograph can be uploaded in various file formats, namely PNG, JPEG, JPG, and WEBP.

6. Pictures and media platforms graphics, eSignatures, business logos, slideshows, and more may have their backdrops erased.

7. This system generates stunning pictures with transparent backdrops that you can integrate into a wide range of new settings and layouts. This is hugely advantageous for e-commerce firms as it brings attention to your goods and their features and keeps customers from becoming diverted.

8. The programme works with windows and Mac OS and the two most widely used mobile operating systems, iOS and Android.

9. You could save a lot of time and money by employing instead of hiring graphic designers, manually removing picture backgrounds, or using Photoshop., therefore, is the best alternative if you need a clear backdrop picture for a presentation or want to rapidly upload a picture for social media.

10. A few upcoming improvements include mass image processing, plugins for Shopify, Photoshop, and WordPress, a desktop app, and API access so that online sites may integrate this programme directly into their workflow.


What are the differences between and Figma?

down arrow is an AI-powered image background remover, while Figma is a design and prototyping tool for web and app design.

How accurate are the results of compared to Figma?

down arrow is specifically designed for image background removal and offers high accuracy results. Figma, on the other hand, is not specifically designed for this task and may not offer the same level of accuracy.

Which software has more advanced features, or Figma?

down arrow has more advanced features for image background removal, such as batch processing, transparent watermarking, and a Photoshop plugin. Figma has more advanced design features, such as collaboration tools and a vector editing tool.

What is the cost difference between and Figma?

down arrow and Figma have different pricing models, with being more expensive for large-scale usage. Figma has a freemium pricing model and offers different pricing plans based on the number of users and features.

Can handle more complex image backgrounds than Figma?

down arrow is specifically designed for complex image backgrounds and fine details, and can handle more difficult removal tasks. Figma is not specifically designed for image background removal and may have limitations with more complex backgrounds.

What kind of customer support is offered by both and Figma?

down arrow

Both and Figma offer customer support via email, chat, and phone, with Figma offering more extensive documentation and tutorials. However, has more specialized support for image background removal tasks.

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Why Erase.BG

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Remove Background For Free

You can remove the background from your images of any objects, humans or animals and download them in any format for free.

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Quick And Easy To Use

With, you can easily remove the background of your image by using the Drag and Drop feature or click on “Upload.”

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Can Be Used For Work And For Personal Use can be used for personal and professional use. Use tools for your collages, website projects, product photography, etc.

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Saves Time And Money

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