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When it comes to modifying your images, however, there are a range of ways you can edit them. One simple way is by erasing parts of an image that you don’t like and replacing it with something better (you may have heard of photo editing apps such as Photoshop).

Using these tools, you can erase or blur out an object from a photo with ease and make it look as if it was never there in the first place! These tools also let you change background colours so that any white sections of your photo turn into something else entirely (such as black), allowing you to easily remove unwanted things from photos without worrying about anything being visible behind them.

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Change Background From Image

How to change the background of a picture? Have you ever been stumped on what to use as a background image for your website? It's difficult to find background images that match the style of your company, and it can be even harder to find free ones that you don't have to worry about intellectual property rights with. This tutorial will aid you in how to change the background of your image in a few seconds using

How To Change BG From Image

Step 1 - Find an image with a white or light-colored background

You want a clean, uniform backdrop. You don't want any details that could distract from your photo when you put it on a new background in other words, no children running around or anything too complex behind your subject. 

Ideally, you'd want something like a white wall as your base image. If you can find a background like that in real life, awesome! But if not, try finding one online at places such as Pixabay or Pexels that offer stock images with clear backdrops. 

Make sure they're photo background change online free tools so you won't have any issues when using them for commercial purposes (if applicable). Just make sure that there aren't any visible watermarks, etc. before saving it to your computer. 

Step 2 - Take a picture of yourself against this background.

If you want to change the image background but don’t have any new backgrounds, take a picture of yourself in your normal environment. Then head over to Google Images where you can paste your picture into one of their backgrounds. 

A little bit of resizing might be necessary depending on how big you made your photo, but when it comes down to it, changing your background is as easy as that. You could even use pictures from magazines or stock photography if you wanted.

If there’s something specific that you need for a certain picture, look around for textures or photos with similar scenery. There are lots of sites out there dedicated to free stock images, so finding what you need shouldn’t be too difficult.

Step 3 - Upload the photo to to get a transparent background

Use photo editing software, such as, which allows you to photo background change online quickly and easily. Many sites allow you to upload your photo and edit it online right away. If that's not possible, there are likely several free software like available online that can help you accomplish your goal much faster.  

Most people have no idea how to change the background in images, but it is super easy. When using a tool like Erase. bg, try using an eraser tool. 

This allows you to erase everything except for your face and neck, which gives you total control over what appears in your photo. Take advantage of every available online photo editor to change the background.

Step 4 - Save it as a PNG file 

The higher your resolution is when you save your image, the more detailed it will be. The problem with images is that they can quickly become pixilated if you're not careful. 

To make sure that doesn't happen, saves your image as a PNG so it's as high quality as possible. If you need to use one of these images for a project or other part of your life, making sure that it's crystal clear means that people will be able to see what they need easily and without any problems. 

Step 5 - Download the transformed PNG image 

This free web app will allow you to quickly change the background color of your image to something more interesting or fitting. Just choose a photo from your hard drive, upload it and then choose your background. All in seconds.

If you like it, save it or share it with friends and family. This is great for bloggers who want more creative options when it comes to displaying photos on their site, or even if you're just looking for a way to liven up images for social media posts. 

No need for expensive software programs that often have confusing interfaces; gives you all-in-one convenience without any unnecessary bells & whistles.

Step 6 - Link back to us! And let us know how it went in the comments below!

This is optional, but it does give us a way to follow up with you for us to continually improve our system. If we can fix a mistake you encountered or suggest an improvement, we will love you forever.

Joking aside, it's best if you follow these rules: Include erase. bg in your description! Including our website in your description is how we track which links are working best.

Step 10 - And most importantly have fun.

Whether you’re completely new to graphics or a seasoned pro, it’s always easy to forget that there is supposed to be fun involved. Why not experiment with different effects, images, templates, or layouts and make sure you let us know what works best. The more engaged you are in your creative endeavors, the better your final result will be. We can’t wait to see what you come up with.


Have you ever wanted to use an image in an online presentation, but the background of the photo was distracting or undesirable? For example, if you have a close-up shot of a group of people sitting at a conference table, and the table top has some stains on it that don't make sense or look right in the context of your presentation, you might want to remove them using Photoshop (online photo editor change background color to white) or another image editing software program.

But there are also simple and easy ways to remove backgrounds from images without needing to spend time learning how to use complicated software programs like Photoshop.


Here, we have listed some of the commonly asked questions from the community. If you do not find the information you need, feel free to reach out to us at

How Do I Make A Image Background Transparent?

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Making a image’s background transparent is very easy, thanks to You can do so by sticking to these steps:

Step 1: Go to and click on “Upload Image” or use the drag and drop feature to remove the background of your selected image.

Step 2: Once your image is successfully uploaded, you will see a message “Uploading image, please wait…”

Step 3: Hang tight for three to four seconds as the AI works on making your image transparent.

Step 4: Download the image in the format of your choice.

How Do I Change Background From A Image?

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Changing the background from a image can be done effortlessly using All you have to do is adhere to these steps:

Step 1: Click on the “Upload Image” option and upload the image you want to edit or use the Drag & Drop feature. You can also paste the image URL that you want to change the background.

Step 2: You will need to hang tight for three to five seconds as the’s AI works on removing the background of your image.

Step 3: Once the background is removed, click on the Edit option, and there, you will be able to change the background of your image.

Step 4: You will get two options, Image and Color. You can pick the background you want for your image and then download it.

How Do I Remove A White Background From A Image?

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You can use’s AI to remove the white background from your image. The image will get converted into a transparent format.

How Do I Extract An Object From The Background From a image?

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You can use’s robust features to remove any unwanted object from the background of a image within a couple of seconds. The impressive AI reconstructs the image area from the pixels around the boundary of the subject. You can then use the erase tool and remove any undesirable object from the background without hampering the rest of your image.

How To Save A Image With A Transparent Background?

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Saving a image with a transparent background can be done quickly with All you have to do is hit on the “Download Image” option and pick your preferred format.

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