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Generate social media graphics, slideshows, banners, articles, and other video elements using Canva, an Australian graphic design tool. The software offers customers templates they can utilize. For more capability, the site now provides paid memberships like Canva Pro and Canva for Business. Canva introduced a video editing function in 2021. Customers may also pay for the printing and delivery of tangible goods.

Among the most common picture editing tools for improving pictures is erasing the backdrop from pictures. Individuals are visual creatures, and photographs without a messy backdrop assist appreciate of a good visual tale and speed up the process of data absorption. In this post, we'll demonstrate how to use Canva's background-removal tool so you could create compelling narratives that reflect your concept.

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Using Canva, how to remove a backdrop

With Canva Pro's newest feature, deleting backgrounds is now as easy as a few clicks, negating the need for layers and other intricate design tricks. Easily in order to erase your backdrop in Canva.

Step 1: Select a picture from our picture library or upload your own.

Step 2: The Edit Image option is located on the topmost toolbar.

Step 3: Then, from the list of options on the left side panel, choose "BG Remover."

Step 4: After that, press "Erase" to get rid of the background.

Step 5: The background would magically vanish after selecting "Erase."

Step 6: When you are happy with how your picture appears without a background, click "Apply" to save the modifications. To reverse any modifications, choose "Restore" instead.

Step 7: Merely drag your new picture into the ideal position to finish.

How you can use to remove Background in one click. is an AI-powered software that erases background from photographs with extreme accuracy in a matter of moments. It provides people to change the background of photos, edit them, and save them in a variety of formats.

Using these simple procedures, you would be capable of easily erasing the background from your JPEG picture using via the webpage or by purchasing the App, which could be obtained from the App Store (for iOS users) or the Google Play Store (for Android users) (for Android users).

Step 1: You could either select the "Upload Picture" dialogue box or directly drag and drop the photo onto the webpage.

Step 2: "Uploading picture, kindly wait" would display on the computer, and in all that period,'s AI would work its magic to erase the background from the JPEG picture of your selection.

Step 3: In the top right-hand side of the Background Removed iffgy, you'll find an Edit button if you wish to erase anything or tweak the picture.

Step 4: Download the photos in the type of your choice to your desired location.

It simply takes a few seconds to remove the backdrop from any picture and enhance it using Hopefully, it assists you in the most effective manner possible with picture editing.


Here, we have listed some of the commonly asked questions from the community. If you do not find the information you need, feel free to reach out to us at

How Do I Make a Canva Image Background Transparent?

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1. Choose the text or picture that you would like to be transparent.

2. A menu will appear next to the picture.

3. Slider for transparency adjustment.

4. You could now keep functioning on your design or download it after setting the transparency level of your object.

How Do I Change the Background from A Canva?

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1. Select Background on the editor's side panel to start. Select More to the left if you can't see it.

2. To set one of the images from the tab as your backdrop, select it.

3. Add the picture to the design, then use the right-click menu to choose Set Picture as Backdrop or Change Background using a stock picture or an uploaded picture.

How Do I Remove a White Background from Canva Image?

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1. Select a picture from our photo library or upload your own.

2. The Edit Image option is located on the topmost toolbar.

3. Then, from the list of options on the left side panel, choose "BG Remover."

4. After that, press "Erase" to get rid of the background.

How To Save a Canva with A Transparent Background?

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1. Put a white background on your screen or remove any background you already have by choosing it and hitting the trash can button on the toolbar.

3. From the editor's top corner, select Download.

4. Select PNG from the File type dropdown by clicking it.

5. Check the box for Transparent background.

How Do I Extract an Object from The Background from Canva Image?

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Easily: in order to erase the object from the backdrop in Canva.

Choose the Effects option on the topmost toolbar after selecting the picture. Choose "Background Remover" next. See as Canva works its magic to make the backdrop disappear.

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