How to Remove Background from a High Resolution Image

Resolution on the screen is likely to be determined by pixels. An image could be well described in resolution. If we look back to the 90's, resolution used for games was likely to be 320 x 200 pixel, but from the 90's to till date much more changes had occurred. Consumer demands for graphics, clarity, zooming and much more in an image. Today Mobile, TV, and PC Manufacturers are not sticking to the same resolution they are coming up with upgraded versions to meet the demand of the consumers.

Resolution of an image / screen is calculated in pixels per inch (PPI), whereas resolution of a scanner is calculated in Dots per inch (DPI). Both DPI and PPI are the same as they give information in inches. The better pixel an image carries per inch(PPI) the more detail you will find in an image.

Why Higher Resolution is important?

In today's era where social media has become a great platform to showcase one's talent, people are craving for higher resolution images & videos. The more the resolution is, the better the clarity will be. People keep posting every detail of their day to day life on social media for example, eating in a fancy restaurant, going shopping, watching film, etc. so the better the resolution will be, the better the clarity of one’s picture it will showcase.

High Resolution Images start from a minimum 300 pixels. This Resolution is at least needed for a good quality Image or to print an Image or brand product. The Higher the resolution the higher is the quality of the Image. It will also give more Zooming Quality. If your Resolution is higher the picture will show you a detailed view of an image. Many websites while uploading documents give the maximum size of the resolution which has to be maintained while uploading a document. So, while uploading a certain document one has to set a proper resolution or if it is not set properly then we have to resize the image by setting proper resolution.

Why should one use is very easy to use too, which a person can use very easily without getting confused. It is built for everyone from Individuals to Professionals. One can upload a maximum size of 25mb to remove background and to edit the background by using different colors and patterns. 

In an e-commerce world is very convenient to display a product. On one side if a high resolution image displays a product with its well defining trait so on the other side helps to create a proper background for that image, resize the image, etc. One can use by simply downloading the app from Play Store / App Store or by just pasting the URL.

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How to use for removing background from Higher Resolution Image?

The Maximum Higher Resolution can support 5000 x 5000 pixels. So one can easily remove the background of a higher resolution image by using As you all know background pictures play an important role in every activity. Whether one has to change a profile picture or one has to sell a product online or one has to display art, the background picture has to be well defined. So, to change the background picture easily go through the following steps:

The steps to easily remove background from a higher resolution image are as follows:

Step 1 - Browse to website. An Upload Image button will appear. Click on the ‘Upload Image’ button. 

Step 2 - Now you can select the image from which you want to remove the background. Click on the ‘Upload’ button.

So by these simple steps you will see that the background of your image has been successfully changed to white.

Step 3 - Save the background removed image by clicking on the ‘ Download Original Size’ button


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How do I get white background on in a Higher Resolution Image?

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The following steps will guide you to create white background in a higher resolution Image 

Step 1 - Go to website. There you can see the ‘Upload Image’ button. Click on Upload Image. The Application is available on Mobile Phones as well as desktop.

Step 2 - Setup the image that you want to edit. Press on the ‘Upload Button’, and you will see the image background has been changed in white color.

Step 3 - Go to ‘Download Original Size’ to Download the image.

How do I change background pictures on in a Higher Resolution Image?

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To Modify the background pictures through go through the following steps.

Step 1 - Open website and click the ‘Upload Image’ button.

Step 2 - Select the image from the file and click on the ‘Upload Button’.

Step 3 - To Edit the background, you will see an ‘Edit’ button on the top right corner of an image.

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