How to Remove background from Krita

For illustrators, concept artists, comic book writers, animators, game artists, matte painters, and others, Krita is an open open-source drawing, painting, and animation programme. Artists of many levels, from experts to learners to ardent hobbyists, utilise Krita on a regular basis.

The fact that Krita is being designed in collaboration with a global community of open source enthusiasts with the shared aim of creating a fantastic digital painting tool that is as broadly accessible as possible is another feature that really sets it apart. In simple words, the Krita group is the program's lifeblood; without the kind donations of our consumers, none of this will be feasible, and with their help, the possibilities are endless.

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How to Remove Background from Krita?

Krita provides features that are comparable to those found in other image editing programmes like Gimp or Photoshop for non-destructively removing backgrounds from images. The steps below demonstrate how:

Step 1- Open Krita and open a picture.

Step 2- Right-click the paint layer with the mouse in the Layers pane on the right.

Step 3- Select Transparency Mask | Add. Under the paint layer, a transparency mask sub layer is formed.

Step 4- Using the Polygonal Selection Tool, create a roughly circular selection polygon around the foreground item parameters. Then select | Invert Selection from the File menu.

Step 5- Pick Black to serve as the focal point. Select a brush, such as Basic-1 Ink. Ensure that the transparency mask layer is active or chosen. After that, paint over the background.

Step 6-To eliminate the selected polygon, select Select | Deselect.

Step 7-The selection polygon for marching ants is eliminated. Zoom in closer to the border between the background and the foreground while reducing the brush size. The entire background should be brushed. I'm done now. The picture's background is taken out without causing any damage.

Note: To restore foreground pixels if you accidentally removed some of them, simply set the foreground colour to white and paint over the offending region.

How to Remove Background with Erase. bg?

One can use via the site or by purchasing the App, which is available in the Google Play Store (for Android users) or App Store (for iOS users), respectively, to easily erase the background from your Jpeg format by following these simple steps (for Android users).

Step 1: Drag and drop the image directly onto the website or use the "Upload Picture" dialogue box.

Step 2: The computer will show the message "Uploading photo, kindly wait" while's AI worked its magic to remove the background from the JPEG image of your choice.

Step 3: To edit or delete something from the image, click the Edit button in the top right corner of the Background Removed iffgy

Step 4: Download the photos of your choosing to the place you wish. let's you quickly and easily remove the background from any photo, making it better. It should enable you to edit photographs as effectively as possible.


Here, we have listed some of the commonly asked questions from the community. If you do not find the information you need, feel free to reach out to us at

How Do I Make A Krita Image Background Transparent?

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Transparency Mask can be selected by clicking the "+" drop-down in the lower left corner of the layers docker. On the canvas, paint with your favourite painting instrument. White paints opacity, while black paints transparency (see-through) (visible).

Step 1- Choose the image where you wish translucent parts to appear.

Step 2- Choose Set Transparent Color under Picture Tools > Recolor.

Step 3- Click the colour you wish to make transparent in the image. Notes:

Step 4- Choose the image.

Step 5- Click CTRL+T.

How Do I Change The Background From A Krita?

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The steps are listed below.

Step 1: Choose "Theme" from the main menu of a Krita design file:

Step 2: Insert any design file you have into Krita.

Step 3: Tap the upper-left corner of the toolbar.

Step 4: Choose a theme in the preferences.

Step 5: Pick a theme from the list of offered options.

How Do I Remove A White Background From Krita Space Image?

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The steps are listed below.

Step 1: Select Upload and then pick a raster file from your computer (.png, .jpg, .gif, .bmp)

Step 2: After choosing either the Complex, Challenge Posed, or Simple picture kind, kindly click.

Step 3: Select Automatic Location and Background Removal in the menu on the left of the screen.

How Do I Extract An Object From The Background from Krita Image?

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If so, follow these steps:

Step 1: When opening your picture, double-click the "background" label in your layers menu.

Step 2: Choose Image > Extract to open the extract programme, or press Option/Alt+Cmd/Ctrl+X.

Simply take the.

Step 3: A few locations might have been accidentally eliminated.

How To Save A Krita With A Transparent Background?

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Go to the My Projects page and click the three points on the subject tile you want to save. After that, select Save for Offline. You will see a small computer icon on each project tile that has been correctly saved for offline use.

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