How to Remove background from Figma

Are you trying to find a free method in Figma to remove the background from an image? In Figma, there are two ways to get rid of the background. Both masking and the installation of the "" plugin are options. Each technique has benefits and drawbacks of its own. You may edit 60 photos for free each month with the Plugin. This Figma Plugin gives a fresh method for transparent background creation in images. Every month, users would be granted free access to edit 60 photos. With this Figma plugin feature, you can easily remove the background from images and get successful performance.

Both techniques are demonstrated in this post. Please proceed with me. Picture editing is an artistic procedure that calls for the use of all of your skills and creativity. Without a doubt, it takes a lot of effort to remove the background from your photos in Figma. 

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Figma Background Removal Instructions

Use the plugin approach if you want a quick and simple solution. However, this will have an impact on the output's grade. You must enroll in a pro plan to get better background removal. The output quality won't be impacted by the next approach, which is free. We can eliminate a background from an image by applying masking. However, this takes time.

Step 1: Install and disable the BG plugin

Installing the Remove Bg free plugin is the very first stage. It enables you to quickly and smoothly remove the background. Additionally, Remove Bg has a web version. It swiftly finds and gets rid of the background. Installing the Remove Bg free plugin is the first step. It enables you to quickly and smoothly remove the background.

Step 2: Set the API Key 

Open your picture in Figma once you've installed the plugin. Background removal in Remove Bg involves the inclusion of an API key. Choose Remove BG and Set API Key from the plugins menu by right-clicking the picture. You'll see a box with directions in it; follow them to set your API key. You can use this plugin indefinitely with this cost-free API key; the procedure is one-time only.

Step 3: Start the plugin.

Running the plugin comes next after storing the API key. To remove the BG, right-click the picture and select Plugins > Remove BG. Based on the scale of your photograph, removing the background will take some time. The outcome, nevertheless, will be fantastic. The background of your photograph has been eliminated without the use of selecting or masking. You must conceal the foreground and remove the background in complex photos. Background removal only applies to simple pictures (which have a clean background). I'll elaborate later.

Check the second method of Removing Background with

A piece of AI-powered software called Erase. bg quickly and accurately removes the background from photos. It enables users to edit images, change their backgrounds, and save them in several formats. Here is the list of the steps.

By following these easy steps, you should be able to effortlessly remove the background from your JPEG image using via the website or by purchasing the App, which can be found in the Google Play Store (for Android users) or App Store (for iOS users), respectively (for Android users).

Step 1: Drag and drop the image directly onto the website or use the "Upload Picture" dialogue box.

Step 2: The computer will show the message "Uploading photo, kindly wait" while's AI worked its magic to remove the background from the JPEG image of your choice.

Step 3: To edit or delete something from the image, click the Edit button in the top right corner of the Background Removed iffgy

Step 4: Download the photos of your choosing to the place you wish.

Any photo can be improved by erasing the background using in only a few seconds. With any luck, it will help you edit photos as efficiently as possible.


Here, we have listed some of the commonly asked questions from the community. If you do not find the information you need, feel free to reach out to us at

How Do I Make A Figma Image Background Transparent?

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Right-click the canvas in Figma, then choose Plugins Remove BG Set API Key. the API key you pasted. Choose a picture on the canvas, right-click, and choose Plugins Remove BG Run to remove the background. Removing backgrounds even quicker is possible by selecting an image, pressing CMD+P, and typing "remove bg."

How Do I Change The Background From A Figma?

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Here are the steps given.

Step 1-From a Figma design file's main menu, select "Theme":

Step 2-Enter any design file in Figma that you have available.

Step 3-Tap on the toolbar's upper-left corner.

Step 4-Select Theme from Preferences.

Step 5-Choose a theme from the list of available choices.

How Do I Remove A White Background From Figma Space Image?

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Here are the steps given.

Step 1-Once choosing Upload, choose a raster image from your computer (.png, .jpg, .gif, .bmp)

Step 2-Please Click after selecting either the Simple, Challenge Posed, or Complex image type.

Step 3-Locate Automatic and choose Remove Background in the Background Removal section on the left of the screen.

How Do I Extract An Object From The Background from Figma Image?

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Here is the step:

Step 1-Double-click the "background" label in your layers palette after opening your image.

Step 2-Image > Extract or Option/Alt+Cmd/Ctrl+X will launch the extract utility.

Just take the.

Step 3-There may be a few places that were unintentionally removed.

How To Save A Figma With A Transparent Background?

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Click the three points on the topic tile you wish to save by going to the My Projects page. Choose Save for Offline after that. On any of the project tiles that have been properly saved for offline use, you will notice a small computer icon.

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