Remove background from HEIC Image

Although the iPhone's Portrait mode does excellent work at blurring the backdrop, it isn't always sufficient. What if you need to get remove the background entirely on iOS? Thankfully, you could do it quickly and for free on your iPhone or iPad. Let's take a look at four different ways to erase the backdrop from a picture on the iPhone and iPad.

What is HEIC File?

High-Efficiency Image File (HEIC) is Apple's new picture containment form for compressing images to conserve storage. iPhone 7 and later versions with iOS 11 or later computer systems, HEIC picture formats are enabled.

Much of the time, you won't even realize the image type of your images, but when moving image files from your iPhone to your desktop or cloud storage, you may encounter technical challenges. If you have trouble moving images, we have options that would save you time and frustration.

Features of HEIC File

The following sorts of information could be stored in HEIC files:

Items with images

Individual photos, picture attributes, and thumbnails are stored.

Image derivations

Derived pictures are built on the fly by the processing program utilizing modifying directions saved independently in the HEIC file, allowing for non-destructive picture manipulation. 

Such directions (rectangular trimming, quarter-turn rotation, scheduled graphic overlays, and so on) and pictures are saved individually in the HEIC file and define precise alterations to be performed to the input pictures. Derived pictures have a low storage overhead.

Sequences of images

Various time-related and/or temporally expected pictures, as well as their characteristics and thumbnails (such as a burst-photo shoot or cinemagraph animation). To make use of the spatially and temporally commonalities among the pictures, many projection approaches could be applied. As a result, when several photographs are stored in the same HEIC file, file sizes could be dramatically decreased.

Auxiliary image items

Storage of visual information that complements another picture object, including an alpha plane or a depth map. This information is not shown as such but is utilized to supplement another visual element in different ways.

Metadata for images

Metadata such as EXIF, XMP, and comparable is preserved with the photos in the HEIC file.

How to Erase the Background from Photos on an iPhone

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How to Erase the Background from Photos on an iPhone 

1. Applying Online Backdrop Remover Tools for Free

Using free online backdrop removal tools is among the simplest methods to erase a backdrop from a photograph on an iPhone. These tools are free to apply for photographs of modest quality and do not include a watermark. They do, however, allow you to save photographs in a PNG file. 

That implies you may quickly add a backdrop colour of your selection, apply the picture as a sticker, and conduct other tasks that require transparency. I'll show you how to use to erase the backdrop below. Applying, you can get rid of the backdrop on your iPhone.

Step 1 - On your iPhone or iPad, enter on a search engine.

Step 2 - On the webpage, click the Upload picture option. Picture library, take a picture, and Browse is the three possibilities for selecting a picture. Select the relevant selection by tapping it.

Step 3 - Choose the picture from which you wish to erase the backdrop. Pick the picture's size and click the Choose option.

Step 4 - Allow the tool to identify and erase the backdrop on its own. If you're happy with the result, click the Download option. The photograph would appear in the Pictures application once it has been downloaded. If it doesn't work, launch the Files application and look for the photographs in the Downloads folder.

2. Using a Apple shortcut application, Erase the Background 

Another clever technique to remove the backdrop is to use the Shortcuts application to create a shortcut.

Step 1 - If you don't already have it, get the Apple Shortcuts application for your device.

Step 2 - Go to the Background erase shortcut link and tap the Get shortcut option.

You'll be sent to the Shortcuts application. You may receive an error message stating that unauthorized shortcuts are not supported by your phone's security settings. Don't be concerned.

Merely go to your device's Settings and select the Shortcuts application. Permit unknown shortcuts by turning on the toggle next to it. Use any shortcut in the Shortcut application if it shows greyed out. Return to this display and turn on the toggle. When requested, accept.

To activate the shortcut, open the shortcut download URL once more and select the Get shortcut option. Surely, you'll get the Add shortcut display this time.

Step 3 - Next, rename the shortcut in the After I open textbox on the Add shortcut display. Make it a catchy name, like Backdrop Eraser. Go down and click the Add unknown shortcut button without altering anything else.

Step 4 - Access the Shortcuts application and hit the Backdrop eraser shortcut under the My shortcuts category anytime you want to erase a backdrop from a photo. When you click on it for the first time, a permission pop-up will display. To permit the shortcut to view your pictures, click OK.

Step 5 - A window with a picture picker would appear. Select the picture whose backdrop you wish to remove by tapping on it. Another Adobe permission pop-up would display. Select OK. 

Step 6 - Wait a bit. Allow the shortcut to get rid of the backdrop. You may not be able to view anything on the display. Patience is required. The translucent picture would display on the display once the shortcut eliminates the backdrop. To save the picture to your device, click on it. If you press the Finish option, the picture would be closed without being saved.

Step 7 - The picture would appear in full-screen mode after you click it. To save a picture from the Share sheet, click the Share icon at the top and select Save picture from the Share sheet.

Lastly, launch the Pictures application to see your photograph with a translucent backdrop. Likewise, you can use the shortcut to erase the backdrop from other photographs. The main disadvantage of this approach is that you can't change the choice if the shortcut fails to recognize the backdrop correctly.

If you need to change the backdrop, click the Edit option on the picture and go to the Erase/Restore page, where you can change the backdrop. Surprisingly, you could use this tool to modify the backdrop of your photos immediately. Simply select the Backdrop option from the Edit menu on the finished picture. Choose a suitable backdrop from the choices provided or upload one from your phone's gallery.

Method 3: Using the Pages Application, erase the backdrop

Using the Apple Pages software to remove the backdrop is another free option. Here's how to erase the backdrop from photos using the Apple Pages app:

Step 1 - On your iPhone or iPad, download the Pages application.

Step 2 - Add your photograph to a page in the Pages application. To do so, go to a page's Add (+) icon and choose Photo or Video. Select the picture that is needed.

Step 3 - Choose the picture by tapping on it, then click the Edit (paintbrush) option at the top. Select Instant Alpha from the Picture section.

Step 4 - Create a mask around the region of the picture that you wish to eliminate. When you're done, click Done. You'll obtain a background transparent picture. If you wish to make changes to the mask, repeat the process.

The disadvantage of this procedure is that you can't save the PNG image to your device straight. You could, meanwhile, copy and paste it into another program and apply it there. To do so, simply click on the translucent photo and select Copy. Then paste it into the relevant photo application.

Method 4: Using Applications to Erase Backgrounds for Free

If you'd rather use an application, there are a number of backdrop eraser applications available that allow you to remove the backdrop from photographs on your iPhone.

Backgrounds Free: Superimpose is the only backdrop removal application I'd recommend for iOS. Cropping makes backdrop removal simpler, and you may change brightness, contrast, exposure, and temperature, among other things. The wipe tool has an offset that helps erase the device's backdrop simpler.

Photo Editing: One of the methods to edit your photos is to remove the backdrop. We believe the preceding approaches helped you erase the backdrop from photographs on your iPhone and iPad. Find out the top selfie editing applications for iPhone if you need to enhance or change your selfies.

How to use to remove Background in one click? is an AI-powered software that erases background from photographs with extreme accuracy in a matter of moments. It provides people to change the background of photos, edit them, and save them in a variety of formats.

Using these simple procedures, you would be capable of easily erasing the background from your JPEG picture using via the webpage or by purchasing the App, which could be obtained from the App Store (for iOS users) or the Google Play Store (for Android users).

Step 1  You could either select the "Upload Picture" dialogue box or directly drag and drop the photo onto the webpage.

Step 2  "Uploading picture, kindly wait" would display on the computer, and in all that period,'s AI would work its magic to erase the background from the JPEG picture of your selection.

Step 3  In the top right-hand side of the Background Removed iffgy, you'll find an Edit button if you wish to erase anything or tweak the picture.

Step 4  Download the photos in the type of your choice to your desired location.

It simply takes a few seconds to remove the backdrop from any picture and enhance it using Hopefully, it assists you in the most effective manner possible with picture editing.


Here, we have listed some of the commonly asked questions from the community. If you do not find the information you need, feel free to reach out to us at

What am I able to do with HEIC files?

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The easiest method to view and edit a HEIC image is with Adobe Lightroom. You could open this file format with any picture browser. If you are having trouble opening these files, you could transform them to other file formats or store your photographs in JPG format rather than HEIC on your iPhone models.

Why is HEIC used by iPhones?

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Since iOS 11, your finest iPhone has defaulted to capturing photographs in the HEIC (also called HEIF) format and video in the HEVC format. It's a more effective format than the former standard, JPEG, because it uses less storage capacity and produces smaller files, even though picture quality is practically comparable.

Is HEIC exclusive to Apple?

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Despite the apparent advantages of the HEIC format, it is only accessible on iPhone models, and Android still owns the majority of the industry, so JPG isn't moving away anytime shortly.

Is it possible to open HEIC files in Windows?

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The HEIF picture format is used by default on Apple's iPhone and iPad. HEIC is the file extension for these images. You could browse HEIC images in Windows 10 or Windows 11 with just a few taps, or you may transform them into ordinary JPEGs and see them elsewhere.

Why isn't HEIC accepted?

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When you try to access a HEIC file on a Windows PC, your machine would tell you that the file format is not supported. This is because Windows does not support the new picture format used by Apple on its most recent iOS gadgets.

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