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In online shopping, images are the real source of attraction. Promotional images of the goods are crucial. Because as customers, we all rely on the images of products for our selections of product images. Attracting clients becomes crucial for a merchant on theRealReal. The finest thing you can do in the escalating competition is by uploading an eye-catching image with a transparent background in high resolution.

Transparent backdrops are regarded as classic, pristine, clean, and elegant. Consumers can more clearly perceive the subject of the product against a white background without any distracting background elements. If you are looking for a platform to edit the background of your image for theRealReal, then you have come to the perfect place. Our tool works in the background without utilizing your time. The use of our tool,, doesn't call for a set amount of time or technical expertise. The following guide will brief you more on and its usage and how to remove the background from your images on the theRealReal platform.

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A free AI-powered SaaS service called enables you to erase or alter backgrounds from photographs. Because the editing is done with just one click, our tool saves a lot of time for the users. For theRealReal, the user-friendly tool makes it easier to generate a transparent background for photographs of numerous products.

Neither any technical expertise nor knowledge in regards to photoshop is necessary to take advantage of Most eCommerce websites like TheRealReal flourish because of our efficient tool. Before publishing your photos to such platforms, this program generates the ideal frame and adds a modern touch through its easy-to-use functions. After customizing the transparent background. One can download a whole new image on their devices without paying anything to the software. 

How to remove the background from the image for theRealReal?

There are various options available in the market to remove the background of the image. However, one has to pay huge amounts for the same. On the other hand, our free tool works efficiently and is easy to use. Following are the steps of using

Step 1 - The first step is simple. You might need to use the website or the application to accomplish this. Alternatively, you can click "" and upload the image to which you wish to add a white backdrop.

Home Page of

Step 2 - When the platform is accessible. Choose the "Upload Image" option or quickly utilize the tool's "drag and drop" feature. To upload an image directly from Google or other sites, you may paste the link of the image in the box provided.

2nd Step to Uploading image

Step 3 - Upon selection, a message stating "Processing Image, Please Wait….." will appear. Hold for two to three seconds as the image's background is being erased by AI tool.

3rd Step of Processing image

Step 4 - Once completed, you will see an image of your product against a transparent background. If satisfied you may click on the ‘Download’ option below the image. 

4th Step  to Download image

Step 5 - If you want to customize the background more choose the ‘Edit’ option in the upper-right corner if you want to customize the background colors. 

5th  Step to edit in solid color

Step 6 - You will see two options after clicking the ‘edit’ option. To edit the background by using templates click on ‘image’. On the other hand, if you want solid colors for the background chose ‘color’. Modify the image as per your requirements.

6th Step to edit bg

Step 7 - Upon completion, you may download the image.

Last and Final step to Download image


Here, we have listed some of the commonly asked questions from the community. If you do not find the information you need, feel free to reach out to us at

How do I get a transparent background for the TheRealReal Product Image?

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To get your product on the TheRealReal platform you need to get a transparent background for your product images. The following are simple steps to change the background of images: 

Step 1 - Download the app or access the website to get started.

Step 2 - Next, choose the "Upload Image" option or just drag and drop the image onto the platform using the tool.

Step 3 - Upon selection, the notification will appear "Processing image. Please wait... ". Hold for two to three seconds as the image's background is erased by's AI tool.

Step 4 - At this point, you will see a transparent background of the uploaded image. Click "Download Original Size" to download the image for use on TheRealReal.

Can I change the background from the image to different colors for TheRealReal?

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Instead of downloading the transparent background image, you may click on the ‘edit’ option to change the color for the theRealReal platform. Once you have chosen the alternative options available by the tool. You may click "Apply" to finish the procedure.

How do you change the background image on TheRealReal?

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To change the background image of the theRealReal platform refer to the following steps: 

Step 1 - Open the ‘’ website. Alternatively, use application on your smartphones. 

Step 2 - Once installed, click on ‘Upload Image’ to further make changes to the product’s image. 

Step 3 - Wait for a few seconds while is removing the background of the image without affecting its quality. 

Step 4 - Now select ‘download original size’ to save the new image for theRealReal on your device. 

Why is transparent background important for theRealReal?

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The theRealReal platform heavily emphasizes the quality of images being uploaded. It encourages consistency and helps the product stand out from the fierce competition. Additionally, the transparent background serves as both the quality of the image and the marketing technique for the company. Hence, increasing sales on both ends.

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