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Allegro is a huge e-commerce platform, in Poland. Consumers can purchase everything they require from more than 135,000 merchants. Allegro was founded in 1999 in Poznan and currently is the largest e-commerce platform of European origin. 

The e-commerce platform offers products in a variety of categories like automotive, Fashion, Books, Beauty, Electronics, etc. The vision of the company is to serve its consumers and promote the idea of entrepreneurship in the country. Images on such a wider e-commerce platform play a very essential role.

They present your products and make a good connection with the viewers. A good image of a product helps in providing a good return to the merchants. Therefore, images should be clean, clear, and presentable. In the following article, we will discuss the importance of a white background for Allegro and tools that help us in providing free services for the same. 

Allegro Products’ image requirements

Allegro accepts good photos of the objects. Images showcase different products of a company. Their main task is to present the selling items in the best possible way to the viewers on the site. A readable photo of the product increases sales by 12%. Alongside this, influences the effectiveness of recommendations. Thus, on 2017 February 1 Allergo changed the standards for main photos on the site. Below are some major instructions on the same.

Main changes on the Allergo site:

  • One can add photos with a resolution of 2560x2560 pixels. 
  • The minimum size of the photo should be 500 pixels. 
  • New photo standards (Following are some of the important standards from Allergo)

Presentation of Images of the product

Images are a way to earn with your product. Thus presenting images on a white, clean background, without any additional graphics will help the product stand out on the website. One can look at the following checklist before presenting the image of the product. 

  • Make sure your product image has a clean white background (RGB 255.255.255).
  • Place the product along with the model. 
  • The product should be understood quickly by the image.
  •  Do not make upload a blur or dull image.
  • Do not show multiple items in different variants. 
  • You can include an auxiliary item to help the customer understand what he is purchasing and how to utilize it. Therefore, try uploading an image that does not give the users reason to question what is actually being sold.
  • Do not use logos on the background of the image, they will be used in the original packaging of the product.
  • The photo should not advertise your brand, it should only highlight your product. Texts, graphics, watermarks, or any name shouldn’t be used on the background. 
  • One can depict important characteristics, such as color, taste, or smell graphically on the thumbnail. 

On the Allegro site, one can upload pictures with a maximum resolution of 26 Mpix. Photos that are larger than 2560 pixels on a side will be proportionately resized to fit the frame. These images should be of eye-catching designs. Customers must visualize the object in its natural environment.

Merits of our main changes

  • A good image of the product increases the chance of a purchase by customers by up to 12%.
  • Customers like to read the details of the product after reflecting on the image.
  • The product’s image with a uniform background looks better than all the images in the search results.
  • The photo should be as accurate as possible. It shouldn’t contain different information on it like promotions, logo, shipping, discounts, etc.
  • Pictures are for presenting not for promotion.  

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How to remove the background for Allegro product images?

There are different tools to remove the background for Allegro product images. is a free background remover tool that will make your e-commerce business flourish. It removes the backgrounds from your product images in a matter of seconds. One does not need any prior knowledge of Photoshop and can remove with AI for Allegro store listings.  

Our online background remover tool turns the background transparent. One can rotate, flip and then download it. The seller can attract many buyers using different effects and make it catchy they can add white transparent background with  

Steps of using

Step 1: To use the tool for changing the background of your image, you can either open the browser and search “”. Or you can download the “ by” app on  Google Play/ iOS. 

Step 2:  You may now click on the “upload image” option on the webpage. 

Step3: Now, select the image you want to edit and click on the “upload” button. 

Step 4: After a few seconds, you will see a white background of your uploaded image. You may now save your image by clicking on the “download original size” option. 

Step 5: To add more effects to your image and make it more personalized, you may click on the “edit” option on the right of your selected image. Once you are satisfied with the gradient and the color of your image. You may click on “download” to save it on your desktop or mobile phone. 


Here, we have listed some of the commonly asked questions from the community. If you do not find the information you need, feel free to reach out to us at

How do I add a white background to an image?

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There are many different tools for editing the image. One of the user-friendly tools is ‘Erase. bg’. One can add a white/ transparent background to the image. It does not need any prior experience to use the tool. 

Why do we need to add transparent background to our products’ images?

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A transparent background makes the image stand out on the platform. It makes the subject of the photograph clear and does not distract the users. Further, presentable pictures increase the chances of purchase of the customers. 

How can I get white background from

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Once you open the website or the app of ‘’, click on ‘upload’ and select the image you want to edit. Wait for a few seconds, now click on the ‘download’ option.

Can I edit or change the background picture on tool?

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Yes, you can easily change and even edit the background of the image. To change the background of the image click on the ‘upload’ option on the webpage now select the image. Further, you may download it, if you only want a white background. To edit the background image, click on the ‘edit’ option on the top right corner of the image now make changes according to your preference, and chose ‘download’ to save the image. 

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