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Do you have images of the product in your folder, effective but would only look decent if removed from the background or replaced with a different color? There are some images of the product that have distracting substances in the background. Which makes it difficult to use those images. However, with one can remove the background from the images for free and use it on platforms like OnBuy. Many people struggle in implementing these backgrounds on their images and removing them if not needed. It becomes a daunting task.

However, with the help of background removal can be done in a matter of seconds without any technical knowledge or prior information. The tool is an AI-powered background removal product that removes the background of the image in a few seconds. The process is simple and easy. Individuals do not have to excel in photoshop skills or don’t have to be a technophobe to use the tool for OnBuy. The following article will help you in providing you a guide about, its benefits, and steps to use the same for OnBuy.

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What is

Background removal is a common photo editing technique for digital platforms. Using the same kind of background for different images of different products online makes your company look authentic and unique. This also attracts users and captures the attention of most of the viewers. 

You can use the tool to remove the background from a wide variety of images of people, objects, and other objects. It can be used by individuals, entrepreneurs, developers, or even professionals at OnBuy. You can save a lot of time by completing the editing process with one click. is available on Google Play and various other app stores. The user-friendly app creates a transparent background for images of OnBuy. Following are the simple steps for removing the background of your image for the OnBuy platform:

Remove The Background From Images For OnBuy Using

There are many different apps to remove background from the images for the OnBuy platform. However, most of them require high investment and money. Therefore, is beneficial and very efficient to use.

Step 1 - Go to Either open the application on the android phone or iOS. Or click on the website or you may click

Home page of

Step 2 - Once the software is opened on the website click on the ‘upload’ option of the image. Or you may provide the link to the software, you may do this by pasting it in the box provided. Another option to upload the image is the ‘drag and drop’ function of the tool. 

2nd Step to Uploading image

Step 3 -'s AI will automatically remove the background once the image is successfully uploaded. In that case, the message "Processing image. Please wait..." appears on the screen. 

3rd Step of Processing image

Step 4 - Once your image is displayed with a transparent background. You may click on ‘Download’ to save the image in PNG format on your device. If you are not satisfied with the transparent background you may move to the next step.

4th Step to download image

Step 5 - Not satisfied with the transparent background. Click on the ‘edit’ option in the top right corner of the image.  Further, you can either click on ‘color’ or ‘image’ to personalize the background of the image. The color option by lets you select a different color for the background. On the other hand, the image option provides you with a different template for the background of the images. You may choose any one of your preferred choices.

5th Step to Edit Solid color

Step 6 - To save the modified image on your device select ‘download’.

Last and final Step to Download image without image


Here, we have listed some of the commonly asked questions from the community. If you do not find the information you need, feel free to reach out to us at

What advantages do transparent backgrounds have for OnBuy?

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The picture looks more expert when the background is transparent. The simplest approach to make your subject stand out in the competition is to use a transparent. Your profile will become distinctive and appealing to buyers as a result. They will always keep in mind your profile. The revenue of the company will increase as a result.

What are the various steps of removing background from an image for the OnBuy platform?

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Step 1 - Depending on your preferences, you may either install the app on your iOS or Android smartphone or device or use the website.

Step 2 - Select "Upload Image" from the menu. Use the drag and drop feature of the tool or paste the link of the image. After uploading, move on to the next action.

Step 3 - A message with "image processing. Kindly wait" will appear on the screen. This might show up for a short while.

Step 5 - Once you've completed the steps, select ‘Download Original Size’ to save your new image with transparent background. 

How should I change the background for the OnBuy platform?

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There are different methods to remove the background. However, is one of the most efficient tools. To change the background of your image for the OnBuy platform, refer to the following steps:

  1. Install or use the website to access the tool
  2. Now upload the picture whose background you want to modify for OnBuy.
  3. You can choose to remove the background after the second step has been completed.
  4. If you are satisfied you may download the picture. 
  5. To make changes to your transparent background click on the ‘edit’ option in the top right corner of your image. 
  6. Once satisfied, click on the ‘download’ option to save the image on your device for OnBuy. 

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